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think i may have a

ear infection coming.. was saying to my friend today the side of my head/face feels like someone has hit me, and now my ear on that side is hurting abit now too... plus i feel abit wooshy, she said she had antibiotics from doc for the same symptoms.. could this be a ear infection?

want to eatttttttttttttt :break_diet:
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possibly, get yourself to the docs if you are worried as they are no fun if it is!

Step away from the food, it just isn't worth it!


please try again
could also be ur teeth, i had an absess under one and the pain was in the side of my face and felt like it was going deep into my ear


try, try & try some more!
Yip could also be absess! i had the same thing...

also be quick i left an ear infection and by the time i got to the docs i ended up with labrinthitis (inner ear infection) was AWFUL!!

Had 2 weeks off work, woozy couldn't eat and felt drunk whenever i stood up and threw up everything i ate for over a week!!! :jelous:

Lil K

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Definitely get off to the doctors ASAP. I had an ear infection, then labrynthitis as well - not nice at all. I reckon I got it while I was in a jacuzzi on holiday, and lets just say I think the water was a bit suspect.

I perhaps didn't get to the doctors as quick as I should have done.....that was 4yrs ago, and I'm still troubled with a dodgy ear now that's never been right since.

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