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think i have made a boo boo


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basically i think i have taken myself out of keytosis by accident.
well ive been following the diet to the book litteraly. been reading my diet manual and following the food recommendations.
and for the past 2 days for my 200g meal ive been having quorn as it said i could have quorn, so ive have the quorn burgers and meat balls, they have roughly 4.2g of carbs per burger, i did the ketosis test strip today to check my levels and it barly changed colour. :( this is a touch depressing after going through all the hard work to get to ketosis and eating what i thought was right only to find it wasnt now got to do it all again :cry:
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I wouldn't take any notice of the sticks, if you've been 100% then u will be in ketosis. If you don't test first wee of the day then you get a watered down result because of all the water u have been drinking. Also I've read that you can lose ketones in other ways, through breath and sweat etc.
Good luck

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I think that as long as you are following the diet step by step that nothing can go wrong. I also heard that the ketosticks are sometimes not accurate.

Maybe have a wrod with your CDC about it when you see them next time...


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Thanx for all the comments, the book said 200g of quorn/ pieces so I assumed that meant all quorn products, but I am wiser now and will just keep to what I know. :)
you need to eat just the quorn chicken breast types or mince or chunks...the burgers, sausage and balls have added stuff. Never mind live and learn soon be back in K!


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Good news did a keto check this morning and it's all good am still in ketosis. But lesson learnt, no more quorn burgers :D, ty all for your support was really depressed yesterday as I thought that I had to start from the beginning!


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Definitely just the Quorn 'chicken' pieces or mince, apparently... Glad you're back on track.

I know the ketostix are a bad idea, but I'm addicted too. But just for your information, my CDC said not once did they ever show a reading for her.. Apparently if your body uses the ketones really efficiently, you'll not get a reading. If you have surplus, you will, but that's not necessarily better apparently!


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