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this is more for myself

as the title suggests this is kind of for me. for me to rant and rave and complain, and really clear out my head, BUT its here so read away

i went on SS 2 years and 5 months ago. lost 3 stone. i kept the weight of until i was in a accident, stopped going gym was off work so start eating and well here i am, 2 stone back on me.

so what’s going on now... well i been messing about with ss for 4 months now, with spats of going gym healthy eating and well not loosening any weight!

Its getting very frustrating. I’m going to the states in 26 days… to a wedding that was my goal 5 months ago when I got back on SS. And yet I have lost nothing. Part of me is thinking well forget, just try again when u get back. And the other is thinking just do 3 weeks, its something at least.

SOOOO I’m going for it [again] on Monday. Im kinda trying to motivate myself. Get ready for Sunday. Get ready for the negative thoughts that will go on in my head next week. So I guess the plan is to write and use this site when I get weak.

Yes im scared
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hi hun,
3 weeks is enough time to get a good loss before you go. go for it ! we'll all be here to listen when it gets tough, but is you have done cd before then you know it will be worth it and you will feel proud in a few weeks when you have shifted some weight.
good luck


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You could probably lose a stone or more in 26 days, over halfway there! Go for it! :)
Hi Preetone :wavey:

Your post could almost have been written by me :sigh:

Anyway i won't go into details just wanted to offer my support as i to have 3 weeks to get my head back into SS for a hospital appointment!

So if you need a buddy for the hard times PM me :)

Other wise as dani has said we will all be here listening and above all understanding xx
thanks folks, i was thinking ppl mite ignore my post. dont know why. oh well . so yeah. im doing it. going to to talk to bf tonight.

he is the one that has 'reminded' me that i was meant to be working towards my goal in 3 weeks.

he wants me to loose weight, and thats another reason to do it. altho i know how that mite sound. sometimes i get upset about my weight and he tells me to quit, forget the diet im perfect how i am. he just encourages me cos he knows thats what i want. but i still really want to do it for him to. i want to look nice for him. i want to feel comfortable when we go out with his mates, as at the moment i just think 'oh no what do they think of me, i know they think im fat' yep, i worry about his mates, or new ppls i meet thinking im fat. shesh. why do i care. i know i shouldnt. but i do
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You shouldn't but you do.......your female ;)

I for one still do that even as i'm married but i still worry about what DH friends think.

Oh and that person walking down the other side of the road, or maybe that IS just me :eek:
just realised what a stressful time its going to be at work next week, and adding in SS to the mix. oh dear. set to be alot of tears b4 bedtime i think. think i need to warn bf :S

and today realsied how much tea i drink... how am i going to cope with out my cup of tea? seriously starting to worry that it might be my down fall... hmmm well if im already thinking about failing that aint good. so snap out of it, ill be fine!


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Come preetone you can do this. 3 weeks and at least a stone off. Think how much better youll feel and how glam you will look in the USA. You can do this.


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three weeks is loads of time in ss. loads of time to lose loads of weight. if this is what you really want then really go for it honey!! you will feel so much better about yourself when you are half way there. just think HALF WAY THERE. and it's achievable in a few short weeks. and once you are back from the states you can work to be at goal by christmas!!

abz xx
thanks for the encouragement. really nice of you all.

so today i went out and bought suit for my stressful day at work, was a bit of a stress... being with bf, having to pick up a big size infront of him, and i told him what i was thinking and he said ur an ejit, a sexy , beautiful, ejit, but u are a ejit' that cheered me up. and i had my final meal before my big restart 2moro. i was good tho, have a chicken ceaser salad wrap. good eh! not like last time i did it, ate everything i could the day before, im sure it makes u feel worse...

of so any first day tips?