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Third Time Lucky...

Hiya, Newbie here!
This is my third attempt at WW, in the past year and i just can't get motivated!
I have 2 stone to lose and would like most of that to be gone by September.
I just can't stay on track, have missed my last 2 weigh ins.
Am on quite a few points a day but i always seem to go over them,
Any tips for cravings?
Thank You!!
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honey try the following...1. i always plan the day before what im gonna eat the following day and stick it to the fridge.also work backwards so plan ure evening meal first and wrk back to breakfast.it really helps because then ure mind is not focused "on what can i eat" i always save 5 points for treats during the day such as crumpets topped with banana and peanut butter..or fun sized chocolate..so that i dnt feel like im missing out!!!!!
Hey Lou-xo, you and I are looking to lose the same amount by the same date...but which of us is the evil twin?! ;) I'm sure it must be you because not only one 'treat' has passed my lips all week (ww mousse 2pts- yum) ;) (halo)
So for cravings the best thing I have found is prevention is better than a cure- get a good breakfast in that will fill you up for a good long time and it sets you up nicely for the day :)
I have Oasto Simple and blueberries, sounds not great but it tastes yum! I like to have my 'big' food nearer to the evening because that's when I get really hungry! Those little mousses are yummy and you can throw in a few berries for an extra bite! Just try and stick it out x WW biccies with tea are nice too for evening...as long as you stick to your portion! :)
And if you really get tempted just come on here and look at some diaries or check out the gallery for inspiration...we can do this! We have good time before September and we can definitely do this x
Thank You! Well done for having no treats!
Well, i'm going to go out and buy some Oatso Simple and some ww mousses now!
Thanks for your encouragement, i really appreciate it!
Good Luck!!
Louxo xx
I've just started this week so I wouldn't be great on the advice but just wanted to say Good Luck xxx
Well, It's been okay actually thanks!
I managed to stay just under my points and went for a 3 mile walk earlier.
I think i'm going to do it this time!!
Thank you!
Well, i got weighed last night, and seeing as though i haven't been to ww for 3 weeks, i only put on 2lbs. Now i can get really focused and back into it properly!


Big Fat Loser ;-)
Hi Lou! Hope your doing well. Wow a 3 mile walk....just the thought of it is making me tired haha. Im sure you'll do really well. Im sure your probs feeling the same as me ie getting as much support as possible, this forum is great for that.....we are all here for each other.

Where i have failed in the past is by saying 'oh i need to lose 3st' and the thought of having to lose that much seems impossible, so this time round I have decided not to set a target as such, but just take each week how it comes. I think thats what making me feel so positive.

You can do it honey! :D xxxxx

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