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Step 1 Sole Source THIRD WEIGH IN :)

S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Third weigh in and I have lost 5lb! Mega chuffed as I expected in to be more two or three lb going in to the third week, but 20lb in 21 days is just great :)

Any one else become impatient on this diet so early on!? Lol! Im finding that I am more and more anxious to be slim again as each day goes by! I didnt gain the weight over night and know I won't lose it that quick either, but I'm just so blooming anxious now! X

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Wow thats amazing well done. I think I done the same in 3 weeks or 1lb less I lose track:)) im into my week 7 now. I to have never stuck to a diet before not like this one. Im just worried about the weight creeping back on, I feel so much better in myself its great.
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Thank you Lin :)

It is annoying, isn't it! But then ypu think after it's silly because we won't lose the amount of weight on many other diets as fast as Cambridge.... Never happy! Lol :) how long have you been doing it now? X

Claire, wow! 7 weeks... Has it flown by!? What is your total loss so far then? I love hearing peoples weight loss's! Know their is no guide line as everyones bodies are different, but there's always the hope that we will do as well as we want to! Lol!

I think worrying about regaining is always in our heads from the first loss....probably because it really is a drastic diet plan, worth it, but after all the hard work that we do put in, to think of ending up overweight again is quite daunting! The way I see it is that when this diet is done and its then all down to the maintaining, will we really ever want to slog it out again and end up back where we started!? And if we do gain a few lbs, which im pretty sure everyone does at some point, its much easier to lose a few lb than it is stones if its caught at the right time!
I know many people have done this diet And then returned for one reason or another, whether it be bad eating again, pregnancy or other reasons, Im also guessing it is rather easy to fall back in to a trap, but on the other hand there are many people who have maintained their goal weight for months and even years.... I guess we will all find put when we get to the goal weight we want to be.... But in the mean time we can just stay positive and focus on one thing at a time.... And think of how well you have done already, i bet 7 weeks ago you didn't think you would be the weight you are today! Pat yourself on the back gor bow and cross the maintaining bridge when it pops up :) x

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I too love reading peoples successes and struggles, its good we can all support each other. I cant actually believe im onto my 7th week it has flown by, the 1st week seems many, many weeks ago. I have now lost 30lbs, which was in 5 weeks:)) I did stay the same my 6th week due to not keeping up my water and drinking green tea with lemon which I didnt realise was a no go zone! I weigh on thursday and im 4lbs down so making up for last week. The inch lost is amazing, are ur inches coming off quick? Mines all waist, hips and bust. Arms and thighs r changing a great deal. Im sure, well I hope it makes us choose the right foods in the future. My start weight was 15.9, my target is 9 1/2 - 10 stone, what was ur starting weight? All the people who know im doing the diet can notice loads, but its funny the people who dont know have yet to comment.
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
30lb! Wow! That is fab... Bet youre buzzing!
I'd like to get to 10 stone ideally, maybe 10.7. I was 'happiest' at 10 stone before!
I started at 15,1lb

The only real noticiable difference so far is to my fat around my sides, which started shrinking quite quickly, along with my face - my face is always the place I gain and lose weight from first oddly!

Its strange how some notice and some don't... Is it people who you see every day that haven't noticed!? Ive found that if I have bumped into someone I havent seen someone for a while they've noticed alot more instead of someone you see every day!? Weird mind! There is that old thing where people who know youre dieting often feel like they need to say "youve lost weight" to be polite! My mum experienced that alot with weight watchers... Even if she only lost 1lb in that week! Lol! The only difference is You HAVE lost weight! Lots of it too!!!!!

I don't know my measurements as i told my cdc that i didn't want to know until I am four weeks in! Lol! I don't want to be disappointed, so by waiting a month I will (hopefully) have a bog shock! Lol! That being said I have pretty much dropped a dress size from a tight size 16 to a 14 already, so im happy with that! Just want the rest of the fat to hurry up and goooooooooo! What jean size did you start/are you now? 30lb is amazing in that short time!!!! X

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Im really pleased, I couldn't of done it with any other diet. I was really happy at 10 stone b4, that is my ideal weight I still have all my clothes. Its mainly people I see everyday at work that havent noticed, but I can notice myself loads its amazing. My CDC said people were jealous of her weight loss and didnt comment or her but did her husband who was also loosing weight. I was also a very tight 16, I was creeping into the18`s as well. Im now in 14`s but im always pulling up my trousers they r looking rather baggy too. Im tempted to try a 12 soon. Have u done this diet b4, its my first time:)
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Good... You should definitely be pleased! :)
Your Cdc is probably right tbh, unfortunately we do live in a world like that! But let the jealous people stay jealous, at the end of the day we all come across jealousy at some point and with this diet, I can understand it especially! Especially if it's from someone who wants to lose a few lbs themself! Which is most of the female population! It's ironic really, when I was 10 stone All though I was happy, I still thought I was fat and wanted to lose weight, even when I was buying size ten clothes and at 5ft 9, I looked smaller, nobody used to believe I weighed ten stone then, so body issues Ive always had lurking in the background.... Thats common though, its a girl thing! Only difference is that I now DO need to lose weight! Lol!
Size 12's! Imagine that.... How long since you were able to go and buy that size!? Its incredible what you have acheived and what this diet can acheive! Excitinggg! And it's even more exciting that we started at similar weights and Ive lost similar weight so far to what you did in your first 3 weeks! Hope I can get in to the nearly 12's like you! :)
What was your measurements before you started?
Yes, my first time too,... Quite possibly the best decision I have ever made! Bet everyone who does this diet would say the same!
I read a story from the Daily Male yesterday, one lady has lost 17 stone!!! From a dress size 32 to a 10 in 12 months on this diet and looks incredible! X

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Yes it's all very exciting and I know I will reach my target doing this diet. Haven't been in size 12's for a very long time. I just got comfy with how I was. But then thought if I dont do this im just going to get bigger..... it knocked my confidence putting on that weight, im getting that bk now:))

I am shorter at 5ft 3, so 9 and a half wud be excellent to get to but my aim is 10.

My bmi was 39, its now 32:)) I cant believe my waist was 45 inches and it shocks me when I get the tape measure out lol ive now lost 10inches off my waist, its great.

When is ur next weigh in? mines thursday I do get excited and nervous at the same time lol these forums really help:)
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Thats got to be the best bit about this fiet - the confidence back! I know the health aspct is the biggest, but I think more about how Im going to feel slim again than how healthy Im going to be! Lol!
A though we are different heights, my waist was 44, so only an inch difference! I always said I would find out my inch loss a month in, so I find that out on Monday! :)

10 inches from your waist!!!! Oh my god! That is blooming amazing!!!!

I know what you mean about being anxious in a good way, but scared at the same time about weighing in! I was worried about that last week especially, as i had teo great loss' and expected it to slow down and all thpugh any loss is great, I dread losing just 1lb or something! Buy we're losing lots of weight in the long run, so got to think of the bigger picture! :)

How much water do you manage to drink!? Its a challenge! I the three litres a day, but most just manage 2.5.... Its so boring! Lol!
This site is great, isnt it! Everyone is so supportive its crazy!

Even im excited to hear how much you lose Thursday! :) eeeeeee! X

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I bet u cant wait for ur next weigh in, I think ur inches will be a shock:)) I will let u know how I can on, on Thursday:)

I manage lots of water when im at work, as its there in front of me on my desk, I do lack a bit when I get home but drink green tea, do u drink any hot drinks??? im bored of green tea now lol. I haven't tried the water flavourings yet.

I have bars and shakes, cant stomach the porridge or soups anymore, what do u have:)
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Ive tried green tea before, but it had loads of fresh lemon in, so as that is a no no, don't think I could stomach it! Lol!
I don't drink hot drinks in general unless Im feeling poorly! So I am just drinking water! And a can of coke zero a day... I know most people, along with my CDC say that you cant have them, but I have drank it since day one and it hasnt effected ketosis, or my loss amounts, so I'm doing it anyway! Otherwise, its just a mix between the choc or choc mint shakes, chicken and mushroom soups, sweet chilli soups and the tetra brick in chocolate. The way I see it is it's better to drink a can of zero drink instead of some awful food that is going to knock ketosis out and ruin the progress.
Everyone has little bits that get them through and for me, that is mine! Lol!

I did try the orange water flavouring, but in my opinion it tasted like sherbert! Obviously it wasnt! Lol! It just has a incredibly sweet 'taste' to it.... realltdidn't like that at all... But i know some people do, so you may well get on with it! :) if you get bored of the water, give it a go, or the berry one... That being said, youve already done the hardest bit without it. :)

When are you thinking of going up a step then? Do you have a rough weight in your head as a time to go up? X

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OMG I love coke, I was drinking diet coke everyday until I started this diet. That was the hardest thing for me giving up coke:( I have also thought about having coke zero but there have been mixed reviews on it and I haven't asked my CDC about it... so I decided not to.

Im going to go for the max12 weeks on sole source then move up a step. Im not really missing dinners:) will u stay on sole source?

Im going to be cheeky and ask ur age lol, im 30 next month and would love to knock another stone off by then:) have u had any nights off? I know people do, that will be my one and only lol

Well its weigh day for me tomorrow....
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Exactly... If youre happy doing it without, I would say dont drink it! Lol!
I started from day one, the minute i think its having an adverse effect or it's slowing weight loss down i'll give it up.... But i do love it! Lol!
Im 28, will be 29 in a few weeks! I havent had any cheats or planned breaks on this, but it has only been 3 weeks! Lol!
The Big three zero! That one is definitely worth having a little break for! Youre only 30 once... Cliche! Lol!

What time do you weigh!? Will keep an eye out for your update! So hope it goes well for you! Im sure it will... Been amazing losses so far! :) x

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Yea the big 30 in a few weeks, similar birthdays to? lol. I think I will just have the 1 night off, but I feel guily doing it I haven't had one since I started tho. But I hear off all these breaks and some people put on a bit, dont think I wud go silly:))

I weigh late, 8.30pm. Is urs a late weigh in? I will be happy with anything over 4lbs, it has to slow down surely at some point, but some people do continue throughout having great losses.

Ur doing well and like u say if the coke zero isnt affecting you, no point stopping:)
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Mines the tenth, whens yours!? Lol!

Your loss so far has been amazing, so bet youre one of those that is consistant in losing similar amounts! Fingers crossed! But they all add up regardless! :)

My weigh in time varies, depends on what's happening at work, more to the point, how lazy I was with paperwork on a Friday! Lol! X

Extra extra good luck for tomorrow. Exciting! Will look out for your latest loss.... ANOTHER week down, another step closer! :) X

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Mines the 11th:))

Oh my times r exactly the same each week which is quite handy lol.

Thanks, I will let u know how I get on and good luck for ur weigh in on monday, cant wait to hear on ur inches its all too exciting lol
S: 15st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.48%)
Wow!!!! Thats so impressive for so far in! Youre gonna have to go shopping for tgose size 12's now!! Well done chic! :):):):):) X

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