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Daily diary

yesterday was day 1 on Lipotrim tfr after a break of around 5 years!

Needless to say, all the weight has returned, but slowly, and not too bad. This time last year, I was in the gym every day, running 3 x per week on the treadmill and toning on another three, playing tennis on the last day - sometimes even more than that.

Now, I'm struggling to get off the couch! I think I was just doing too much, and crashed. I needed iron supplements and B12 supplements, and have been eating such a load of junk that I've put the last two stone on really quickly and shocked even myself. I can barely walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.☹️

My plan is to stay on Lipotrim for as long as I can stand to, and then follow it with maybe Atkins as I can stay in Ketosis or Slimming World where I weigh in each week and am held accountable.

Anyway, day 1 (1.09.17)
At work, so made up the first shake and drank it on the way in, and had the second when I got home at around 5.30. I drank a lot of water, black coffee and didn't have the third shake because I went to bed early instead! Not a great start!!!

Almost forgot not to eat a doughnut from the table in work . . . Just shows how mindless my eating has become! But remembered just in time I wasn't hungry at all, but my habit of simply eating for no reason is out of control!

Hopefully Lipotrim will curb that, even if it's just for a few days (although I hope a few weeks).

Going away on 19th to France for 5 days, and don't realistically feel that I can carry on with this (as a house guest!!) but didn't want to wait until I got back and waste the two and a half weeks before I go.
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Day 2 (2/9/17)

Really wanted to eat today . . . The kids muffins, the spaghetti and meatballs I cooked for tea or even a grape! It took me all my willpower to resist.

Not because I was hungry in any way, but because I'm in the habit of just having anything whenever I want it.

but so far so good, and hopefully on my way to making new habits.
Eating does become quite a habit, doesn't it? Good on you for resisting, though.

Enjoy France - I agree that a food replacement diet wouldn't be the easiest (or politest) to follow as a house guest!
day 3 (3/9/17 - yesterday)
Felt fine today, not hungry at all but still wanted to grab food and eat it! :eatdrink023:all of it!!!

Went swimming with little one (which means not very much actual swimming!) in the morning and then had an easy day.:snoopyhouse: which was a lovely change.
Quite looking forward to getting back to the gym, :whacky068:but waiting until this is in my system for a bit first or else I'll be exhausted.:character00116:

I keep getting aches and pains - not sure if they are Lipotrim related or not, but not so bad that I can't live with them! :) (probably lazy-itus)

I can't believe how much I've let myself go (again) and how unfit I've become:( but onwards and upwards - just need to keep reminding myself of this when I feel like stopping.
Eating does become quite a habit, doesn't it? Good on you for resisting, though.

Enjoy France - I agree that a food replacement diet wouldn't be the easiest (or politest) to follow as a house guest!
hi Loz1986 :) yes, and a very difficult habit to break!! thanks for your comments
Hey here to support. How are you feeling? Xx
thanks Cynicalgirl, appreciate the support. So far so good! keeping up and still not feeling a bit hungry:) getting used to black coffee (although if I have a vanilla milkshake, I have put a bit into the coffee - doesn't quite work with the strawberry one though :oops:) and plain water instead of juice but it doesn't go down as well!!
day 4 (04/09/17)

had far less desire to eat today, didn't feel tempted at all - bit easier back in work with only other people's food in the fridge :eatdrink051: just the tea time at home to get through.

didn't have the first shake until lunch time (1ish), and then my second when I got home at 5.45. This left me still with one to go which I had when the others were eating at 7.30 ish (others normally don't eat that late but a busy day!) which meant I could sit at the table with them. Will try to do that again as it felt better.
hey, found your diary.

Just wanted to pop by and say good luck. Well done for getting to day 4! I think once the first week is done, VLCD get more manageable. I've never managed more than 3 days, so sending you lots of encouraging thoughts.
If you find though that food replacement is not for you, its fine to try something else. Don't pack in the weight loss attempt entirely, just pick another option.
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Thanks Buffy, and I agree with you, from past attempts, I know I can't stay on Lipotrim for too long, but rather than think it's this or nothing, I have the mentality of this to start me off, and then move onto something else when I can. Your diary has motivated me to try Atkins, especially when I saw some of your menus they look great. - I'm not sure I could calorie count and still lose successfully though . . . But we'll see. Thanks for popping on and your encouragement, I certainly need it, and thanks for keeping your diary, it's motivating and inspirational xx
Day 5 (5/9/17)
Nothing to report, stuck to the shakes and had plenty to drink - finding just a mug of hot water rather than coffee is easier to drink and preferable ;)

The need to eat today was minimal, and managed to cook tea for everyone else without even being tempted:eek: (which is a first!)

Still found myself looking in the fridge before bed tho - no idea why, but I took nothing out so bonus! (Downside of keeping away from the fridge was I ran out of milk and didn't know it :D:D but as I can't have it, didn't really care too much:rolleyes: this diet might make me unpopular with partner and kids when they get dry cereal for breakfast !!!
Er..... well ....... took day off work as partners birthday and was forced to go to ikea (his idea of a birthday treat???!) Spent a fortune on things I didn't want I mean things I really need, and was as good as gold. Got back and picked up kids, and he chose KFC for his tea (his birthday, his choice)! And I don't even like it that much, but before it had been in the house for 10 minutes, I has 'accidentally' eaten three pieces of boneless chicken!

And I get weighed tomorrow

I wanted to be disappointed with myself, but wasn't !

It was delicious

But glad I didn't throw in the towel completely and start on the chips and cakes. Felt strangely full and still am after 4 hours!
Thanks for asking!

How did you do? xx
day 7 (07/09/17 WI)

After yesterday's 'KFC blip', I weighed in for my first week today, and have lost 8lbs :):):):):):):):)

Hopefully this will help keep me on track for another week!
Well after 2 weeks and 12lbs off, I have started eating healthily, and hope that the Lipotrim shock has helped me steer clear of the bad habits I had come to see as the norm.

So now for healthy diet,and counting calories, and exercising.

I joined a new gym and have started an every other day regime, with the c25k followed by sauna and hydropool - so far so good, week 1 down and week 2 run 1 starts today. My biggest worry is that I will start to feel hungry so overeat ...but if I watch for it, hopefully I will be aware enough not to do it!

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