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Things you can now do after losing weight.


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Today whilst at work I realised something. Over the past week or so I have been sitting with one leg crossed over the other under my desk at work and it's sooooo easy and comfortable all of a sudden!! I sit like it for ages! Before I lost weight I could just cross my leg over but sometimes had to hold it in place and it was so uncomfortable!

Is there anything you have noticed you can now do after losing weight?

It's strange what little things you notice that others take for granted!
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  • Sex is sooooo much better!!!
  • How much easier it is to shave my legs!
  • How much more energy I have
  • Just how fantastic it feels to be slipping into a size 16 without any problem, when I few weeks ago I was huffing and puffing my way into a size 18 (when I quite obviously was a size 20)
  • How amazing my skin is! I've gone from the skin of a 14 year old spot ridden teenager, finally to the skin of a woman!!

Ahh theres loads..let the good times begin!!! :)


Slowly but surely x
no muffin top - end of!
I am starting to feel sexy again , it gives me power...........


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the crossing legs was a biggy for me too.

Get out of the bath easily
Chase the children
Walk up the steps to the ice rink without noticing them
Stand all day on my feet and not get tired

What a great thread - thanks for making me think about it!
my knees don't crack everytime I walk up the stairs or go from sitting to standing (less anyway, my joints are quite crackly anyway)

I had the confidence to get on the back of my boyfriend's motorbike! And on Sunday did a CBT of my own so I can get a little scooter to zoom around on!! Never would have done that before! No more public transport yay!!!!!!!!! xx


please try again
my sister had driven my car the other day and had put the seat height all the way up. i jumped in and drove and couldnt work out why the mirrors etc were in a different location, finally dawned on me it was the seat
in the past i wouldnt have been able to get in without putting the seat height all the way down and having the seat as far back as it would go

now the seat if several notchs closer to the steering wheel and theres still a nice healthy gap between the steering wheel and my stomach
Oh and my arse doesn't create a dam in the bath anymore! And I can walk around any shop I want and feel good that I can fit in things other than the shoes!
Not having a tidal wave in the bath when i stand up lol xxx


this time - the last time
Walked down the carriage of the train tonight - and don't have to turn sideways to get past the seats!
Another one…I realise now that shop sizes are actually quite accurate..it was me just not accepting what size I was!:eek:

Im currently sat in my new size 16 jeans from next whoop whoop! I can finally buy petite sizes again!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

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