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They changed the point of the ww soup!

Grr had checked the ww potato and leek soup with the pp finder calculator and saw it was up from 1 point to 2 propoints. Fair enough
But now the new packaging shows it as 3 pp and they've changed the nutritional info too without the tin stating it's a new recipe or changed in any way, I've been counting it wrong for weeks now :( I know it's only 1 pp difference bur I hav it for luck every day so have been using 7 extra points each week :-( and not counting them

Rant over lol ... How's everyone getting on? :) x
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i know how you feel , i have been doing the excactly the same thing with bread & pink n whites countin them as a point each only to find when you have 2 slices or 2 pieces its 3 . Signed up for e-source so it does all that pesky rounding up for you hop wi goes better on wed !! On wed past i had 1 on and counld understand it as i had counted right till the last weeklie but when i went over my diary i had actually gone over by 10points in the week oops


I can haz cake?
that's the one thing with the propoints plan that I've noticed, you just DO NOT have room for error..

With discover you had a certain margin of error and in my experience, going over a point a day wouldn't have made a huge difference!

that's why its so important to check and double check everything you eat
This rounding up thing makes it difficult to do PP without esource. Clever WW make sure you keep on paying
oh no i have just eaten that soup and only counted it for 2 :-(
If it's the old can that says 1 point, it is 2 propoints, but if it's the new can with the propoints value it's 3pp I duno why the nutritional info is different :/s

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