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Thinking of joining WW after Cambridge Diet....

Hiya All

Just wondering if some of you might be able to help me. I'm currently on the Cambridge Diet and am thinking of coming over to WW in the very near future.

I've read a bit about the diet, but I'm a little confused.... I want to do the points programme, but have worked out I have a massive 29 points a day!!!! I don't think I could get through that many points a day! I'm also thinking about doing it online, because I work shifts. Is the online one just as good as the meetings?

And I think the thing that confuses me the most is cooking! I've been trying to work out the points to my fave meal but can't seem to work out how to do it without weighing absolutely everything? Is that the way it works?

My fave meal by the way is -

Uncle Bens Hot Chilli cooking Sauce
Lean Mince Beef
Brown rice.

I hope you can help and I look forward to maybe joining you in the not too distant future!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and would you say WW is better than SW? And what are the differences?

Thanks very much in advance :p
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Me on the right! x
Hey MooCow - I can't be of much help on the SW comparison as I've never tried it but I know lots of poeple that have done well on it but I think its all about Red and Green days so you have days when you can eat as much as you want in the Green food list and then another day the same but with the Red food list.... I could be totally wrong though!!

I love WW because you can eat normally, its just a case of watching the high saturated fat foods and only eating a certain amount of points a day - which basically counts for a calorie counted diet but that also takes into account saturated fat.

I only managed CD for a few weeks - and only 5 days of that was SS.

Everyone is different though.

For me, I need to attend meetings as I need to be weighed and have that 'dentist' feeling!
I think WW do a Pass card thing so you can go to any meetings - maybe this would work better for you so you could go to a different meeting depending on when you're working... great job by the way - I read the thread on CD about jobs! I'd love to have a TV voice!! :)

AS for points to your fav meal - as a rough guide (depending on portion size and I dont know how many points your sauce is... but at a guess...)

Sauce 4 or 5 points
Lean mince - 4 points
Rice - 3 points

Hope this helps..... good luck with whatever you decide! x
Thanks very much for all those nice words!

I think thats what I'm going to like about WW - I've got loads of the books and have been looking at the food and how many points there are, and usless I go VERY wrong, I think I should stay well below the points I've been allocated.... it seems far too much to me!

I'm really looking forward to it as I've been on the Sole Source for 6 weeks now - and it's tough, but the losses are worth it.

As for the telly thing - not exactly what I would call an energenic job - probably one of the reasons why I got overweight in the first place! Hehehehehe!

But once again, thanks very much, and if anyone else has something to suggest - please feel free.

Dan x


Gonna be skinny!
I have also been on and off CD and this time got a bit poorly so am gonna go back to WW. Have done it online before and the site was great. I have totalled up my points and can have 19 and I am going to try and go it alone (having a 3 year old makes it hard to go to a meeting). If your finding CD hard then dont beat yourself up about it. If you do decide to eat, then WW is great for you. SW is also great, depends if you want to stick to certain foods some days and other foods other days..... I overeat so having a pasta day would be a nightmare!!!

Hope this helps....

Candace - I am the same weight as you with a similar goal!!! x


Me on the right! x
Hey Loulabella - good to see people with the same goals as me! I'm only 5ft1.5 so I think I'm still in the obese category with my BMI - how long have you been doing WW now?
** sorry to hijack your thread MooCow! hehe!) **

Hope you enjoy WW MoowCow - after CD it's a godsend... I'd be careful with your points though... people find not eating all of their points has an adverse effect on their weigtloss! Maybe cut back on your points for the first few weeks - esp after having no food on CD - and then slowly up the points until you are comfortable with what you are eating?
Just an idea! ;-) x
Blimey - I've got 10 whole points more than you! It really feels like I have to eat loads everyday - is it ok not to use up the full points everyday?

Could I also ask does the website keep track of how many points you've used everyday? Is it a bit like a sort of a diary? Can you update your details all the time or is it just to use to get information?

Sooooo many questions!


Gonna be skinny!
Yep - sorry for stealing your thread! Ooops.
Started it yesterday after CD and I ate fooooood!!! Woooo!!
I am 5'4 and I think that makes me overweight for my BMI. I was 11.12 at CD weigh in on monday but today on my scales (after a day of WW) I am 11.10 :)
I have a goal of 9 stone by xmas = so I need to lose 1.5lbs a week. I am sure I can manage it with a little hard graft here and there. Maybe I can even get there earlier - would be so nice if I could.
Are you on msn? Maybe we can motivate each other and give each other dinner ideas as we are aiming for similar things?

Louise x


Gonna be skinny!
MooCow - the website keeps track of your weight and has 1000's of food ideas. Being active earns u extra points too!


Me on the right! x
Yeah that would be lovely! Apparently we shouldn't add our msn addresses on a public forum so I'll PM you my address!
I would love to be 9st too but its such a struggle so first goal is 9st 7lb and then take it from there. xx

MooCow - I'm no help on the on-line WW but I think you can record all of your points etc on there as a kind of diary.
I would suggest you have all of your points - but introduce them slowly after doing SS as you'll probably feel a lardy eating soo much but you do need to eat all of your points! Just try having bigger portions and of course exercise is the way forward and you have so much energy with all the food you eat that you might as well use it! :) x


Gonna be skinny!
Ok - can you PM me as I dont know how to lol :( x


Me on the right! x
Lou - it looks like you dont have permissions to receive PMs yet... not sure how you get them?! email is [email protected] anyway! :) xx


Gonna be skinny!
HEY - added you now so maybe you can delete above... :S x


Silver Member
Blimey - I've got 10 whole points more than you! It really feels like I have to eat loads everyday - is it ok not to use up the full points everyday?
No its not, if you dont use all your points you will struggle with the weight loss, it is designed to give you just the right balance of calories for weight loss or else your body will just hold tight to whatever you put in if your not giving it enough.
You really wont struggle for usuing points, treat yourself to a nice chocolate bar or instead of using lean mince use the regular stuff, a glass of wine in the evening or just instead of using the low fat versions of things opt for the regulars until your points drop down :D
Hiya Vodka

Thanks very much for that - but will it really work? It sort of goes against everything I've ever learnt about losing weight.

If it is - I'm going to have a great time! Heheheheh! :D
Moocow, I'm back on the wagon again and it does work. I lost 2.5 stone before having my 2yr old. It's true about not eating too little as you just won't lose the weight. I'm on 26 points and have dropped to 21 for 2 weeks to kick start. Tomorrow I'll go up to 26 or I know I'll not lose anymore.

You can eat loads, if you choose the right stuff. But like Vodka said, have choc if you've got loads left. It's a nice treat and makes you feel like you're not dieting.



Silver Member
It will definatly work if you do ir properly. It does go against the grain i suppose in that nothing is off limits but its about making good choices, for example if i want something really decadent for dinner i have to watche my meals at brekkie and dinner where before the diet i would have done what i liked. Im on 25 points at the moment and so far today have used up 19.5 but i will nibble a bit for the evening so will see them used up


Gonna be skinny!
I want 25 points! 19 is boring :( lol x
I think I should stay well below the points I've been allocated.... it seems far too much to me!
DONT go well below your points, theres no point in you doing WW if you do that. The points are carefully worked out for your age, height, sex, weight, activity level. Are you sure its as high as 29??

IF it is 29 then you really do have to use them all up. If you dont, youll end up gaining weight oddly enough.

Believe me if your allocation is 29 youll be surprised how easy it is to use them up ;)
Hiya Starlight and Wannabe

Thanks very much for all the advice, I'm not too sure when I'm going to start WW just yet, just trying to get as much info about it beforehand.

It'll be really weird eating again after 6 weeks on the Cambridge Sole Source diet, and I'm sure I'll put some weight on before I start losing it with WW.

I'm looking forward to it!!! I'll let you all know when I'm about to start so you can point me in the right direction.

Dan xx

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