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thin thinner thinnest Thursday*hour by hour*


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Ok name isnt great but Im still sleepy. good morning all. hope you have a great day. im off to work early so wont be on too much.

Mini goals to get us throught the weekend?

Mine is to slow my cardio.
Lose at least a pound
Be more positive

100% girls. Be good. Back later

good lucck to anyone with WI today!!!
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Hi well and good! And good mornign everyone else!

My Mini goals to get through the weekend would be
1. To continue with 4 litres of water a dya whilst the weather is still warm
2. To continue SS and remain 100%
3. To stop dwelling on the possibility of another 2lb loss!!
To get my house tidy!!!

I have some mroe decking arriving this morning so may or maynot get some more done int he garden!! The painting got finished yesterday which is fab!!
Anyway.. all have a good day!!



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Morning all,

Mini targets for weekend for me:
1. Set up wii/wii fit (which I have managed to recover from my friend who borrowed it 3 weeks ago!) and do at least 30mins each day.
2. Dog sit for a friend and make sure we walk for at least 1hr each day
3. Finish work stuff so I can enjoy my holiday next week!

Have a great day all.

Thelma :D


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mini goals for weekend.

Be honest with counsellor re past two days not just say "fine", even though I am mortified.
Get through weekend 100% whichever plan I am on.
Do some studying
Enjoy night out on Friday (take tetra in bag if possible to stop eating whilst out)
Race for life on Sunday - walk briskly, don't go mad.


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Morning ladies.

Hope you're feeling brighter this morning Lexie. Enjoy the gardening Tilly (there is no chance of a 2lb loss for you, you've done so much gardening exercise this week)

Mini goals for today:

1. Drink 3 litres (I've been bad with it lately :()
2. Treat myself to an at home mani and pedi before bed
3. Not murder my mother in law over the dinner table.....


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Morning everyone!

my goal for the weekend is to stick to 810 100%, weekend should be easier as there will be people round me so Im far less likely to cheat. It'll maybe be Tues-Thurs thats more of a challenge as HB will be working. And also to enjoy being away regardless of weather, its cold and raining today and is meant to continue over weekend.

Think DS is getting a bit of a cold- great just in time for us going away! away to do some ironing, then WI at 3 but heading to Asda to get 810 supplies first and maybe a nice breakie for HB tomorrow.


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Forum seems a bit sleepy today. Hope everyone is well. Taking a work break and just checking in. doctors appointment tomorrow, hope he doesnt want bloods!!! Do I have to eat if he does?......

I have a splitting headache going down into my shoulders, stress from the last few days of bad news(have to deal with a terrible terrible court case but will spare you the details).sorry im a bit down but we all get days or weeks like this. HHUmph!

Staying 100% still. thinking of ss+-ing next week but unsure.


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Hi all,

Have come home from work early to look after DS who is at home from school today (polling day so school closed) as DH had to go into town for a job interview (he got the job Woohoo!!).

I've just spoken to DH who on his way home from getting his new job went into our local cafe for a coffee. I was in there earlier and talked diets with the owner. I didn't want to tell her I was on CD as I knew she would be disapproving so just said I was doing a low carb thing. Then I leave and my DH pops in for a coffee and promptly tells her I'm on CD. She is a real gossip and is likely to tell everyone i'm on CD and whereas it's not the end of the world I feel bad for lying to her.

DH doesn't understand why I wouldn't want to tell anyone and i guess it's not his fault as I didn't tell him to keep quiet. Sigh!!

All the other Mums are going to know as they all go to the cafe to chat and I'm not looking forward to all the comments.

On the upside we started talking about diets as she asked if I'd lost weight. I haven't even had my first weigh-in yet (day 7 today and weighing on day 9) and 3 people today have asked me if I've lost weight :):):). As they say, every cloud has a silver lining...

Need to tidy the house now as I have friends coming over for tea (the liquid version as not food will be served) tonight!


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well that was surreal

went to docs, most advice they can give me re lack of period for a month now is "Just wait and see if it arrives, theres not much they can give me other than the pill which I don't want"

So that under my belt toddle off the the library and then the psychic centre where I am promptly given the most generalised pile of backpeddling I've ever experienced. She sees a pregnancy, when? Anytime. Me? Possibly or might be around me. She sees a female spirit from from my mums side. Might be my gran? Might be mums gran?

Now she sees a male spirit. Very close to me? Yes. He wasn't well towards the end, and he is a very loving and carin man who looks after me. At this point I say no. Was he not well towards the end, no that parts right he was in poor health, however the loving and caring "lovely man" are not attributes I could identify with this person. Well he is now he's on the other side. Oh really? Yes and he didn't have it easy either you know. But he knows he's made mistakes and he's now looking after me.

Then the usual twaddle, someone is jealous of me, two faced liar, promotion at work blah blah blah. I'm not working. You'll find work. I'm not looking for work, I'm a student. Oh this works in the future, its a job with great promotion.

Then pop to Indian Grocers for some veggies for hubby dinner, where lady behind counter exclaims "You've lost too much weight!" "Thank you very much" "On no! too much"

Loltastic day so far.


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st1lb(0.38%)
Lexie, my experience with Indian culture(my husband included) is that if you lose any weight at all that means you are sick.LOL I have this daily with his family and Im still 3 1/2 st ovr weight!! But on the up side, peeps are noticing your loss!!!

Why did you go to a psychic? in my experience they tell you only general info which can be connected to most of the population. Your mad girl. LOL. Hope your feeling a little better hun.


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
the woman in the shop did actually ask me if I was okay. She seemed really perplexed as to why I was happy at losing weight.

I went to the "psychic" a I was at a loose end and wandering about for a bit, passed and went in on impulse.


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Hi all, Lexie-what a day!

Denise-lol at indian culture, me thinks this might be the same in my family although not indian!

Just back from WI-Lost 5 lbs in a week and a half, well chuffed and now into the 13's! 810 week starts tomorrow then back on SS for as long as it takes to get a stone from goal.
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Denise name is fab what are you talking about!!!!!!!!!!

Ive only got a few mins before taking DD to singin then off to see mates baby so I cant be on here tonight.

My mate is taking pics tonight so hope to post them up tomorrow sometime.

glad you all got goals for weekend - mine is just to stay 100% from now till hols!!!!!!!15 days and counting................

Be strong see you all in the morning
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Forum is definately quieter than usual!

I am on day 4. I did CD last year and lasted about 5 weeks or so. Hopefully will last longer this time.

Anyway. Nearly collapsed in Tesco's today. Was soo weak and out of it. Be glad to tuck myself in on the sofa with a duvet once i've got the kids off.. THen watch BB!


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S: 18st9lb C: 18st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st1lb(0.38%)
hi katinka,
I remember feeling like that too. never thought I would last until week 11. It will change if you keep going.Good luck

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