Thinking of switching back to slimming world....


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I am so frustrated with weight loss!!! I started Slimming World about 18 months ago and lost a stone, then I seemed to get stuck.

After Christmas I joined Weight Watchers to try something different. I've been going for 5 weeks now and lost 4lb, which I can lose in a week at S/W.

I really don't know what to do, do I keep going with Weight Watchers or go back to Slimming World..... it's so annoying!!!! :cry::mad::cry:

Any advice/ words of wisdom?? ..... :wave_cry:
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I think the statistics speak for themselves, if the diet at slimming world works for you then do it - but only if you get on with the diet itself. I could do Rosemary Conleys and lose 4 pounds in a week, then binge and put it on again cos i feel deprived on that diet...
just my thoughts anyway.
all the best with your choice.


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hi Kerry,

Im like you, i have switched between SW and ww plus variouse others.

Im off back to slimming world this week. Im not as hungry on sw. thats whats made my mind up, i hate being hungry and when i get hungry i panic and eat everything and anything i can find. its mad! i know im not going to starve to death and its not like I cant buy food but the feeling of being hungry i really really hate.

I bin with my hubby for 8 years and in that time time i put on just over 8st. i cant keep racking up a st per year.

I wish you luck XxX


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I've just started back on SW after a disasterous few months on WW.. i just could not get on with their new pro points and barely lost 6lbs in just over 2 months!

I did SW about a year ago and had minor success but i wasn't in the right head space to commit to it. I am now in a whole different place and raring to go! Fingers crossed i'll do it this time.

Good luck!


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Hey Kerry

I have never done WW, i think the reason I love SW so much as a diet is that it's not REALLY a diet. I mean, there's rarely much fixation on portion sizes (apart from HEs), the 'syns' are on normal food so you don't have to buy WW products which are quite expensive I think, and i love the free food so much so I find it a struggle on some days to have ANY syns!

Perhaps if you hit a wall with SW again then tell your group leader and see if she has any advice or tips? If you aren't part of a group (like me, I'm a DIY SW'er lol) then I'm sure there are enough lovely people on this site to give you any advice, as I'm sure many people have experienced a similar annoyance when dieting on SW.

Also I totally agree with Tracie, you do need to be in the right frame of mind before dieting. When I first tried SW many many years ago, I was adamant I would use all my syns on the food I missed such as chocolate, pastry, etc. And I didn't really eat much pasta, or any veg and little fruit. It was a disaster and somehow I think I gained a 1lb and thought 'stuff it' i give up. Then moving to Uni, my tastes started to become more varied, I practically get my 5-a-day in one meal sometimes, and i enjoy cooking and discovering new recipes. But i think SW actually HELPED, rather than my new outlook on food helped SW - or perhaps it was a combined effort hehe!

Either way, I'm in the right frame of mind now to go 'i want to lose weight, noone else is gonna do it for me, I want to be *this* size or weigh *this* much, and this is how i'm gonna do it!" - don't get me wrong, I hit a wall 2 weeks ago and went off the ''food'' rails slightly... but now I am back because i realised I'm the only one who can do it!

Good luck with whatever you decide! And congrats on your initial weightloss, that's amazing!!
All the best,
PS. sorry to blab on hehehe


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Hi Kerry, I agree with bugsbunny although I tried diy-ing it but need the threat of an official weigh in to get me back on track after some weekends!
I have done both WW and SW. WW seemed to highlight all of the food I wasn't allowed which made me want them even more. I am back with SW, it feels much more natural and I don't feel so deprived.
The difference this time is that I am making more of an effort and actually doing some exercise which has given me loads more energy and boosts metabolism so I can see the results faster.

Good luck with your journey and well done on your results so far!


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Hi KerryT - I'm in the same situation as you & know exactly what you mean. I've lost 3 stone in the past with SW then stuck. BUT...WW is such an easy plan when using their own branded products so had pursuaded me to switch.

Even though SW requires more preparation it doesn't restrict the amount you eat. I've lost a few pounds on WW in the last 2 months but haven't had long-term motivation due to the small portions and not wanting to learn the new points system.

I hope you are able to find some recipes for at least the first week on SW to build the motivation & confidence to stick with it :) Hopefully starting again with a fresh approach will work-that's what I'm hoping for myself too.