Thinking of changing from LL to CDC

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  1. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Am thinking of changing from LL to CD. To be honest LL is crippling me financially and CD would be far cheaper. I also find that my group is dismissive of the counselling and fail to participate in group sessions so it makes for a gruelling couple of hours every week!!

    Has anyone else done this and did you find that you continued to lose the weight in a similar way?
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  3. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    sorry to hear your group dosn't go much on the counselling front.. Have you thought about asking your counsellor if you can change groups? Peeps who have made the change to cambridge have been ok, but maybe try and change groups first, as the counselling can make such a difference..
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  4. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hey hun

    i think there are quite a few who have changed, i only did ll for 1 week but its too expensive, and i know why i eat etc, my cdc is fab n it means i get 1 on 1 support to, plus have support from here

    hope u make the right choice :)

  5. TTey68

    TTey68 Full Member

    Now, no idea if this is RIGHT or WRONG - but, my CDC told me a few weeks ago, Cambridge had, at last, gone public and admitted they also produced the LL product?

    Reading through the boards - people who swap from LL to CD do so 1) the financial cost and 2) the variety of flavours, bars and 3) the maintenance programme.

    Couldnt say anything else as I started on CD xx
  6. Giggly

    Giggly Cambridge Counsellor

    HI there,

    I made the switch after 100 days on LL and I soooo wish that I had done so sooner!!

    In my opinion CD is much better for a few reasons
    1) the cost (which is a major one admittedly - approx half price of LL)
    2) The variety of flavours - loads more and they all taste better than the LL ones which are fairly bland in comparison (again - only my opinion!)
    3) The range of products - mix a mousse to me was the most fantastic part of this diet - I loved to sit down with a sundae glass and eat my shake as a mousse. Also tetra packs are great if you are out and about.
    4) 1-1 support from CDC - rather than group sessions.

    I love CD and would say to anyone who isnt finding the LL's counselling particularly useful (and it really isnt for everyone!) find yourself your local CDC and swap over.

    If, however, you feel like you need the CBT (and some people swear by it) then maybe it would be better to stick with LL, but at the end of the day I believe that the counselling is really what it all boils down to.

    Its your choice and no-one knows whats best for you, but keep us all informed of how you are getting on whether you LL or CD it!!

  7. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Thanks Guys - I just spoke with my local CDC. She was really helpful and whilst my LLC is a nice lady, I found the CDC far more friendly. I have weigh in this evening at LL so think I will pluck up courage to tell her that I am changing. How did everyone else approach this, did they mention moving to CD or just not mention it at all?

    Giggly - I feel that 1 to 1 will work better for me as I find myself getting frustrated at the group meetings!!
  8. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    Good luck hun......I found it really good to be able to spend time and chat. Whereas before I weighed at the chemist and it was on scales and off again, then out.
    well I was at cdc`s house a good while, we had a laugh too which certainly helps.
  9. Giggly

    Giggly Cambridge Counsellor

    I didnt tell my LLC that I was swapping to CD. I completed the 100days on LL and then said that I would not be continuing.

    All along I did intend to tell her that I was swapping over but the previous two weeks there had been someone from my group complaining to LL head office and she had been quizzing us all individually to which person it was. It wasnt me by the way - although I do know who it was. The complaint was that we werent getting what we were paying for and that we could get what we were getting through CD for half the price. Under those circumstances I didnt feel comfortable telling her I was swapping. Theres no doubt that she would have thought it was me!!!

    The upside was that she started doing her job right after that and included the full counselling session so the person complaining continued and the LLC was non the wiser! So some good things can come out of complaining I suppose!

  10. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    OK - Told LLC that I was changing and she wasn't a happy bunny :whoopass: ! It's tough really - I am losing the weight to be healthy for my 3rd attept at IVF so every penny towards that will help. I will ring the CDC tomorrow morning and make an appt as soon as possible. I have some spare LL packs which will hopefully see me through till I can see the CDC.

    Thanks everyone for your advice, starting to panic a bit now that I won't lose as much on CD as I was on LL - never happy us women!!
  11. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    I'm swapping from LL to CB this week too. I have spoken to my CDC on the phone and via email all week and feel a great connection with her.
    I've still not plucked up the courage to tell my LLC. I think it's going to be a great change to have some new flavors and I'm getting excited about it.
  12. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Scooper - we can be fellow absconders from LL!! I don't mind the LL flavours but must admit I am looking forward to just a tad more variety!! I also think the Tetras are a fab idea as having to mix up a shake or soup while you are out and about is almost more trouble than its worth sometimes!! Thanks LL but roll on CD!!
  13. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    Sure :). I am going to be forever in debt to LL. In fact, I gave someone the number to make enquires about it today. I just know I'm making the right decision for me now.

    It will be great to have a fellow shipjumper!
  14. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Hi Wanttobeslim

    I also switched from LL to CD & have never looked back. Although i did complete my 100 days before changing, i wasn't getting very much support form the counsellor but my group had a lovely bunch of people. In the end i couldn't justifiy paying £66 per week for unhelpful counselling & i only liked Raspberry, choc & vanilla (which i made coffe from). CD have a greater choice of flavours & the craberry, peanut & orange bars are to die for. For me personally i feel the CD shakes are much more filling than the LL ones, i also feel that i have actually had something worth having.

    The whole LL, CD & other vlcd's are an individual choice, you do whats best for you hun. If you do not feel you are benefiting from the counselling then if i was you i'd swap, it's hard to justifiy an extra £30 per week.

    good luck with your change hun, hope you enjoy the chioce of new flavours as much as i did....

  15. andismale

    andismale Member

    Lighter Life
    How strange
    I have just posted very similar question, the only other thing which concerns me is the reintroduction of food. Is CD as good when you get to goal, or are you just set free.
  16. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Andrea - I spoke to my local CDC as this was one of my concerns - they do have a maintenance programme and she stressed that it is important to do the maintenance programme as much as my LLC did!!
  17. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Oh yes, the CD maintenance plans are there and very important.

    In fact I think that most of the maintainers on here did the Cambridge maintenance plans to get back to 'normal' eating :)
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  19. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    If that turns out to be true I won't be in the least bit surprised. I've suspected as much all along!

    Same factory, same chilli soup flavour... LOL.
  20. Wanttobeslim

    Wanttobeslim I will do it!!

    Well swapped to CD as of last night. Cranberry bar is yummy!! CDC is lovely and really encouraging. Lost another 3lbs this week!! Off to have my banana shake now!! :)
  21. Lesly Cambridge

    Lesly Cambridge Cambridge Consultant


    There's no "at last" about it, TTey.....we have the factory with the capability to manufacture products for all sorts of people. Lighterlife and other companies contract us to manufacture some products to their specifications.
  22. hippoellie

    hippoellie CDC

    Hiya WTBS- I am on my second day of cambrifge having waved goodbye (in a nice way) to LL. Decided development was not worth the cash. Anyway, lets keep in touch as we discover the new flavours- so far I have had

    Cranberry bar- ace though gave me a bit of acid indigestion
    Chick and Mush soup- not a lot of flavour , needs pepper I think
    Choc Mint shake- half as a hot drink so so, but half frozen as a choc bar OMG how delicious was that!

    Today- orange bar- lovely!
    Cheese and Broccoli soup- tastes like fish! And couldn't get rid of all the lumps no matter how hard I whisked- weird!

    Having a butterscotch tonight as a mousse- have you tried the mix-a-moussse yet?
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