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This time next year Rodney, we will be ...much lighter

Hi there

I thought I would start a diary to keep me on the straight and narrow and also to check in with myself as to what I have eaten and exercise each day (hopefully)

I am Mum of two beautiful girls age 3 and 8 and married since 2001. I am going to Uni in September to do my foundation year then onto the degree next year. I dont want to be a big lump when I go to uni and I dont want to spend another summer with my girls, huffing and puffing and covering up and stuffing my face with rubbish "because its the holidays" and all the other excuses.

I have yo yo dieted for what seems like forever, Atkins, Cambridge, Slimming world you name it. I look ok when I am not heavy and I have a wardrobe of clothes that dont fit, but that is going to change.

I am going to stick with a low fat diet whilst on Xenical but I am going to read up on the Dukan diet as apparently that is very good too. My main reason for asking for Xenical is that I need to retrain myself to eat better, I can do a crazy diet and lose 3 or 4 stone then put it back on again in a matter of months. I need it to go and never come back!

If I am being honest I need to lose about 5 or 6 stone, not 3 or 4, there is no quick fix or insane starvation diet now, I just need to get on with it, and get on with it I will !!!!

I have been for a tour of the gym today. I dont really want to hit the gym till I lose a good amount but the classes they have are brill and the pool is nice for me and my girls so I am going to join shortly.

So thats me, if your still awake congrats and I look forward to reading everyone elses posts :)

Do we have a weekly weigh in thread ?

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Yesterdays menu

1 1/2 Weetabix with 1% fat milk

Co Operative low fat noodles with peas and a chopped up chicken drumstick (and extra drumstick)

Homemade vegetable korma with savoury rice ( I didnt make this so I dont know the fat content but it had tofu in it I think and it wasnt at all fatty was just a paste so I hope its ok :( )

Loads of sparkling water
Few cuppas with 1% fat milk and tablet sweetener
Few cans of diet coke

No Snacks

My insane sugar levels feel in control, I didnt want to eat an entire cake shop today.

Went to the loo this morning and everything was "normal" got a bit of a dodgy tummy but I think my portion control with the curry was a bit much, I didnt have anything else though

On a regular day I will exercise for at least 30 minutes but my 3 year old got me up at 5am and I was ready for bed by the time she went to bed and was like a zombie all day :(
Hi Barmcake :)

Welcome to xenical and good luck with your goals

I always find it a bit hard to work out what foods are high in fats when they're made from scratch.

Avoid mayo though ;)
mayo + xenical =bad combination :p
I adore mayo and would eat it with every meal if I could :)

well week one over, apart from giving myself an enormous helping of Asda low fat ice cream today (then hoovering up my daughters left over ice cream too) I would say its gone pretty well.

I am due my TOTM shortly too and that is when the chocolate monster comes out but he seems to have stayed away, fairly amazed.

I had one occasion where I saw some oily stuff in the loo this week, only a tiny amount but other than that and the odd tummy ache been fine (if a bit tired)

Going to break in the exercise this week now I know I feel ok on the tablets. Bring it on. This is actually doable !

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