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Things to do with our shakes and Soup...

Thought it might be good to let people know what we can do to spice up our meal times with our limited ingredients.

The ones I have tried are as follows:

Coffee and Vanilla Latte - add coffee to your vanilla shake and make up as a hot drink (really nice)

Coffee and Chocolate Mocha - as above (really nice)

Mint Choc Shake - Make a mug of strong Peppermint tea and allow to go cold (I add ice to do this quicker) Add chocolate shake mix and serve. Nice with ice or served hot.

Chocolate Mousse - Make up chocolate shake with small amount of water into a mousse (not tried this one yet)

Has anyone heard of/tried the muffin from the chocolate shake and also something to do with the chicken soup when you make it into a paste? Think they may be interesting.

Anyway, any more ideas are more than welcome xx
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I have a muffin for lunch and tea every day, prefer it this way as I get to chew something, they are not that bad quite nice, smell delicious, jmix the powder and 2 crushed sweetners with water (only trickle it in as you don't want it to go to soggy) until it's like a dough then microwave for 100 secs and enjoy xx
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good luck Molly do let us know x
oh yes.... make sure you tell us what it's like!!!
Sounds interesting to say the least!!!!!
Not an experience I want to have again I'm afraid. I cant finish it off, its attached itself to my back teeth! eewww When mixed into the paste it was fit, tasted like sweet chocolate spread. After I cooked it took all the sweetness out but I suppose it is muffin like in consistency apart from it gluing itself onto my teeth LOL

I'm off to brush my teeth .....:)


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I made a mousse once and that was enough for me! It was absolutely disgusting!!
It's really sticky and the first mouthful is ok but after that all you can taste is the chemicals/minerals/vitamins in the LT. Gopping, gopping, minging, minging!

I love having them hot with or without coffee (choc and vanilla only). I don't think much to the strawberry but really like the rest xxx
I'm with you on that one Medea. Hot and cold with coffee vanilla and chocolate for me. I really like them like that. Cant get that wierd taste out of my mouth its like mould!
I once froze a chocolate shake and had it on a stick like a lolly............ it tasted like poo lol

The strawberry with a touch of smoked paprika is really nice though, it is an option but a touch of curry powder is also nice. mmmmmm!
I've tried making "popperdums" with the soup mix. I mixed the soup mix with lil water til it was a paste. You're meant to spread it on grease-proof paper but i didn't have any so i spread it on a plate. I tried it first with half the soup mix and microwaved for 1 min 30 secs but they kinda got burnt. But it was good to chew. I then made the rest up and microwaved for 1 min then 20 secs i think. Also instead of making smaller pieces i just microwaved the whole thing on the plate. It was passable but the seasoning was too intense tasted really salty to me, but then i tend not to cook with salt anyway. It was passable but i doubt i will be trying that again (not unless i get desperate)

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