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This is really hard......

Hi All,

I am on day one of Lipotrim and I am really hungry, and feeling a bit depressed actually.

No one I know in real life understands what I am doing (I havn't even told anyone) so I am looking for some words of help....

All you guys who have done this for weeks/months are amazing!

Please tell me this gets easier


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Hi Willow,

I am on day 4 now but like you struggled on day one. Do not worry i felt much better on day 2 and still feel good but hungry.

It will be soooo worth it when you acheive your goal so dont be too down hearted. I come on here every evening just to keep inspired.

Chin up!!!!
Thank you god I feel like such a fatty not even being able to go a day.....I am going to stick to this though I have to, cannot have another summer of feeling hot and uncomfortable because I refuse to wear clothes that show any of my body!!! Nightmare!

Thanks for the message

w x


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I really, really, really apologise for posting this for the second time today ...... I just think it's soooo inspirational, helpful and true! I think I may be on a mission to make sure everyone on a VLCD reads it (SORRY!!! ;):))


First posted in 2006 by Icemoose please have a read of this - and I apologise to those who have seen this where I've posted it before but it's sooooo true ...

I have definitely noticed that there are two kinds of people who do the crazy diet of a VLCD :)

The first kind are those that see the diet as a prison, they aren't allowed to eat, they aren't allowed to drink, they aren't allowed to go out and socialise on the diet, they aren't allowed to do things they want to do.

The second kind are those that see the diet as a choice, at anytime they can go and eat what they want, they can go and drink what they want but they choose not to because they want to lose weight and be slim more than they want to eat or drink.

The people who see the diet as a prison sentence tend to hate the diet all the way through, they generally feel unhappy while losing weight and from my experience tend to "escape" from the prison at some point and eat and drink and then the diet becomes even tougher.

For those that make a choice to just not eat or drink I find they tend to enjoy the diet!! They have made a good choice as they can feel the results and with the right mindset it is just a matter of keeping yourself focussed for a few months while you get to where you really want to get to.

All of us who start a VLCD desperately want to lose weight for many reasons and we all know the diet is in our own heads. If you drink the packs and drink the water and avoid food then you will lose weight as it is impossible not to, the only problem is whether your mind makes you falter along the way.

So please please see the diet as a choice, and a very good choice as it will change your life for the better.
I know just what you mean. I too worry about the summer and then worry about winter (party clothes) and then worry about spring, autumn and any other reason to have to buy clothes.

I cant wait to enjoy shopping for clothes.

I think all my friends think I dont have legs or arms. I have kept them covered for years.


I will be skinny again!!!
Its true though Jan!

You can do it willow!!


Here we go again!
Keep going Willow, you can do this diet. Get the first few days, then the first week out of the way and it gets so much easier. I'm not saying we're not tempted to eat whilst on this, it just gets a lot easier.

Drink plenty of water and keep busy, once the feelgood factor kicks in you will be full of energy. It's great.

Stick to it and you will get to where you want. Good luck. I look forward to following your progress.
Thanks everyone,

All so true, I feel much more positive just from reading this......

It is my choice and I am choosing to loose this weight!

Can't wait for time for pass so I can start posting about my weight loss!

Thanks all

W x


Here we go again!
You will be there sooner than you think!

I've now lost 4st 8lbs in 12 weeks and can't believe it. Just stick to the diet and it will work.


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what jan has posted is great! :)

I think though, you should tell people about this diet. Don't keep it a secret!!

You can do it - the first few days are the hardest but stick with it and you will be slim for the summer :D
what they said :)

willow hang on in there. Your goals ARE achievable, you CAN do this and it WILL get easier, if you want it to!!

Go girl! Your first weigh in will be here soon enough and your loss will really motivate you!


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Look the few days of misery at the start are REALLY just a FEW DAYS!!!! I promise! So pamper yourself through them. Keep guzzling the water. Hot water bottle if you feel cold. Paracetemol if you have a headache. Early night if you feel crap. Nice bubble bath followed by DVD if you feel sorry for yourself. Before you know it ......weigh in! Then you will be motivated! Keep going girl. Every day is a day closer to the new you!
I think though, you should tell people about this diet. Don't keep it a secret!!
i agree, i've got pretty evangelical about it. i've even convinced my disbelieving mother :rolleyes: that i may actually stick with this weight loss regime.

it's great to have people in real life who support you and believe in you, as well as the lovely people here.
:DI can identify with everyone's comments positive and negative as I have experienced them all.
For me to have completed 9 weeks is great, though I have said that I would take each week as it came. I had a choice to come off it though don't feel that anymore and that is because of the following
:DI feel so much better
:D:DI look so much better
:D:D:D I have lost 2st 9lbs
:D:D:D:D My BMI is coming down
:D:D:D:D:D I can wear clothes that have not fitted me for 2 years
So for me there is no choice any more. I am not going to undo the hard work.
This is not for everyone, though I would really encourage anyone to at least give it a week before makoing the decision to come off it.
Keep at it hun, get these first few days over with and you will be delighted when you get weighed. Try hot drinks when you feel hungry, these tend to help the hunger pangs. Good luck, you can do it.
Its such a help to hear from everybody going through the same thing, depiste feeling starving (I can't ignore it!) I feel ok now and am actually quite excited the whole thing gotta be a good sign!

Will keep you all posted I'm off to have that bubble bath..... good plan!

W x

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