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Thinking of defecting!

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Hi, i joined ww 6 yrs ago after having my first daughter and lost 1.5 stone to get to goal weight. Here i am now needing to lose 2.5 stone :cry:and after a few years of trying slimming world off and on i am thinking of trying ww again. Anyone else done both and got any tips for a successful start? Going to start tomorrow!
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i have lost on slimming world but put it all back on when reverting back to eating how i was before the diet!
I think WW is working better for me because its more a way of life, for example, most of us fatties just eat too much so WW is more about portion size and training yourself to accept less food, but it works because you can have your fave foods, just not as much of it!

my sister has lost lots of weight with sw, but has now moved to ww because she had hit a 'no move' situation and was becoming bored eating and preparing the same foods..
its a matter of choice really... and what works best for you!
Not done both myself, but we have quite a few ex SW people in the WW group I go to and they all seem to prefer WW. Hope that helps,
I did try sw but too boring long term and in the past lost 5st with ww.
you will love it when you get the hang of it hun ands try not to compare it and it will then come good. Welcome to counting ...its brill xxx


I want to be fitter again
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Just copied this from a previous post i wrote about the same subject:
"I really think it's courses for horses. If you have a shed load to lose and have eaten junk food for years then slimming world is great for teaching you about healthy eating without feeling deprived. It is more restricting than WW on those times you are caught short and need to grab something on the go. There is no magic way of working out how many syns something is whereas with ww you can point things up quite quickly. I have found SW brilliant whilst having lots to lose but as i neared target my weight became static so I switched to WW. I have started losing again but am very hungry. I will definitely use SW for maintaining and for meals out as it is easier to work out what I can have freely. SW isn't about eating hoards of fruit or any other food, it is about eating sensibly and learning to recognise your body's signs that it is full up. As it happens I ate a punnet of Cherries today and it was only 1.5 points a fab filling pud. Both have good successes and each person you speak to will have different views" xx You need to be really clear in your heead whichone you are doing otherwise you will get your points and syns confused. It may help to write some points you use regularly like rice and pasta and stick it to the inside of your food cupboard xx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
couldnt agree more with the post above! am on my first week of ww and whilst im enjoying the variety of food and hope for a good loss ifind sw suits me better- just have to do whats right for you!

goodluck xxx
S: 15st0lb C: 14st3lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 0st11lb(5.24%)

I have done both and Slimming World is not for me as I went a bit gaga without bread, however my friend that I used to go to SW meetings with has stuck with it and loves it - it's ideal for her as she's vegetarian so does Green all the time. For me I need a lot more restriction in terms of portion size, which is why I get on better with WW. I agree that it's all down to preference and you have to give these things a go to figure out what works for you.

Hope you find whichever one works best for you, good luck!



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different diets work for different people but it sounds like w/w was the most sucessful for u, so i would say give it another go u did it once u CAN do it again!!!


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I just could not get my head around SW at all - I bought the books and stuff from Ebay but sure it was like "double dutch" to me. :eek:
So I decided to try WW again and so far so good. It worked 8 years ago and I am hoping that it can work again for me. Sorry that should be - I am going to work on it again. LOL!!!:cool:

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