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Thinking about coming back to SW!?!?!?

Hi everyone!

I have been away from the SW forum for a few months trying out different things in the quest to lose weight. Calorie counting, slimfast, rosemary conley and I am well and truely fed up :(. I lose a few pounds then because I am so hungry and fed up i ruin it all at weekends and put on the weight I lost in the week.

I lost nearly 2 stone originally with Slimming World so I am thinking about going back to basics and coming back to Slimming World as I know it so well.

Anyone else out there with the same problem........ motivation needed :(
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I started slimming world last week after calorie counting through January (lost 10lb) I also joined rosemary Conley online but really couldnt get my head round it! I have struggled with my weight most of my life and find it difficult to find something diet wise I can stick to - so here's hoping sw suits us both x

Am here to kick you up the butt if you need it and would appreciate it back (and i probably will need it) lol x :) x
I left SW last time because I got bored of eating the same things all the time. I was on it for a long time and just fancied a break. No I find that I actually "miss" slimming world and the foods you can eat.

Plan is to start SW Monday (as I have lots of food I need to get rid of that isnt SW friendly ie: ready meals)
Go for it bubbilicious. The boredom thing is easy to fall into but just be conscious of it and maybe try to get in the habit of trying one or two new things each week. Use the food diaries on here for inspiration. Good luck x
Hi Chick!!!

I've just re joined after over a year!
I did Calorie counting and lost 7lbs in just over a week, but the loss has slowed down and havent lost anything in two weeks.

So i decided to join slimming world again, i love the meals and the fact you can eat loads and not have to count cal's all the time!!!

Good luck with your first week, and enjoy the fact your back on board with the mighty slimming world :)
Hi there bubbalicious, Glad you have decided on something, now comes the hardest part, STICKING to it!!..:D

Wish you all the very best in your endeavours and as has already been said, keep looking for new recipes - takes extra time but well worth it in the end, chuck.
Thanks for your lovely replies! SW here I come (again)! :eek:

I have just sat down to plan my meals for my SW re-start and my mind has gone completely blank!! :confused:

I used to stick to red days as I lost more weight doing them and I have completely forgotten what I used to eat etc.... will have to dig out my old paperwork now to check!! doh!
"Stick to red days!"..?
No wonder you got fedup with the same old stuff!!
Get those recipes sorted and try everything poss. No need for same old/same old. In fact a good variation helps the metabolism to keep going.

Checking back to see your results soon....:)
It's so easy to stick to the same recipes and meals week in week out. We've all been there! If your looking for meal inspiration the best place to turn to is the magazine. Try a different recipe every week, if you like it fab if you dont then try something else next time. I 'experimented' with a leek and egg risotto that sounded odd but thought I would give it a go - it was gorgeous, my hubby loved it and it is now one of our regular meals!

And as it was said above by Emmaline - try mixing it up with the different plans, even one or two Green/EE days a week can help to avoid boredom.

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