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Things that CD could stand for


Shut up Ethel
Noticed on another thread that someone said CD could also stand for 'Can't - Demolished'

I think that's brilliant and wonder how many other fabulous interpretations of 'CD' we can come up with. Just a bit of fun. What's your take?

Brain isn't quite in gear yet (neeeeed coffee) but I'd say:

Control Delivered
Choice Decided

what else?!
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Silver Member
coranary deliverance .

I was on a fast track to a heart attack so cd is my life saver .


Staff member
Control Delivered
Choice Decided
coronary deliverance
Can Deliver
Confronts Demons
Creates Determination
Change Dieters


Silver Member
Cookie Dough............sorry food on the brain, erm Crap Diet ? In the nicest term meaning crap as you can't eat for a while !

Mmmm, Can Dream ?

Can't Demolish :(

Careful Dieting


Gold Member
waaah at cookie dough!
Counting Days
Cease Depresssion


One day at a time!
Coolest decision!


Regular Member
cold days
crazy desires
control direction
chic dress (for goal!)


Gold Member
children developing - for those who are doing CD to have a baby!


Gold Member
Compact Disc? :D :D :D

Cherished Dream
Chocolate Daily (milkshake or bars :))

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