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Anyone still doing Discover? Just restarted today. A buddy would be nice :-)

Hi all,
I haven't done discover since it was officially out. I lost 3.5stone and got to goal! Loved it. Since then I have tried WW propoints (several times), Slimming world, Exante, 5:2. Just nothing gels. I am nearly back to the weight I was prior to doing Discover.

It occured to me that if nothing else works at all why on earth not just do the one thing that only ever worked! I don't have my books but used old threads on this forum to piece together points, a calculator and how many points I am allowed etc. I have ordered the folder off ebay and some recipe books. I am absolutely committed to it!

It worked for me because I could eat what I wanted. Yes, obviously eating high protein, low carb, fruit and not sweets is best for you. But I like to eat chocolate! I'd rather spend 6 points a day on chocolate than fruit lol. So I love Discover. Also I used to do the whole save 4 points a day and use them all on a Saturday for a meal out and alcohol as I like to party on a Saturday. I always lost weight doing this. But on new plans I couldn't save up the points for a big binge and as a result I had the big binge anyway and then went over my points.... So Discover works for me. I get all my veg anyway as I end up having a ton of zero point soup and crudites, salads etc lol.

anyway if anyone wants a buddy I'd like one or many. Was wondering if anyone would like to join a whatsapp group or something and do it together as it's easier on my phone on whatsapp or maybe a setup facebook or something?

Anyway whatever people are doing good luck!

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Hi Becks I remember the discovery plan many years ago. How many points would you be on following this plan? And because this is such an old plan how would you point using the discovery way?? Hope to hear back from you. I might look on ebay t see if these any old calculators lol

Hi shan,
I am pointing using the discover way (if you look on ebay it's discover plan not discovery although the latter sounds better!). To work out how many points you're allowed a day on discover plan you do this questionnaire:

Are you:
Female = Score 3
Male = Score 9

Are you a breastfeeding mother?
No = Score 0
Yes, breastfeeding exclusively = Score 10
Yes, supplementing breastfeeding with solid foods = Score 5

How old are you?
16 - 20 = Score 5
21 - 35 = Score 4
36 - 50 = Score 3
51 - 65 = Score 2
Over 65 = Score 1

How many stones do you weigh?
Ignore the lb, the number of stones is your score for this question. Someone who weights 12st 4lb will score 12

How tall are you?
Under 5ft 4ins = Score 1
5ft 4ins or above = Score 2

In your day to day life are you:
Sitting down most of the time = Score 0
Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing = Score 2
Walking most of the time = Score 4
Doing physically hard work most of the time = Score 6

Add all the sections together and thats your daily allowance.

Here is an online calculator (use the one on the left as that one is for sat fat and cals which is what discover plan used)

And I have attached a picture of a calculator you can use if you can't go online when out and about or something.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you're going to do it too, be good to have a pal :)


Hello hun yes I saw this online yesterday after searching how are you finding it so far? I worked out id be on 25 points a day, the online calculator do you use this often day to day to point things once your out?
Hello hun yes I saw this online yesterday after searching how are you finding it so far? I worked out id be on 25 points a day, the online calculator do you use this often day to day to point things once your out?
Well I am a creature of habit so I tend to eat a lot of the same foods ongoing. So I created a spreadsheet of all of my usual foods. I went online on asda. Found my favourite foods and when you click on the item on asda it gives you the nutritional information so i put each item into the points calculator. So now all i need to do is look on my spreadsheet! I also shop online on asda so if I am getting something more unusual again i can check points while I am at home. When out and about if caught short I just have the paper version in my handbag I can quickly scan.
If I am going for a meal (like tomorrow) I plan what I am having in advance. A lot of restaurants share their callories and sat fat online. But if not I type into google "king prawn rogan josh restaurant calories" (guess what I am eating tomorrow ha ha), and then go by the common consensus and a couple of extra points on to be safe!

My official weigh in is Fridays but I only started on Monday so tomorrow won't be a full week anyway. But I had a sneaky weigh in this morning and I already weigh 1.5 pounds less than last Friday and only done it 3 full days! I am VERY happy. I am such a slow loser normally as I am on some immune suppressant medication (got auto inflammatory syndrome which makes exercise tricky) but this seems to be working already which is such a nice change! I am enjoying it too. It's a challenge to find the lowest point foods possible ha ha. The current WW wraps are 2 points each on discover. So yesterday i had a wrap with salad and a babybel grated in for 3 points. Then zero point soup. So meant I had lots of points for a tasty dinner. And for dinner I chopped 200g potato into chips and sprayed in 1 cal and cooked them all for 2 points. I also had a stir fry rice thing which chicken. I have been on so many crazy diets over the years it's a pleasure to be allowed real food like rice and pasta and wraps!

Are you going to give it a go?
Hello everyone!

I have decided to go back to ww from sw and I feel I just need portion control as I have such a big appetite! I would be glad if a buddy to keep me motivated. I am not very adventurous in my food menus but hopefully I will get better inspiration on here! I gave about half stone to lose!

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