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Thinking of downsides to losing weight


The Minis Bad Boy
Here I have made a list of things I will miss when I lose weight. But also below them are the alternatives.

- Ill never get the front seat on a car journey anymore.
But at least I'll be able to fit in a back seat

- My female friends wont want to cuddle me as much
Instead they'll want to rub genitals.

- I'll get my ass handed to me on the rugby pitch
Find a better position where you score tries rather than get beat up and watch the more slimmer players get the glory.

- People don't start fights with me coz I am a big lad
If people do start fights ill be able to run away.

- When playing wrestling with my housemates 4 year old who by the way does an awesome knee drop to the back, there is something so damn funny about saying "In the blue corner, at 3ft high and 40lbs.... Sammy!!!" then in a more sombre voice "ANNNNND in the red corner, at 5ft11, and weighing in at 357lbs...... the defending heavyweight living room champion of the world/galaxy/universe..... Sulleyp".

It just wont sound the same being "ANNNNND in the red corner, at 5ft11, and weighing in at 217lbs....."

His dad won't have to take him to the hospital when I mistime a belly flop from the sofa again.

I won't get out of breath by going up stairs because I'm overwight.
Instead people will realise I am just unfit

I will have some muscle definition for people to see instead of claiming I work out and that you can't see the results
People CAN see the results and know full well I don't work out.
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Happy in my own skin
:D that's so funny. I especially like the one about running away at the chance of a fight...classic.
hahahaha!! you proper make me laugh sometimes :D rub gentials?? why could you just say sex haha were all grown ups here haha!!


The Minis Bad Boy
hahahaha!! you proper make me laugh sometimes :D rub gentials?? why could you just say sex haha were all grown ups here haha!!
Coz rub genitals sounds dirtier. haha. it was either that or 'have a moving cuddle'

I make a lot of people laugh. Hopefully with the ol weight loss I might eb able to use it to my advantage!
The downside Im finding is..... spending money buying new clothes lol!
and when people look at me I wonder what they're looking at - before I presumed they were just looking at me cos I was fat! mine arent funny like your reasons though lol xxx


The Minis Bad Boy
Hmmm that is very true. Now they are looking at your clothes and judging your fashion rather than your fat. And tbh Id rather be known as being unfashionable than fat.
luckily im fashionable lol! x


The Minis Bad Boy
IM not. I was sat in my lounge last night with a sleeveless tshirt, joggers, and a hat on.

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
nowt wrong with a good ole hat :0)
is a hat necessary inside though!? x
your head was cole even though you felt it was warm enough for a sleeveless top!? x


The Minis Bad Boy
I have alot fo padding round the body which means I rarely get cold. Even now im sitting here in pants as im about to jump into the shower and im not cold despite the fact the radiators arent on n its raining.
that must be it then lol, Im wearing skinny jeans, flip flops and a blue top............ going to dog training shortly - maybe need to change my shoes as its raining here too! x
may do - its eased off now! The first week I went in flip flops and our dog wee'ed on my foot! he was so excited bout the other dogs and all the scents! dont think ive dared to wear them again! X


The Minis Bad Boy
At least they are easily washable and replaceable. Imagine if you had some Jimmy Choos on.............. no idea whyd u wear jimmys walking the dog though.
Love the car seat one how true that is lol had me laughing you have cheered me up for the night so funny thank you.

x x x x

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