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Thinking of starting Slimming world


Slimming for my children
Hi all.
I think SW is the only diet I havent tried yet.

Yesterday was told by docs that me and H2b are obese and that we both need to loose weight ASAP!

So I did WW ages ago when i first moved in with H2b and we did the no count. THis was all well and good but he lost faster than me and i got annoyed so we stopped ahahah! But i want a change. I want a new outlook and i want a new diet.

So Can someone tell me the basics of slimming world.

My daily food is

Porridge with honey and sultanas and canderel.

Lunch can be anything from a sarnie to pasta

WW ready meal (how many syns would these be as we have loads of them left).
Or bologanise, fagitas etc

Can i still do this diet and eat roughly the same?

Also whats the free foods?

I just want to know this is for me and how much is it to join and go per week?

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It would only confuse you if we tried to explain it to you here, MB is right to direct you to the SW site. It is a great diet and easy to do. as for your current diet, some minor adjustments may be required but it looks like the green plan would suit you best if you like a lot of pasta. Welcome to SW x
Hi, I joined a week ago. I paid £50 for 12 weeks of meetings, plus the membership fee, plus it gives you access to their website. It is a *lot* cheaper than WW! The meetings are £4.50 a week I think.

So far to me it seems like a wonderful plan, to the point where I'm not sure it can work because I'm eating such nice stuff. The key changes I've had to make are

eating less cereal : you can have a small amount of cereal each day, either as syns (like points but they are high in syns) or as one of your 4 'healthy extras' - 28g of honey nut shredded wheat for example. This is not a lot of cereal, maybe a 6th of what I would call a normal sized bowl of cereal. This has been a bit of a head-turner for me BUT you can top of the bowl up with as much v. low fat natural yog as you want and fruit of course. I always have honey on my cereal and it is 1 syn per tea spoon I believe. So you can have porridge but not a lot.

I don't know about ready meals but I always found ready meals never filled me up. I like my portions large! SW works on Green or Red days, green you can have as much potato, rice, pasta as you like and red it's as much lean meat like unfatty bacon, chicken without the skin, lean ham etc as you like.

I would say join a class, see how you get on for the first week and then maybe sign up for a countdown course where you are commited to go because you've paid already in advance.

Good luck

Also take a look at the stickys at the top of the thread - one which should be of interest fr new starters is the Questions sticky (cant remember whats its called exactly!) x

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