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Extra Easy Thinking about quitting the class

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I've been doing slimming world since the end of november and had such a great mentor, very bubbly, motivating, inspiring (she lost 5 stone on sw) and all in all very helpful!! Now we have a new mentor whos spanish and doesnt really know much to be completely honest. Most of the group has now moved to another group in another town and the remaining group now only stays to get weighed, which I do too. I've stayed for a few of the sessions with the new mentor but find her quite rude and not really bothered. I now pay the £4.95 to get weighed and then leave. I am thinking of just to buy myself some scales and do it myself at home! Is anyone else in a similar situation? x
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Yeah I feel the same my classes aren't great but I like going to the weight in to get my 'official' weight and keep me motivated.

It is a bit of a waste paying £4.95 just to get weighed when I could do that at home, but I'm worried that if I stop I will lose motivation.


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There have been a few threads on here about going to class or doing it at home. It seems that a few of us find the classes quite boring, some say that their consultant is fantastic.
I am still going to class mainly to keep me motivated. I have moved from a Monday class to a Thursday class and if it doesn't work out I am going to consider leaving and using only this forum as motivation.
But, like you, I am terrified of stopping class and not being able to do it on my own.

Someone recommended trying a different class and seeing how that works out or taking say 3 weeks holiday and use this to 'test' if you can do it alone.

Good luck x
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It is hard on your own, have to have great determination.
I left class to do it just at home. It is doable but I have to admit it is toughier. If you keep the same atittude towards SW at home as you do going to class you will be fine.

Remember though new scales will probably give you a different reading so make sure once you start you only use the same scales and weigh in once a week at the same time just like you do at class.

Its obvious stuff I know but parameters can change at home and give "off" readings.

Good Luck sure you will do just great x


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Personally I'd either stick with it or find an alternative class . It would be the start of the end for me if I didn't go to a class.
Can you change to another class?? I know I would really struggle without going to class. And could you have a word with her about the class and maybe her attitude. If you really find her to be rude would you consider telling SW head office about the things that have happened and maybe they will give her a refresher training or something. Good luck whatever you decide and you'll get plenty of support here if you do leave. :D
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try another class i think support of a group is very helpfull and i find having to get weighed in front of someone else helps keep me going.good luck.
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Giving class a miss

Isn't there another class in your town with a different tutor. I'm lucky the tutor at my class ery good. Maybe if you do give up you could start an online class with other who are like minded
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30FlirtyGirl said:
I left class to do it just at home. It is doable but I have to admit it is toughier. If you keep the same atittude towards SW at home as you do going to class you will be fine.
I agree! Very doable but hard at the same time.
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I've been doing it at home for eight weeks now and find it fine. However I am very determined and focussed. I also rely very heavily on this forum for support. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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could you not go to the group that the others have moved to? I agree having a good consultant can make so much difference.


Just doing it this time
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you have to have a lot of discipline to do it at home on your own - but a lot of people do.

having said that if your C is rubbish you're not going to get much help from her then to do it on your own at home - maybe ???

The other thing I thought about was IF you know a few of you doing it together - maybe meet up at a convenient time - weigh each other in and then do it again next week at one or other houses - make sure everyone is willling to host.

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