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Thinking about giving it a go...


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(already posted this, but in the wrong place and I don't know how to delete it!!)


I've been on this forum a few times started off with Cambridge diet, came off that after getting ill and put all of my weight back on and more :mad: Then I tried slimming world for a bit and then completely give up on diets for the last 6 months.

I'm thinking about giving weight watchers a go, I don't want to go to classes as I can't afford it and I hate the clapping and humiliation...some people love it but it just does my head in!

I still have some books from about 8 years ago, I was just wondering how much WW has changed since then and want to know any tips on getting started up with weight watchers,

any comments would be appreciated!

Thanks guys xx
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Lovin it !!! :)
tbh - even if the plans have changed since then - they have always worked..............

its free registration at the mo - could you just go once to get the books and then not go back if you don't like the class ?

sure you wuold be ok using the old books - don't think ww has even been unhealthy

Bev x


Up for the challenge
Hey and welcome :)

You can totally do weight watchers without going to class. That's what i am doing at the moment. But if you want all the updated info like fitz says you could always just go once or buy the books off ebay for a few £s.

The lovely people of this forum will help you loads too i am amazed they don't get bored of my constant questions :p So if you need anything don't be afraid to ask (although most of the info will be on here already with just a little bit of searching)!

Good luck!!! :) xx

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You can join the WW website which can be helpful if you'd rather do it from home. Plus they have a magazine out every month avalable in the shops with recipes, new products and success stories, etc. Good luck! X

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