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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Borderlass, 26 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    I turned 60 a couple of weeks ago, and still have the weight to lose that I was going to loose at 50, I've been 'on a diet' all that time, but I need to change! You name it, I've done it but obviously not properly, I must be an expert at deceiving myself or a sleepwalking eater. Anyhow, here I am, not new to SW but vowing to follow the plan properly at last. I have been lurking around reading other diaries, and thought by making my struggles public too I may just tip the balance the right way :). Part of my problem is that I read something about some diet or other, and go bouncing off to try it then as soon as I have bought the book, cleared the kitchen cupboards of carbs etc, bought loads of food I don't particularly enjoy... I go on a bit of a binge to replace the feelings of deprivation! I love SW because it is simple, real food, nothing gimmicky. I work shifts so find meetings difficult to get to - an excuse I know - but I hope by being part of this community I can give and receive the support of a group in the comfort of home!
    Lets be an incredible shrinking community! I'm new to using forums too, so it's another learning curve to follow! :eek: Cx
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  3. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Best of luck Borderlass! I'm not going to meetings either as didn't want to really go by myself. I paid for the online gold, started yesterday and have to say so far I love it. Got some days meals planned out ahead. Welcome to the forums! Shall subscribe to your diary to read more :) xx
  4. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Hi Smuffin, best of luck to us both!
  5. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    OK, today started well, scrambled egg for brekkies, and a HEB toast. But... I have a cold and sore throat, tinned soup for lunch, and some pork and mashed potato for tea, and cough medicine and honey, and honey.... I guess the little fat gremlins are out to test me already! Tomorrow I will go shopping for lots of free food. I should face up to the fact that today I was ruled by something other than SW! I am not going to let this derail me though; there will be a weight loss next week!
  6. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Hi all, today I have more of a grip on myself, cold medicine can be my syns if I eat carefully; so brekkies was 2 eggs and HEXB bread, lunch a tomato & herb mug shot with cheese (HEXA) melted in and loads of black pepper - lovely and comforting! Dinner tonight will be more lean roast pork, mashed potato and carrots and broccoli. I've boiled some eggs to grab as snacks, and went to the shops and stocked up on pasta and stuff. I've been trying to 'low carb' for ages with little success - could be because the thought of doing without makes me want more, so to freely eat pasta and things seems so sinful, I guess there is a lot to get my head round about 'free food'! I probably should try harder with fruit and vegetables, but that will come. My challenging time will be when I am back at work (I do nights) and planning for the midnight munchies. Planning is the key though, isn't it? I hope everyone else is doing well today. :) x
  7. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    I need to get some of them mug shots! They'd be ideal to have as a quick lunch. Never had them before though, are they nice? :) Or just ok to fill a spot lol.

  8. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    They do fill a spot, and for my taste need a bit of something else - like cheese and pepper, but great as a filling free food which is quick n easy! You can add beaten egg to a made up one and cook off as a 'quiche', really filling comfort food, it just takes a little bit longer to make of course :) x
  9. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Today I'm going green,
    Brekkies - Small slice of toast (1/2 HEXB) Scrape of butter (5 syn) 'Fried' Egg and tomato
    Lunch - Home-made leek n tattie soup, 1/2 a wholemeal pitta (the rest of the HEXB) free yoghurt and banana
    Dinner - Sort of one-pot bolognaise; quorn mince, pasta, tomato, onion, mushroom, peppers, loads of seasoning. 1/2 tube of primula light and 30g strong cheddar (2 HEXA)

    I really seem to be eating more than I did, I'll be scared of the scales on Sunday :D! I love having frozen veg in, then I can make up more of these one-pot dishes with minimum effort.... (hmmm, what does that say about me)! Not exercising yet, because I still feel a bit weak & woolly from the virus, but I am not a great exerciser at the best of times, something else I need to work on....
    Have a good day anybody who reads this X
  10. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    'Synned' to the max today I think; scrambled egg & small slice of toast for breakfast, but then I was out for lunch so chose a healthy lentil/vegetable soup and had it with a warm herb scone and butter. A delicious way to use my syns, I enjoyed every guilt-free mouthful. Dinner tonight will be more of the quorn bolognaise thing I made yesterday, it's packed with veg, so I don't need to have a salad with it. Then I'll snack later on on boiled egg, ham banana and yoghurt if I need to. I hope everyone else is enjoying their day too :)
  11. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Keeping things simple, I'm going to stick with eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch and a casserole type thing for dinner. That's all free food, then I can add in the healthy extras and syns later when I know what I feel like! At the moment this morning I don't feel like thinking ;). May the Chinese New Year be good to us all as we gallop around like lean race horses! :) x
  12. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Happy Chinese new year!! :)
  13. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Last night went I went 'unconscious' and ate rather more than was good for me, or allowed :(. Ah well. Today is a new day and the sun is shining.
    Back to simple extra-easy meals. Toast and eggs for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch, turkey (frozen after Christmas!) potatoes onions carrots and celery in a casserole type thing for dinner, and save my 'A' food for a milky drink at bed time. I'm going to try and not have any syns today to help towards last night.
    I might get out and do some gardening - that'll be exercise enough!
    Have a good weekend :)
  14. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Weigh-in this morning; Stayed The Same. I'm satisfied with that because I know I have been guesstimating syns this week and because of the cold I've been a total couch potato. Tonight I'm back to work so I'll be more active, and I'm going to use crispbread instead of bread, as I can have more pieces for a HEXB, so psychologically I will feel satisfied. I'm working 3 nights, I never sleep well so there are going to be more hours to eat in... a cue to work free food to the max. In my head it is simple; I know though from experience, that in the middle of the night if there is tasty food lurking in the staff fridge I would eat that rather than my selection . So! I have to make sure that what I take with me will satisfy me so I am not lured off plan.
    I am never bothered about breakfast though I eat it because we are told it is good for us. Experiment - delay breakfast until lunchtime. Go Extra-Easy....

    Lunch: bacon, egg, tomato mushroom.

    Dinner: Leftover turkey casserole from yesterday

    Supper (at work): Mugshot with added cheese (hexa) Free S/W quiche with lots of veg in the mix. Yoghurt, banana.
    Snacks (at work): 6 Finn Crisp(hexb) with 3 laughing moo extra light triangles (3 syn) ham and tomato.
  15. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    I should have taken just a bit more food to work last night; I had a choc biscuit about 5 this morning, when a free mugshot would have really done the trick (I forgot to pack the mug-shot!), also, I didn't enjoy the crispbread n cheese triangles, so that's a lesson learned - for the same value, 2 small slices of wholemeal, a processed cheese slice (plastic, but I love them!) lettuce and tomato would have given me a much more satisfying munch. So that is what I am packing up for tonight! I didn't sleep well today, courtesy of someone drilling a wall, so When I got up 'breakfast' was my usual 2 eggs and toast. So I can have another HEB tonight I'm making today a Red day; so dinner will be roast chicken, carrots, leeks and cauliflower. And at work I'll take a slice of S/W quiche, tomatoes and cottage cheese along with mug-shot and aforementioned cheese salad sandwich. :)
    Last edited: 3 February 2014
  16. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Well done! Ok, so you didn't lose, but you didn't gain either - and in my book, that is worthy of a well done :)

    It is interesting reading how you are identifying what is working for you, what is not and how you are going to turn those things around. Very inspiring :) I am sure that will be your way forward to success too!
  17. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Thank you MrsSOS , it's nice to have someone else's view!:) x
  18. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Hello I'm here.... off plan but still determined to get back on, it's only been a 3 day backslide, glad to read other diaries and pick myself up again. The trouble is I am very much an emotional eater, and my daughter has had a couple of problems so I have eaten everything I shouldn't! My hubby goes into hospital for an operation on Monday, and because he has difficulty communicating I will be staying with him during the days, eating hospital canteen food and feeling stressed so probably will not make wise choices... it's all about choice but when I am stressed I cannot seem to wake up to the choice of being fat or thinner, but get sucked into what bit of food is going to temporarily make me feel better - till I feel worse for eating it... I guess many of you will know the vicious circle :sigh: !

    I had my usual neutral egg & toast for breakfast. And then the same again for lunch - that's 2 HEXB's, so by dinner I'll need to decide if I'm red or green........... I still feel very much like comfort food so probably green; then I can have mashed potato, a couple of quorn sausages and some beans. I'll make a rice salad to take to work, along with the ever faithful mugshot.
    Note to self: Must try harder.

    I hope everyone else is having a great day. x
  19. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    Sorry to hear you are having a few set backs; hope your daughter's problems are over the worst.

    Good luck for your husband's operation :bighug: How long is he expected to be kept in? On that note ...

    ... you don't have to rely on hospital canteen food during the day. Luckily, you have the weekend to prepare so, here are some suggestions for you:-

    1. How about, over the weekend you whip up a Speedy Quiche and pack portions of it in a bag to take with you one day?
    2. Patients are often given fruit by visitors (and, I hope you'll do the same for your husband :giggle: ) take double the amount and, voila!, healthy snacking for you while you wait :)
    3. Take a flask of homemade soup: Butternut Squash, Spiced Root Vegetable, Speedy Pea, Leek and Potato, Scotch Broth, or maybe Italian Chicken and Tomato ?
    4. Take a flask of hot water with you ... if you get a chocolate craving, pop in an Options ... if you get a bit peckish, use the hot water to make yourself a Mugshot ;)
    5. Grab a bag of frozen drumsticks from the supermarket and roast them off on Sunday = some drumsticks to pack up and snack on. For something a bit tastier - SW Green Curry Drumsticks
    6. Pack a pasta salad. E.g. SW Tuna Penne Nicoise - great filling lunch/supper food
    7. Keep some boiled eggs handy too.

    Now, there is a double reason for taking your own snacks/lunches/foods and it is not solely so you have something to comfort eat without sabotaging your SW journey in the hospital canteen (not to mention the impact on your purse :eek: ) ... hospital food is not high on the list of foods people crave, least of all the patients - so, wouldn't it be wonderful if you had something tucked in your bag so that your husband could have some of it too? ;)

    With just a little planning, and harnessing time available over the weekend before he goes into hospital, you can both make that time in hospital less of a strain and enjoy food you both find comforting. Save those canteen pennies for some other treat you can both enjoy once he comes home again.

    Good luck!

  20. Borderlass

    Borderlass Full Member

    Goodness, MrsSOS, please may I borrow your brain for a week or two, I had obviously not been looking at my freedom of choices, every day can be a picnic :)! Daughter is picking herself up again, thank you; hubby is supposed to be in hospital for 3 days, but last time they said that it was 6. We'll just have to wait 'n see. Thank you. I am just out of bed and have night duty again tonight, I'm planning extra-easy but enjoying comfort of legitimate carbs.
    Todays' food will be: Poached egg, tinned tomato and toast ( HEXB)
    S/W chips, lean bacon, baked beans more tomato & mushrooms
    At work;
    Portion of easy-cheesy potato pie variant (lots of added veg)1/2 syn + HEXA, canned sweet corn, salad bowl & 1/2 syns worth of salad dressing. Banana & plain yoghurt. Mug shot.
    Me and hubby are going out for coffee this afternoon, and that is all it will be, a nice cuppa, no need for an accompanying scone - I am feeling strong again! :) x
  21. shazzla

    shazzla Member

    Its nice to hear of other people who are going it alone with SW! I started a few weeks ago with my old books and I am finding that any help I need I can find on here or on the SW website.

    I love to read the success stories in SW magazine as well. I am desperately trying to find out the syn values for a chinese chicken curry from the takeaway as I fancy a treat tonight with my one glass of wine! Don't want to jeopardise the 'diet'though as I feel I am starting to lose the inches now and it is coming off slowly but steadily :)

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