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Thinking of switching


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Hi there,
I can only speak for myself but I cannot say enough good about propoints. I thinks its the best plan ever and so easy to follow. Ive never felt hungry, still have a nights drinkings and lose every week when im on plan. I think the negativity is just folks used to the old way and finding the change hard. If you have any questions just give me a shout. Good luck :D


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Hi Helen, I have just joined ww on monday! I can only give my personal opinion but I have tried sw on and off this year.. suppose mind hasn't really been on it properly but I never managed to ever get half stone award and when i strayed from diet... boy did I put weight on fast! :-:)eek: anyways I stopped going a month or so ago and managed to put a stone on :,-:)mad: and absolutely gutted! now I have had a long hard think about why this may happen and my assumption is that... I have a weight problem due to wrong portion sizes and SW do nothing to address this, also it is virtually fat free. therefore when you stray from the diet... you continue to eat the portion sizes and any fat... sticks as your body not been used to it! I was fed up of SW consultant ripping into weight watchers saying things like "why be starving when you can eat as much as you want on this diet" Yes you can eat as much as you want... but if we all admit thats why we are dieting? right? So after looking into diets and beleive me I have done a few :-s I believed weight watchers would be the one to address the amount of food and the type of food! Also I feel it fits in so much better with every day life! I really dont think SW does (in my opinion and my life) I like the fact that I can have wine if I want it and a takeaway and it wont throw me off track! On slimming world I saved my sins up for weekend but it really affected weight loss :-( Dont get me wrong I love cooking and thats why I chose SW in first instance but been on WW a few days and it fits in the same...just smaller portions and if we are all honest the only way to reduce weight is to reduce are intake. I for one wont be going back to SW, i personally believe if you do that diet you have to do it for life! at least with WW you do reduce your portion size so surely weight gain is reduced???

sorry for long post but just giving my opinion :) :)hope it helps x


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Well I'm into my 5th week now and I've lost every week. Like Gdundalk I've never felt hungry. I feel like it's a better fit with "reality"!! and will be easier to follow over the long haul, which I'm in for. I want to lose gradually so it will stay off.


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I've done SW on and off for 10 yrs and was seduced over to WW by an online offer. ;) I've been doing it for 3 wks and have lost 5.5lbs (2 weigh ins) - I tend to lose a little slower on SW so very happy with that.

I'm loving the food. Yes there are smaller portions of meat/carbs but I bulk out with veggies and have felt much more relaxed about what I am eating. If I really want a treat I can have it by using my daily points or some weeklies. I often had the feeling on SW that couldn't have certain foods unless I was going off plan and then I would go waaaaay off plan and gain lots of lbs.I even had some KFC last week and just had some within my points, enjoyed it and that was it. I'd have seen that as bad before and totally gone off the rails.

I'm surprised by how much I am enjoying it actually. I've been a huge fan of SW for so long and never fancied WW but propoints really is v good :)

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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well i love new propoints, i didnt like the old plan,(wont go into it) i feel that it is a way of eating and dont look at it as dieting, i just love fruit and veg so being able to eat it and most is 0pp is great, like others havnt once been hungry :D. some feel its complicated but i havnt found that to be, are you going to go to a meeting or join on line? any problems write it down on here there will be plenty of us who will help you :D let us know ;)
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i've nothing bad to say about it, its a diet that you could stay on for the rest of you're life and thats what i intend to do.

i've not put any weight on with it, i'v stayed the same 3 times,once my own fault, the other 2 i'm thinking it's medication problems.
i didn't like sw at all, they were constantly having a go at ww at that meeting too. i was sat with a plate full of food as big as my husbands and thought this isn't right, in my opinion sw teaches you nothing about real life.


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I agree with everyone above - PP is a great attitude to eating and lets you eat what you want within a reasonable limit. It's a great system, encourages healthy eating but by no means stops you eating what you want!

I felt the same with SW - the moment the C found out I was an ex WW, she ripped into the diet, giving it the whole "restriction/starving" line.. that no-one loses because they get bored of being hungry. It's rubbish! You only go hungry if you are silly with your points! And SW just didn't account for days out, quick food and just pure laziness..for me, that means one thing. PIZZA!!!!

Like all healthy eating plans/diets, it just doesn't suit some people, and that's probably the negativity you're reading. It doesn't suit me, but I believe that's down to health issues at the minute. I will be going back to PP once I'm fixed.

HTH xx
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I'm just into my 2nd week with ww after doing 7/8 months with sw - ok, so I did lose nearly 3 stone with sw but found it hard going, and as soon as I came off sw I was amazed that by eating 'normal' food I put 8lbs back on in about a month. Some of the SW recipes are really tasty - but I found the whole thing restrictive - especially if my hubby & kids wanted kfc or pizza - kind of left me stuck lol with WW I've found so far that I'm eating loads, never feel hungry and am really enjoying my food - ok so I only had 1/2 lb loss for first week but think its because I didn't use all my points on some days - and also the wonderful(!!) totm! :cry:


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I would just like to say that I have always been a fan of WW and, in my opinion, ProPoints is an even better version. I have never been hugely overweight - always had around a stone to lose. The ProPoints plan is excellent. I can eat normal food and having the weeklies is brilliant as I like to have one takeaway or meal out at weekends and can easily do this with the 49 points. I have consistently lost - except the weekend I came off plan completely for my 1st wedding anniversary but then I got back on the horse and lost 3lb.

I really can't recommend it enough. I know I am one of those people whose weight will always fluctuate so I intend to keep going to class regularly when I am a gold member. The sad thing is - I almost enjoy it as it feels like I am more in control.

Hope that helps x


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i agree with everything you say i was at sw for 2yrs and lost 21lbs putting 7lbs of that back on the last 6 months in which was constant on, off, on, until i had had enough of paying £5.00 a week for nothing. i left and had my first weigh in at ww and lost 3.5lbs now i will never look back cuz i love the new plan x


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I have never been a member of any slimming clubs till I joined ww. I have weighed in twice with first week 4lbs loss and second 2lbs and that was during TOTM! I love having the option of zero point fruit and veg and find the plan easy to stick. It does involve some weighing out which I find no issue at all with as I always usually weigh my food when dieting and long run teaches you portion control!

I can only say for myself personally but I am loving the pro points plan and can't wait to lose the lbs which have been getting me down for so long!


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I went as Best had a Free joining offer (valid until Sunday!!) and made sure I got all the information as I was "thinking" of joining - well after realising that everything would fit in with my hectic lifestyle better and being stuck on SW and maintaining or gaining/losing/gaining/losing without any idea why and I couldnt have a takeout with my OH if I wanted one unless it was Weigh In Night - i decided...im gonna go along with WW this week! :) Just posted my newbie thread x


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You'll find a lot of people that arent losing are either

1, not exercising at all
2, not counting strictly enough/not counting correctly
3, not eating their points or
4, on a plateau from being on a diet for a long time and in need of a diet shake up

Its a very good diet, and like lucylis said, it teaches good portion control, sadly what a lot of us need!!! I was on sw and found myself eating for the sake of it. And I don't feel deprived on ww at all.

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