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thinking of switching to Weightwatchers

don't do it i've done WW 3 times , yes it works but long term , no .........you have to do it for life

i'm the same as you , not losing , but stick with it , we will get there

and keep asking for advice on here , they are proof it works
its very hard to maintain on WW , believe me i tried 3 times ,got to goal then struggled , having to count points is a life time thing or you will gain , and every time i went back i seen the same old faces trying as well
I am so so so confused! I never lost a lot with Atkins from the beginning and I hate meat and eggs so I was really putting a lot of effort into it...but to lose less than 1 pound per week and to actually gain when I have already been cutting out so many things already is just so depressing....I am so upset I don't want to be fat anymore
There are LOADS of diets out there - the trick is finding the perfect one for you. It may be Atkins, it may not be. It may be WW it may not be. BUT if Atkins isnt working for you, and its getting you so down then maybe it IS time to look at something else.

Dont be put off a diet because of the thought of maintenance - that for a lot of us is still a long way away.

Apart from obviously the weight loss aspect ;) What things do you want/need in a diet?? That goes a long long way towards finding the right one for you.

You might find changing is just what your metabolism needs, OR it might just reinforce that actually Atkins is for you :) I hit a slump last year for personal reasons and decided to try SW - did it a few months, hated it, lost almost nothing BUT on the plus side it made me realise WW is the right diet for me, and got me totally back on track :)
What starlight says is right, its about finding the right diet for you. I've switch from a VLCD and although I will lose slower I'm much happier and not constantly consumed by thoughts of food (more so than not being on a diet)
Whatever you choose, good luck....we will all succeed in the end ;)
I don't know guys. I tried weightwatchers bfore but wasn't in the right mindset I always said I would enjoy myself and start tomorrow. That went on for ages. I do like the flexibility of eating whatever you want and as I have a sweet tooth it may be good. I might try it for a week and see I am so sick of the weight! I just want to get it off


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I apologise if this has been covered before, but I've just noticed your height. If that's correct, then I can understand why it's so difficult for you to lose weight...on any diet. Not saying it's impossible mind you, but it seems to me that you are going need to be very patient. Annoying eh.

You say you love Atkins. You are losing on it, albeit slowly. Is there any way you'd be comfortable with just settling into it, enjoying it and letting the slow weight loss be the icing on the cake?

And maybe there needs to be a little eye on the calories considering your BMR will be relatively low? Just an awareness of them?

I know atkins folk don't count calories usually, but possibly you might need to give them some thought considering your height.

What do others think? Or has this ground already been covered:eek:
I agree with everything KD said. I am not overly tall and I have never had what one might call a 'fast metabolism'. Low carbing has helped me to lose ten stones and keep them off. The last few pounds are determined to cling to me but they, too, will go eventually.

I follow Vegetarian Atkins and I most certainly DO have to consider calories. I don't count them obsessively but I keep an eye on them, as my body cannot tolerate large amounts of food and still lose weight. Much of this is just common sense. The more weight we have to lose, at the very beginning, the more we can eat, but this early loss quickly slows as it does on any 'diet'. It is unreasonable to think you can eat 2,000 to 3,000 calories every day and have weight simply fall off. The human body doesn't work that way. Not unless one is a marathon runner or is working out for hours and hours daily. Or digs ditches for a living! Men, of course, have always been able to eat more than women and still lose faster. That may seem unfair but it's just how it is. They can eat lots more when maintaining, too!

I am thrilled with my weight loss. I regard myself as a 'success story'. Jim here has lost even more than I and is maintaining comfortably! However this does not mean that it was always easy and plain sailing. I have had several long stalls and indeed am in the middle of another one right now. I haven't lost weight since January. But I am eating well and healthily and despite one or two slips I am still on plan. I hope to get to goal and stay there, indefinitely. Only Atkins can promise me such a long term result. If I do my part the plan will do the rest.

To those who dream of fast losses I can only say, they are usually achieved by severely limiting calorie intake. I've been there. I used to starve and yes I did get very thin but I couldn't keep the weight off and I was very weak and unhealthy. Now I eat good natural food in moderate amounts, adjusting as I go, adding new foods and subtracting others that seem to affect me badly. This is a very individual way of eating.

We all yearn to lose weight as quickly as possible and that is not always the best way, far less the way we can stick to, longer term. Impatience and disappointment can sabotage you before you even get properly into your new way of eating.

Love and luck to you in whatever you decide to do now but at least think it over. This is a good way to live, not just to diet.
sorry guys I am actually 5 foot 4 :p the thing is wrong! I need to change it. And I have also been counting the calories I eat and it was usually around the 1200-1300 mark. I think I may swap for a week and see...
Ah but 1200 may be too LOW. The amount advised is 1500-1800 according to height and lifestyle. Many people find it hard to believe that you can lose less because you eat too little but it is true, particularly on Atkins.

This is one diet where we need to eat. And keep fat levels up, too. Make sure you weren't suffering accidental carb creep, as that is so easy to do. Weigh and measure everything for a week before you switch cos, once you go to WW and increase carbs, you will have to suffer to get back in ketosis if you decide to do Atkins again!

For me carbs = hunger. Dunno why but I simply accept this now.

All the best hun x
Hi hun, disregarding the weight loss, how do you FEEL on the Atkins? I have done WW manytimes and I don't dispute that there are people who maintain but I was never one of them! Compared to WW, I feel fab on this diet, which has led me to the conclusion that carbs just don't agree with me. I know your weight loss is slow but I think how you feel is equally as important. I didn't lose the first week at all but there are others on here losing up to 12lbs! But I felt so much better that I have decided to stay and lose slower if that is how it is meant to be for me!

Keep your chin up hunni and I hope you are happy with whatever you decide xx


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lol coco a bit of a difference in your real height then. are you poting your menus on here so we can have a look see where you may be going wrong?

Ive done ww and lost a lot of weight, but obv didnt maintain cos im doing this now. Ive decided on atkins for life for me now. ive tried sw too but way too many carbs for me.
good luck whatever you decide xxx
Do you guys mind me asking how the weight crept back on? Do you think is was because you were overeating or do you think it is WW fault. I didn't feel too great on Atkins to be honest but I kept going as weight loss is really important to me. I don't care if I feel crap or not I just care about losing the weight.
Do you guys mind me asking how the weight crept back on? Do you think is was because you were overeating or do you think it is WW fault. I didn't feel too great on Atkins to be honest but I kept going as weight loss is really important to me. I don't care if I feel crap or not I just care about losing the weight.
Weight going back on isnt the fault of a diet - any diet. I know of plenty people on WW who have lost and are now very successfully maintaining using WW principles but not necessarily counting points all the time.

If anyone loses weight successfully on any diet and the weight goes back on its down to them reverting to bad habits its not down to the diet.


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Personally i think differant diets suit different people.
I for one am not tolerant of anything starchy. I just blow up like a bouncing castle. :)
Others are intolerant of milk, eggs etc.
No matter how good you are on your diet of choice, if you eat the foods which are wrong for you, you're at nothing.
Which is why i am here. Just my 2cents. Hope i'm of some help pet.


Loves this site!
Hun I really hope you can find the right diet for you. Atkins will only work if you count your carbs. Ive been stalling and have lost nothing more than 1lb for about 3wks now. Im thinking its due to not eating enough as i rarely feel hungry. I hope you stay with us but if you dont be sure to pop in and let us know how your getting on. Good luck. xx

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