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This is the last time im starting again! Here we go....

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by jessiebessj, 7 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Hi, ive been looking for somewhere to start a diary (reasonably anonymously) and here looks fab!

    I started slimming world on 23 April 2014 and have lost 11.5lb so far. My initial target is 4st loss and go from there.

    I have 2 children my son is 8years old and my baby girl is almost 8months old. They are my motivation.

    Im going to try to post my food diary daily. Im not going to freak out if I have a bad meal/day/week as I normally do. Im going to learn to draw a line under it and move on :p Im going to attempt to drink more water and increase my excercise as I go along.

    I have always been overweight but have never been so determined to change. So, here goes nothing ...
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  3. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Todays diary:
    B- gammon, egg, beans & mushrooms
    L- baked potato skins with mushrooms and onions and cheese (HEA)
    D - chicken curry.
    S - fruit salad (melon, strawberries, apple and satsuma)
    HEB - special k bar
    SYNS- cheese curls 3, 4x cups of tea 2, poppadomx3 7.5.
  4. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Ha this has gone well ... not lol must make more of an effort to fill this in.

    Weigh in tomorrow and if im honest I really do deserve a gain, as I have done for 2-3weeks. I really really want to lose or maintain though. Ive bn very lucky the past 2weeks having lost enough weight to get my stone award last week! Which u was absolutely over the moon with. I just hope my consultant doesn't rip it up tomorrow ;-) lol. I had a few days where I wasnt prepared with my food so made very bad choices.

    This week im going to follow the plan to the letter. Ive already made a meal plan for the week so giving myself the best start I can. Also, im dog sitting this week so will be getting in more excercise. So here goes ...

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  5. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    1lb off! Really pleased, dont really deserve it this week but Im determined to do well this week even though mam is making corned beef pie. Ive worked out though that 100g corned beef is 3syns (which I probably won't have as much as that, and 25g of pastry is a massive 11.5 syns which I will weigh and criss cross so I may come out of today only slightly going over my syns probably spend and extra 3syns on a hifi light bar cz I can't go without my evening chocolate fix :p

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  6. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Seen a friend today who started back to slimming world on monday and she made corned beef quiche! Omg it was amazing. If u haven't tried it yet I seriously recommend you give it a go xx

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  7. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Here to subsribe!! :D goodluck on your journey xxx
  8. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Thank u v much. Ive neglected this again lately.

    I weighed today n gained 2lb which I totally deserved but am pretty gutted by. That said, it was the kick up the bum I needed to get my head back.in the game.

    Today I have stuck to plan v. Well but had to abandon dinner because it was disgusting lol. I attempted to make spaghetti with veg salmon and a sauce using quark!! It was not nice ha. Might have something to do with the fact that the water run out when steaming the salmon so it was a bit smoked!! Im sure im getting worse at this cooking lark lol

    I have a night out planned Saturday night and im torn between having a flexi syn meal where I eat what ever I want or to have something very slimming world friendly. So far I have decided to stick to plan. I just hope I stay strong on Saturday! Xx

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  9. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Had another good day on plan today!! Made a corned beef quiche which is amazing and well worth the 3.5 syns per portion. My gorgeous son enjoyed it too which is a bonus.

    On a personal level, not been too great. My boyfriend and I had a very public argument a couple of weeks ago in front of a few members of his family and the fallout of that is that people know how bad our relationship can be at times which is something ive spent many years hiding. Today, I met up with his dads girlfriend where I couldn't keep my mouth shut. In a way it was nice to get things off my chest but another part of me wishes I could grab the words and shove them back in my mouth lol. :(

    Will be stronger next time xx

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  10. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Well done on sticking to plan your determination is tremendous!! :D I will have to try the corned beef quiche, sounds lovely.. Im sure the people around you know that relationships are not always just glowing everybody has arguments its a natural thing!! don't beat yourself up about it im sure people will understand xx

    And enjoy your night out !! xxx
  11. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Thank u very much Bubbles. Yeah the quiche is lovely but I didn't reheat it very well today so wasn't quite as nice.

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  12. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Not been a very good food-day today. Ive got terrible toothache so ive not eaten much, and what I have eaten hasn't been too good. My food consisted of

    30g cheddar cheese fr breakfast
    Weight watchers tomato soup for lunch (4syns)
    And rest of quiche sw chips and beans fr dinner. (3.5syns fr beef)
    I also ate some space raider crisps (6syns) and had 2cups of tea (1syn).
    So im still within my syns but theres a lack of superfree foods. And when I raided my mothers cupboard and found the soup I was secretly hoping that it was one of those heb ones lol. Xxx

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  13. jessiebessj

    jessiebessj Member

    Fab weigh in Wednesday after gaining 2lb I lost 4.5lb this week which was fab!! Had a few nsv's where I fit into a dress I haven't worn for years, two very nice ladies in club said how they thought they could "see the weight dropping off"me and even my bro-in-law said how I look like ive lost weight!! So nice to hear these compliments but I cant let myself het complacent as I still have a long way to go.

    I have been completely on point with food lately and have made a meal plan for the rest of the week so see how I go.

    Weve booked to go away for the weekend next friday so im sticking to plan perfectly this week and having a bit of a dilemma about how to aproach our weekend away.


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  14. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Wow thats great news!! well done you!! :D .. My opinion on weekend aways would to be as good as you can for breakfasts say, and enjoy your dinner? maybe lol xxx
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