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  1. Jude1512



    Hi all

    I decided it was time to do something about how I was feeling about myself and about my health issues which I've noticed have been increasingly getting worse. I had not intended to stop smoking or to go on total food replacement diet at this time but was just talking to a work colleague about hols etc and she told me about both Lipotrim and Champix and said we could do it together. I thought why not, there's no time like the present so decided to start both.

    I spent the next few weeks going to my GP for information and referrals and finally managed to get hold of both. What a palaver. I was advised not to quit smoking and diet at the same time but I am quite subborn and want what I want so have ignored everyone's advice (as usual) because I need to stop both. The last time I gave up cigs I put on a lot of weight so I reckon that if I do both I should not put on anymore weight and should be loosing instead. Makes sense to me!!

    I've also been reading stuff on the internet about this diet and Champix and came across this site. Some really positive feedback and amazing weight loss/ smoke quitting from some people. Thought I would keep a diary of what I am doing also to keep me focused on my goals and maybe help others keep going also.

    Any how I started taking the Champix on Sat 12.1.13 and decided my quit day would be the following Mon 21.1.13. I decided to start the diet on Mon 14.1.13. The first day of the diet was fine, no hunger or thoughts about eating only problem was the millions of trips to the bathroom, must have used a whole toilet roll that day. (exaggeration) but seemed like it. Smoking helped with the lack of food as it distracted me so all was good.

    The rest of the week was not as relaxed or pleasant. The Champix started to kick in around day three and my mouth tasted like an old ashtray, smoking cigs was unpleasant and bitter and my tongue and tonsils seemed furry. By the end of the week it felt like the shakes were sticking to my throat and tonsils and anytime I smoked I could hardly breath. Really nasty. I was also feeling hungry and my stomach was churning on most day. I was told I should drink more water as this would help however drinking loads makes it difficult to do anything ie if I went to the shop as soon as I got there I needed the toilet, so I was scared to get caught out if outside. My sense of smell has heightened, I could smell my neighbor's cooking most days which was really annoying. (Didnt smell nice!!)

    I had a few sleepless nights and woke up with red eyes which remained red during the day. I felt like crap. The pharmacist said I should not feel hungry but I did, wonder if they have tried it. Its only my will power at this stage that is keeping me from raiding the freezer where I have put all my food left over before I started. Also reminding myself that I did not want to remain obese or unhealthy and that the last few days would have been for nothing. Anyway should get used to it all hopefully.

    I got weighted at the pharmacist on Monday 21.1.13 and had lost 10 lb. That was fantastic and motivation to continue but I have to take it each day because I am finding it hard not eating anything as it seems unnatural. Saying that its good to give your body a break from food or a wash out as my parents used to say every now and then. My family have told me off and said its dangerous although I have told them I have to be monitored by the pharmacist. They stated that a low calorie or such like diet and exercise would be much better for me. I know they are right in fact but I know that that type of diet would be more difficult for me to stick to at present because you have to buy the food, prepare it, calorie count it, cook it and exercise several times a week. Right now I dont have the time or energy to do that. With this diet you are restricted to what you have and thats it, clear and straight forward. For me thats what I need, total abstinence ( I feel like a monk) If I can manage to keep going until I have lost at least 2 stone I will be more than satisfied.

    As for the smoking my quit day was yesterday but I had a few cigarettes left over so smoked them telling myself I still have the rest of the week to really stop. (cop out) I have also found that smoking has been helping me cope with this diet and started to question whether I should just postpone quitting until I was further into the diet. However I have been taking Champix for the last week or so and the thought of having to go through that again made me stick to the plan. Its never going to be easy any way you do it. I always make excuses for why I should not stop smoking before so I decided to just stop today, only one day off target!!.

    Today I feel energized for some reason. Decided to go on a holiday around April/May so this should also focus me to keep going. For me theres nothing worse than being overweight and uncomfortable in a hot climate so the weight has to go. I have felt like a cigarette several times today but I have just ignored the feeling, and its not too bad. I am going to have a good clear out to keep me busy. I need to remove all ashtrays and lighters from around my house now as if they did not exist.

    Anywho that me for now, feeling smug and optimistic, off to drink some water now, yeh feeling gooood. :p
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  3. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    Good luck with both the diet and not smoking :) 10 lb loss is fantastic!!
  4. Jude1512


    Thanks Fiona

    its now the end of the day and I'm still smiling, dont know why because I'm feeling hungry now but know that I have not had a cigarette or missed eating today. Starting to feel that I may really be able to keep going.

    Tomorrows another day:)
  5. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    I stopped smoking myself August and also following a diet (slimming world) just keep trucking. It does get easier each day that passes :)
  6. Jude1512



    well done, I stopped several years ago for three years and thought I was invincible and one smoke would not affect me but what a mistake, its taken about five years to stop again. Have you managed to stay off the cigs since then and did your weight increase?

    I did not smoke yesterday and feel really proud of myself. Last time I did not use anything just stopped one day. This time I have used Champix. I think its making me feel nauseous and giving me a furry tongue, not sure however. I was considering stopping the Champix but worried that my cravings may get worse. Anyway I think my minds in the loosing zone at present so like last time I may be able to do it without Champix.

    Today I feel great, lighter, can bend down without the belly getting in the way as it has shrunk. I tried on a few clothes that have been a little tight and they are definitely looser, getting excited because somethings happening.

    Went to GP to have my blood pressure taken and that has gone down also. Good all round. Generally I've still got a smile on my face and feel really positive. Its all a bit strange to me but you know what, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts and take each day at a time which seems to be working.

    Cant wait to see what I have lost later in the week.
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  7. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    Yeah i guess you just have to be super vigilant it's like any addiction :(
    I have stayed off the cigs and yes I did gain weight but that's cause I'm pregnant but I was extremely lazy with my eating and kept diving into the chocs telling myself it was for the baby lol.
    You must feel so proud of yourself keep up the very good work and remind yourself of the money saved :) x
  8. Jude1512


    Congrats, how many months left, bet you cant wait. Having a baby is always a good excuse to eat what you like. Well you cant always watch what you eat especially when your hormones are all over the place you have to find comfort sometimes. Any way thanks for the reminder about the money. I did say I would try to save the ciggy money and use it only on myself. I must find somewhere to put it so I dont spend it.

    Thanks again.
  9. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    Baby Isobel is due 29th April :) my husband and I quit at same time and bought bigger family car in finance with cig money :) x
  10. Jude1512


    Wow, impressive. I could do with a new car, another thing to look forward to. Great you've named her already, lovely name. Hope you keep up the good work and stay healthy. It a disgusting habit anyway and one no one wants their children to start. I've always hated smoking in front of children and have always hid or tried to look inconspicuous when smoking but never worked, they always knew, little blighters.
  11. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    I never smoked near Imogen when she was tiny up until I quit I would avoid the smoke going on ER at all costs I couldn't bear thinking she may start :(
  12. Jude1512



    Hi Fiona

    I just went to see the smoking counsellor and they said my carbon monoxide ( I think thats what she said) level is now down from 28 - 3 which is really good. I feel great for not smoking although I am having the occasion pang, it soon goes. Hope you doing ok
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  13. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    Wow Jude that's just fab!!!! Well done just keep at a day at a time soon it'll be where you don't even think of smoking, that's going to be the best day :) I'm doing great thanks
  14. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Wow that is a fab loss!! And Well done for doing both at same time :))
  15. Jude1512


    Thanks, I have been questioning if I am crazy although it seemed like a good idea when I started. But the Champix really seems to be helping and I dont crave that much. And diet means wight is going down not up so all good:p
  16. Jude1512



    I am on day 5 of the second week and have been feeling really awful most of the day. I always make sure I have between 3-4 ltrs of water and spread out the shakes. Today I'm really hungry and feel queezy and down. But I believe this is because I woke up late and didnt have a shake until after midday. I also have not drunk as much as I usually do although I did eventually manage to drink 3 1/2 ltrs by 02.00 hrs. Not good so I wont be doing that again.

    It seems its really important to drink on this diet otherwise it affects how you feel physically and possibly psychologically. I am hoping this is what is was however because I dont want to go through this feeling on too many more occasions.

    I went to my local supermarket to buy some water and other things and ended up standing in front of the hot food section as I could smell the roast chicken and sausage rolls etc ummmmmmm but I just stood there for a while and walked off. I keep telling myself, it will be there tomorrow. I remember saying this on a previous diet and it worked. (obviously forgot to keep saying it for the last few years) But anyway I left with what I went for and did not feel deprived. Great considering I have been feeling ravenous and awful all day.

    The smoking is not a problem at the moment, which is a relief as I could not cope if I was craving them as well. Hoping tomorrow will be better, must get more organised.
  17. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    I just wanted to say well done to sticking with the diet and not giving in when you were at the store :) massive claps and hugs :) x
  18. Jude1512


    Thanks Fiona, good thing I was not in the store today because I'm even more hungry today, cant believe it. I was thinking about Chinese food and how to get away with having some but I kept myself busy and drank loads of water but it made no difference. I can cope with this diet as long as I am not feeling hungry every day. I expected to feel pangs the first few days but not now. Its making it really difficult. I'm going to try to get some of that fibre gel stuff and see if that helps.

    Again the cigarette cravings are few and not that intense so I am managing that. Anyway going to bed hungry and feeling sorry for myself.
  19. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    How many days quit are you? X
  20. Jude1512


    6 days now, should have been monday but I has a few left over on sunday so smoke them on Monday. Did not smoke all of the day so I supposed I actually stopped late afternoon on Monday. Funny not sure if its the Champix or me but I am not feeling as much cravings to smoke as I expected and I have not been tempted as yet whereas food is constantly on my mind (that my problem to begin with)
  21. FionaMcd

    FionaMcd Gold Member

    The champix is very good at stopping the cravings just make sure to take the full 3 months worth stopping early is not good! X
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