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This time I'm 4REAL! Are you 4REAL too? Join me for a Wednesday weigh in?x

Hey all at Minimins:wave_cry:

:break_diet:Well today is day 2 of my re-re-restart and I'm hoping that I'm 4real this time!:break_diet:

I've lost weight on VLCD previously, in 2006, going from 15st 8lb to 11st and feeling FAB...however...my weight has crept up now to 12st 13lb. I have 3 wardrobes overflowing with size 12-16. I really need to get his sorted once and for all, get to goal and then manage it..thats the tricky bit eh?:rolleyes:

:confused:I'm hiding away and not the fun loving person I had blossomed into. I now realise that this weight loss journey is not a quick fix and that if food is your demon then it will take more than a waft of a magic wand to deminish the demons.:mad::mad::mad:

I know this is life long for me and need to be realistic about it this time. NO beating myself up if I lapse but firm enough with myself to get right back on track. Repeating sayings/quotes that maybe helpful instead of falling into the fridge at the slightest emotion.:eek:

:(Today woke up with the hangover without the wine feeling..yuk! Glugging the water :tear_drop: as that's always been my weakness on VLCD...then headaches then eat!! OMG it all sounds so simple when I spell it out but WHY oh WHY does it become so damn complicated in our own heads.:rolleyes:

:) I'm hoping that this thread/blog will enable me to get these thoughts out and dealt with rather than suffocated under a pile of carbs! Hope you'll join me on this journey.:)

Wishing you well.

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I am definitely 4REAL this time!!! I am on day 9 of a restart having lost nearly 5st on LL from March 2007 onwards (with a few detours!)then putting on 1.5st since stopping in Oct 2007, currently weigh 12st9lbs but need to be 10st. So far so good lost 6lbs at weigh in on Monday and have been 100%. Really want to follow the programme til the end this time and learn to maintain a healthy weight. Feel better already, lighter and happier and have lost that 'overfull stuffed hippo feeling'. And I always take painkillers when the headaches start!! Keep with it, it gets much easier very quickly and the weight losses are great as you already know! Saying a little mantra in your head definitely worked for me last time, mine was 'its only food' Are you going to a class or doing it alone? I've made my mind up to get weighed every week for a year when I've done maintenance and got to goal in the hope that I stop yo-yo-ing once and for all. Keep with it xx
Hey SG!:)

Great to hear that youve lost that stuffed feeling, its awful isnt it, but in a weird way its that very thing that sometimes has me thinking 'Sod it, stuff it, it's there now, I'm a hippo..accept it!' Well this time i'M NOT accepting it. I want to be that little bushy tailed bunny that was hopping around in the summer of 2006 and NOT the hippo thats been hiding just lately!!:wave_cry:

:D:DGreat you lost 6lbs at first weigh in and also fab idea re getting weighed when at goal. :DThats where I slipped up last time, didnt do management, didn't think i would put it on adn low and behold...here i am..hippo stylee!!:jelous:

:pThanks so much for your support and encouragment. It seems that we're about the same weight/height/BMI and aiming for more or less same weight so lets do it this time..4real!!!!;)

Keeping with it..xxx;);)
OMG i totally understand, I feel so bad when i eat but then when i start i can't stop............

I am going to start on thursday and this time i am not gona give up...... 1 step at a time i guess!!! y is it so so hard... the first time round i was so determined.....

good luck


Me too for Thursday, it was meant to be today but it just didn't happen, so I've logged on here for a bit of inspiration - lets do it together!

Sat here feeling stuffed as a pig, just like the threads above - NO MORE!! Don't like feeling like this!!

Here's to tomorrow!!

lesley xx
Hiya Sonia and Greenock:wave_cry:

Well Im sitting here thinking about a tub of chicken tikka in fridge, its literally shouting my name and I can almost taste it. THATS it....I KNOW what it tastes like...but then other half of me is like but its chicken!! NO MORE of this talking myself into falling off.....if its chicken its not a foodpack and thats that!! ARGHHHH.......:mad::mad::mad:

:mad::mad::mad:Rant, rant, rant.....:mad::mad::mad:

:eek:Anyway girls, yep, tomorrow is new start so go fo it. Ive done just 2 days now (almost if chicken stops squawking at me) adn feeling more positive than previous restarts...lets do it..:D

THIS TIME WE KNOW ITS 4REAL......thats my little mantra..one of many!!:jelous:

Hi you all,
4Real - STEP AWAY FROM THE CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a glass of water and then go to bed!! Its only chicken and there'll be plenty more after you've completed your journey. Two days down, one more hardish one to go, then you'll feel the benefits. This time you know its 4REAL! (Singing:whistle:) Actually can't really talk, live alone so don't have too many temptations around but I've battled with the eggs in my fridge (scrambled) all week. Last night I literally did go to bed to avoid them, sad I know... Keep at it :)

Everyone else, good luck for tomorrow, you know you can do it
Take care x
Morning Julie & co:wave_cry:

:mad::mad::mad:EGGS???? :mad::mad::mad:I cant stand them and I mean I have an aversion so maybe I could just fill my fridge with eggs? I have to confess to giving in to chicken, not sure if it will have impacted any on my Ketosis and Im trying to put things in perspective by thinking it was protein and not carbs. Not sure what im doing there and I know the thing is I still ATE but trying to be kinder to myself this time.

:cool:Day 3, headache again!! Gluggin away again to keep stonking headcahe at bay!

;)Keep on keeping girl and just think about how EGG-static you will be when you have resisted the eggs! x

Well, woke up this morning determined, have had 1 pack so far and a load of water and green tea, thinking about going swimming but at the moment I have just taken pics of 50 items of clothes that I am just about to put on ebay - only thing is they are all summer clothes, so don't think they wil sell too well - ach well, won't make my millions that way!!:D:D:D

Just waiting to see if the postie will bring a new cossie that I got off ebay the other day, otherwiseit'll be the one that's a tad tight!

I've got a bit of a demon in my head at the moment, I have always been a secret eater, and my hubby is going out tonight, so the first though was, "Oooh,I'll have a chinesw!" Nooooooo!

Can anyone tell me when the shinese new year is? I'm really hoping the takeaway will be closed tonight for their holiday!:rolleyes:
Hey Greenock and co
Well today been good so far, although water intake not AS great as yesterday...must keep glugging to avoid headaches!! I know all this but do i do it! Someone said Redbush tea nice without milk and also green tea with mint, maybe worth a go eh?:rolleyes:

Well, I must say, despite my chicken calling last night Im feeling more positive on this restart than previously. I really think this forum is helping, Its great to know that people know what youre going through and youre not alone! Its also a great distraction..that and blinking face book eh!! Im scrabulous mad!:D

Anyway, GO hope the chinese new year is today or infact any time that your home alone. I drive past one every day and it does tempt me. Im at the stage of visualising food covered in lard and thinking of dirty kitchens and all that...works sometimes!:cool::eek:

Anyway, off to watch the colleen real women thingy on tonight that my hub kindly sky plusd for me. Hoping it will motivate me just like gok wan, what a legend he is!;)

see you tomorrow girls!:D:wave_cry:

Sweet dreams

Hi all

Its so funny how everything always starts tomorrow, I wish my tomorrow could start today.
Tomorrow I am going to start my journey, the journey of the new me....... no more 2mrws just today, 1 step at a time 1 mintue at a time... gosh i'm feeling so tired just thinking about tomorrow,
My birthday is in about 12 days................ need to lose about a stone, walking running excerising revisin and everything else ; ).......... No1 knows about me on the LL
i need to get real.........
Need to lose weight because
I was goin to write a whole list but guess wot??? It's all mayb me!! once i start this journey, i will feel good not immediately but pro longed gratification. I'm gona do this once and for all.....
what am i scared of ???
NOTHING...............i need to be focused i am a real goal
Goal 1
get through FRIDAY
Hello Girls

As a fellow LighterLifer (Greenockgal - I met you over in the Highs and Lows of Development last summer) now struggling with some weight I have put on, do you mind me asking what do you think happened between you reaching goal/final weight and you restarting LL?

And what made you decide to take the plunge and go back into abstinence? Was it your LLC's advice? Your own decision? Are you with the same LLC? And do you know how other people have fared in your group/s?

Did you all do Route to Management? Did you find it worked for you? I really, really struggled and lost the plot during RtM but managed to keep the weight gain to less than half a stone but then put on 10lbs over Christmas.

I am still thinking about abstinence but not sure I could face doing it all over again. After Development, I had lost 2lbs shy of 5 stone. I never nailed the 5 stone but I was so mentally worn out after Development, I just wanted to have a break from it all!

I'd be really interested in your thoughts - if you feel like sharing.

GOOD LUCK to all of you; you know you can do it!!

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxx

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