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Thinking of joining SW - is it complicated?


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Hi guys... im across on the Lipotrim forum at the moment and hope to lose 3 stone... have 2 stone off already and as soon as i reach the 3 stone target im goin on a weeks hols and have decided to join my local sw group.... i have never done it before, have done weightwatchers allright, but this looks totally different. I ordered the Slimming World Food Optimising book which arrived today and having had a look thru, it seems quite complicated...... does it all make more sense when you join and get goin??? i would need to lose another 2 stone to get to my ideal weight.... was hopin i cud do this by Christmas on sw????? thanks so much for any answers/tips!!!! Lorraine :D
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yes its all very complicated at first, but after a day or so, its 2nd nature x
Its actually fairly easy if you stick to Extra Easy at first. There are some thread on here which detail the plans but as a basic guideline foods is split into 4 groups
Superfree - All raw fruit, all veg except Potatoes, Parsnips, Peas, Sweetcorn
Free - All lean meat and fish, pasta,rice, potatoes, parsnips, Peas, Sweetcorn
Healthy Extra - Measured Calcium and Fibre Based foods like Cheese, milk, Bread, Cereals
Syns- everything else.

Have 1/3rd Superfree and 2/3rds free foods in each meal. 1 Calcium and 1 Fibre Based Healthy Extra a day and 10-15 syns.

Cook without oil or use fry light and when you are full stop eating.

It is really very easy once you get your head around it, and you will never be hungry if you do it right.
There is a calculator online. If a food has no free food in it then you just divide the calories by 20 to get the syn value. Plus some things you just get to know syn values of, like Wine in my case :)

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I joined 2 weeks ago and I find it brill. I was the same before I started, thought it looked super complicated but after a couple of days I was flying it!

Would defo recommend it, I work shifts and nights and find the extra easy well extra easy!!! I can easily fit it into my life and find it so easy to follow.

Congrats on the loss so far, you have done brill! :)


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Which food optimising book did you get? Does it have orange writing on the front like this one


If so then you have the wrong book I'm afraid and you will find it confusing. That one is basically just a recipe book, it's very old (published in 2000) and out-of-date.

It was the first recipe book made available to non-members so it does not have the details about the SW plan that you need. Otherwise no-one would come to class!

I suggest that you go along to class even if only for one week so you can get the right books, get the consultant talk explaining how the plan works and access to the members section of the website. You will be able to look up the syn values for all your favourite foods before it expires.


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At first - it can look confusing. but if you're going to join a group - then sit back with the book you'll get and read it thoroughly - and then re-read it. and then read it again. It does soon start to make sense.

Also - look at a few receipies onlnie, in the magazine, etc, and work out - with the book if needbe - where the syns for that dish have come from. It'll give you an good idea of what to look out for going forward.

And if at anytime you find yourself in doubt - ask. The consultant, people in your group, here, other online forums - just ask.

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hi leluna. i have just come from doing 5 months of slimming world. it is failrly easy. just make sure you read the book.

its basically this:- on a red day, any meat with the fat cut off, even bacon, any fish or any extra lean mince, it has be EXTRA lean, is free. means you can fill up on these things throughout the day and not even bother or count.

on a green day, potatoes, pasta, pulses, grains and starchy veg like parsnips, sweetcorn, peas and sweet potato are free.

on an extra easy day, all of the above are free. no weighing, no counting, no measuring.

so you can still make a shepherds pie. and as long as its make frome scrath with lean meat its all syn free.

veg stock cubes are free as are most store cupboard ingredients. not gravy granules though.

most fruit and veg are free. just not canned, blended or juiced fruit as it takes 1 minute to drink 8 oranges, which is what it takes to make a glass of juice.

eggs are completely free as is quorn, tofu and fry light.

my usual breakkie would be bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms on toast. all free on slimming world extra easy.

anyway. you get this jist. if you need any other advice on it, i am stocked full of recipes and stuff lol!

i am going back to SW after LT and will start on a red day as this is a high protein day. the recipes are really nice. but some you do have to adjust to your own taste buds.

RANT OVER hehehe:):):)
Hi Leluna,
I have only been doing slimming world for 2 weeks now but I absolutely love it. Like you I thought it looked mega complicated to start with... On my first meeting the consultant sat me down, talked me through everything, and answered any questions that I had, plus I went out armed with all the books and info that I could possibly need. Oh and then I found this website, which is invaluable, there is always someone willing to help and answer any queries :)
I have had fab losses by sticking to the plan (extra easy), and if you can get your head around ww, sw will be a breeze.
It's so easy if you enjoy cooking too, as I do, because so much food is free and doesn't need to be weighed etc. All the family love my sw recipes, I just keep it under my belt that they are sw friendly otherwise they seem to change their mind for some reason..... !!
Good luck on whatever plan you decide to do xxxx
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The first time I joined was in the days where your choices were red or green and I found it so confusing. The second time, extra easy had just been launch and oh god what a difference! It really is extra easy. I think the key is to just concentrate on EE for a good few weeks and don't even look at the other options until you have got in the swing of it.

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