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Think I am eating too much

Right I have been on SW for 1 1/2 weeks, I lost 1.5lbs the first week, which was good as I had a dinner out with booze so was pleased.

In real life I have more than a healthy appetite and feel I am stuffing too much. I know they say eat till your full, but I am never full, well my brain says I am not anyway.

I dont cheat but just keep stuffing away with free foods, I think I would be embarressed to tell you what I ate yesterday as you probably wont beleive someone could eat that much in a day:eek:, even though it was free food. I am hoping this gorging will settle down.

It is worrying me a bit , but I can seem to stop.:cry:
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If you are losing then it's not a problem but you do need to find the "stop" button and I know we struggle with that.
Yesterday I ate:
banana and yoghurt x2
2 fried eggs, 2 slices of ham, 6 cherry tomatoes on 2 slices of small bread
Liver and bacon casserole with mashed swede and carrots
2 slices of tuna quiche
3 ryvita spread with quark and jam
Hi Fi bar

My total was 12 syns.

Now that's loads!!! How does that compare?
Green day

2 yoghurts - free
1 banana - free
3 apples - free
2 Pears - free
1 tangerine - free
1/2 bunch celery
1 Pk Knorr LF Noodles - free
Very large Salad with 2 boiled eggs - free
Pork Steak HEB
2 boiled eggs (these were the two I cooked for my daughter and she left at home:eek:)
Loads of Brussels, Potatoes and Peas - Free
Low fat dressing - 3 sins.
1/2 tbls extra virgin Oil 2HEB
SS Milk in tea but only drank about 4 cups and dont have loads.
Actually thinking about it I havnt eaten as much today, perhaps my head is still getting into gear that these healthy foods are allowed and as much as we like. At 60 years ......been dieting so long, feel that I am cheating, even tough I have been on SW before. I think its because I done LL whereby you dont eat anything.

Thanks for your reassurance, as I say if I lose a llb a week I will be more than happy.:)

Mrs V

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As long as the food that you are eating is Free, dont worry too much about it.
One thing to think about, is are you hungry really; or are you eating to stop something else? (like boredom, sadness etc)
Before I had my band, I was doing SW and gorging on Free Foods...I was loosing, but really slowly. When I had my first appointment with Consultant he told me that we quite regularly mistake the hunger feeling when most of the time our body wants water.
Before you tuck into something, have a glass of water..wait 20 mins and then ask yourself again if you are really hungry.


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I eat loads and I am worried this week as I have been a bit poorly and probably not eaten enough to loose any weight. My body doesn't loose weight unless I eat a good breakfast, lunch and tea. I tried a Slimfast and it didn't work at all for me.

I think you are eating well. I'm a little envious of all that you have had. My brain keeps telling me to eat but my stomach keeps saying no!! GUTTED xx
I really think that I am frightened of feeling hungry. I liken it to the feeling I had when I was told my mother was dying of cancer, that awful empty feeling. It was only since she died that I started to overeat.

That was when I was 19 so I should of gotten over it by now, but I am very rarely hungry.
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I think being able to eat unlimited free food is the reason for the success of SW for many people.
It is all about psychology- at first your brain goes "yoo-hoo" and wants to eat loads because you have probably spent years telling yourself eating is a bad thing. Eventually, your brain will get that eating is ok, and you will then learn to eat when truly hungry and stop when you are full.

In order for all this to work, you need to get over the feeling that eating is bad or wrong.

I know it feels a bit out of control at first, but I promise it will get more natural!

Good luck
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I think coctail princess has hit the nail on the head, all of us that overeat have forgotten what it feels like to feel hungry,therefore we eat and eat and eat, even when we're not hungry.

You say that you are never full, but you will be, you are just not listening to your body, your stomach is a bag that can only hold so much food hun!, once it is full, then you are full! You have to learn to read the signals and god knows its hard, it's normally about 20 minutes after you have eaten that you feel 'satisfied and full', it doesn't hit you straight away which is why we can end up overeating until we're stuffed.

A lot of why, what and how much we eat is out of habit and availability and temptations of food, it's not because we are hungry and we have started saying that we are hungry when we're not, you need to stop eating when you stop having growling hunger pangs in your stomach, that's the point when you are satisfied and your body is happy.

It's really hard and takes a long time to learn and I am no expert myself hun, but this is why they recommend you eat little and often every 2-3hrs as this is the time when you will start to feel hungry again. But it's early days for you yet and this is why this plan is so good because you can overeat on free foods and it doesn't matter, but over time you will come to learn to listen to your body and eat to satisfy your appetite rather than just for eatings sake
Thanks for all you advice and I will say I seem to be settling down a bit. Perhaps it was just the first week where I thought I would be starved.

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Hi Ladylite,

TBH, although maybe you feel you ate a lot quantity-wise, it didn't seem too much to me! All of the food you listed is really healthy and scores very highly on the energy-density scale.

As CocktailPrincess says, we need to forget this 'eating is bad' mentality and give ourselves the freedom TO eat. The positive mindframe makes all the difference and if you don't feel deprived of food, you're much less likely to resent the plan or have uncontrollable cravings.

WELL DONE on your 1.5lbs loss, and here's to another good loss at the scales next WI :)

Just an update, that might help some of the Newbies I am on week 3 now and I must say my eating has really settled down now. I seem to be eating the right things but instead of having to eat 3 apples in one go, I can now eat 1 and be satisfied.

There is still some emotional eating going on, in other words if I get really upset I want to eat, but as long as I eat free foods, dont feel it is the end of the world.

I just love this diet..............WHAT DIET;)


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S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
:553:Congratulations! It sounds like you have really turned a psychological corner.
I think emotional eating is something many of us will never cure, but can learn to manage long term. I have been doing SW for 11 months and still emotionally eat- unfortunately it will take longer than this to 'unlearn' a lifetime of bad habits!

Well done on your success so far- what a start!
your mind and stomach does get used to it.....I also sometimes do the paul mckenna trick aswell to listen to your body and know when you're full. Put the knife and fork down in between each mouthful and really chew and taste the food...the slowness and concentration on eating helps you feel fuller quicker


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Sounds like hardly anything to me (lol to those who remember my first post and the pathetically small amount I was eating and not losing anything with). A typical green day is something like:

Breakfast: omelette (perhaps with beans) or ryvita (hexB) smothered in quark and tomatoes (my addiction)
Lunch: jacket potato (or scrummy SW chips), beans, quark, sweetcorn (or perhaps tuna instead of beans for a HexB)
Dinner: pasta and some type of tomato-based sauce (with meat for a HexB and olive oil as syn or HexB depending on what I've had up to then)

And then, throughout the day: yoghurt, apple, two mandarins (and sometimes too a banana), tea and diet drinks.

He Who Thinks He's Boss once told me I'd never stopped eating that day - and I went on to lose 1.75lbs that week!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
No Huni, you are just someone who doesnt want to be hungry! Lol

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