Step 1 Sole Source This year is my year!!! Hen do in July wedding in September, 6 stone to lose!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Skinny2be!!, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have had a few attempts now and not followed it through! This time is the last time. I have 2 major events happening later this year, my hen do in July at my wedding in September. I need to look and feel amazing.

    I weighed this morning at 16stone 12lb and want to be 11 stone by my hen do then maybe another stone off for the wedding date.

    So today is day 1 and I've managed it!! Had 3packs and 6pints of water.

    If anyone would like to buddy up please do. I'm sure we will have ups and downs but we can do this together.

    I will be weighing in every Monday morning and posting it on here

    Come on let's do this

    :D xxxxxx
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  3. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    So day 2 and it's gone well, 3packs and 6pints of water down!!

    Have been feeling hungry today & thinking about food, it's harder as I have to cook for my little boy!

    Onto day 3, roll on weigh in day!! Going to take 1 week at a time xx
  4. HMM

    HMM Member

    Would love to join forces to keep each other motivated! I need to lose 5 stone too, but no time limit (but who doesn't want it to be sooner rather that later, eh?) Keep going chicken, just think of it as a lifestyle change- the new, fitter, slimmer, more toned you for your new life with your husband. I truly believe you can do it!!!! My first consultation is Wednesday night, so all going according to plan I will start Thursday (9th Jan)- so a couple of days behind you.

    I am an inexperienced dieter, but a one eager to succeed! Let's do it together!
  5. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hey, thanks for that, yes let's do this!! I'm only on day 3 today so not that far infront of you!!!

    I can't wait to start seeing the weight come off and my body change shape, will give me the motivation I need, never mind the two wedding dresses I need to fit into!!!! :) x x
  6. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Made my little boy toast!!!! Smells divine :-((( xxx
  7. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Stay strong think of that lovely wedding dress. I'm on day 2 today so far so good my second attempt at trying this :) x
  8. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    I am Hun, the left over went in the bin, usually in my mouth but I'm focused xx
  9. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    That's good It really hard I'm sat here at work with a tub of quality streets staring at me lol x
  10. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Oh no!!! Keep asking ppl to eat them haha!! Are they talking to you yet haha x
  11. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    They are shouting : just one ha ha x
  12. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hahaha!! That's funny!! I'd throw it to other side of office when no 1s looking ha xx
  13. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Yeah sucks to be on the end desk boooo but least I not had any :)

    How are you going today ? X
  14. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Well done 4 not having 1 :)

    I'm doing good, struggling with water abit today and feel tired but apart from that it's going good :) xx
  15. Little miss c

    Little miss c New Member


    also getting married this year on SS and day 2, totally focused.
  16. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    Hey little miss c, when is the big day? How much you want to lose!!

    We can b bride buddies let's do this xx
  17. joh2605

    joh2605 Full Member

    Hi Skinny2be congrats on the wedding plans, having a goal makes it so much easier :) well done on your week so far, I weigh on a Monday too so will look forward to seeing how you've done each week x
  18. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Yeah I'm rather sleepy this morning didn't sleep well :( but start of day three suppose to get easier from here in onwards and downward on scales :) x
  19. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member


    Thank you :) yes it does I've got two dresses to get into the evening one is quite fitted so I'm abit worried about it.

    How long have you been on the plan4?

  20. Skinny2be!!

    Skinny2be!! Full Member

    I've literally not been able to keep my eyes open today, hope it does get easier! Had a bad head today too, hopefully that's the ketosis kicking in xx
  21. slimming deb

    slimming deb Full Member

    Yeah I am glad I made it through the day there seemed to be nice smelling food everywhere today :(

    Hope your still on track and staying strong x
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