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Thoughts After A Week Off Plan....

Well, my week off-plan has come to an end. And thank god!!

Even pre-SW, I don't think I ever ate this much...unless I did and just didn't realise.

I now know that SW is the most fantastic thing ever, and I am going to try and stay on plan from now on, even special occasions and holidays.

I have actually eaten like a pig this week. I know I couldn't avoid it, with all of the birthday meals out, but jeez. Before my week off, I WI and I was 9st 10.5lbs....I just stood on the scales and I am 10st 2lbs. I look and feel massive, I am so bloated and irritable.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday week, I now know that I am going to stick to SW no matter what, because this feeling is the worst!

So thank you SW, I actually love you!

Here's to being on plan 100% from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
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Now to maintain.....
great post hun!
its amazing how you get used to eating this way isnt it!
Wish I had seen this post before I ate half a pack of biscuits just now :(

Happy birthday hun, glad you had a nice time and your now back on track xx


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Ahh no, I'm facing two weeks off plan and I'm so scared of putting on all the weight I've lost over the last few weeks!! Hope it makes me feel as positive about the plan as you though!!
Wow, didn't think I'd get any response! Thanks guys :)

I am soooooooo excited to get back on plan tomorrow and shed those lbs!! xx
I have been doing sw for 3.5 weeks and have been 100% following the plan. Tonight was a hen night for one of the girls at work and we went out for a meal, while I REALLY enjoyed the meal as I was eating it, I now feel AWFUL. I think my treats are going to be things rather than food based! All the best. xx


Mens sana in corpore sano
I totally agree even if i have a naughty meal now i feel sick and yucky and its just not worth it to me anymore
I always used to hear people say this and never EVER believed it to be true, or that it would ever happen to me. After almost 9 weeks on plan, I had a major blowout on Wednesday last...I did not feel well AT ALL after that...so strange that I used to eat like that on the daily.

Well done GeordieGirl, you definitely have the right attitude, those extra el-bees will be off in no time.
wow i wish it made me feel like that :( it just makes me realise what im missing which is why i have to be 100% all the time if i have to go out for a meal i really struggle getting back on the waggon as it were! x
I've been off plan for two days now, and it might have to be a third, though I completely agree with you. I felt sooooo ill after the junk I crammed down my throat. Although it was nice food, my body just isn't used to it any more. I'm hoping to go back on plan today - but if that fails, definitely tomorrow. WI on Monday for me :(

Good luck with sticking to plan and glad you enjoyed your birthday :)


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It's so true that our bodies get used to eating all the healthy good wholesome foods we eat on SW.

At group on thursday the topic got on to the fact that every one has a blow out on a thursday night after group and don't even count it in their plan - even my C does, she has fish and chips after group every week. I have never done that but decided I was going to do it on Thursday so I went and picked up some things to have as my treat - 2 bites of a white chocolate chip cookie, 3 bites of a chocolate cheese cake and a mars icecream later and I felt so ill!! I was gagging and felt so sick :( I did n't enjoy one single mouthful that I ate and the funny thing is pre slimming world I've have polished the lot off and more. I know I won't be doing that again, it's just so not worth feeling like that and I'd rather have a treat of something like bread sticks with philli or something cause clearly the sweet stuff does nt agree with me any more.

Slimming World I luv you!!
I've been off plan since Friday and I feel bloated and sluggish this morning. The scales at home show a 7lb increase since Friday morning!:eek:

I know I've been bad but I didn't think that bad but I'll see at the official weigh in tomorrow.

My off-plan was for a hen weekend. I rarely drink but downed a good number of cocktails on Saturday, most of them of the creamy variety. Add meals out and no gym going over the weekend and it doesn't look pretty.

There is a body pump class at my gym at 10.30 this morning but I can barely manage to drag myself to the shower, let alone get along there. I need to get back on plan asap.


Yummy Mummy! xx
Hope you had a fantastic birthday and well done for getting back on the sw wagon!

I have just had 2 days 'off' so to speak for my sons birthday. We ate out, had cake had an indian takeaway then last night I sat and ate peanut M&M's - I feel horrendous and bloated and I couldnt wait to get up today and get on the plan with fruit, veg and a healthy food plan!!

Amazing how rubbish you feel isnt it and I used to eat like that all the time - its quite scary! xx

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