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Thoughts of quitting


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It is really worth it?
I just 'cheated' with some cottage cheese, celery and fat free thousand island dressing.

The reason? I am still getting dizzy spells. I want to lose this last 11.5lbs so badly. I really do but I also want to be able to go running and cycling and have sex without feeling like I am utterly knackered and sick.

I am sure it's because I'm not eating enough, which may be my inner fat person speaking but... I'm not so sure.

I want to transfer to Slimming World once I am 'done' with this. At what point on the steps do you think will be the best? I understand that there's a likelihood of a small weight gain due to water and glycogen regain... how is it best to work to reduce the impact of this i.e. add carbs back slowly.

Ramble much?
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a bit different everyday
sweetheart that is not cheating, that is having an aam or ss+ cheating is ramming a snickers down your gob or chomping your way through 6 bags of crisps
you didnt do that, you made a reasonable choice to have something sensible
I think you are doing fantastic, remember what this diet is to you may not be what it is to others, use it to get what You want from it, dont be too hard on yourself, you have lost alot so why not hop up to ss+ or 810
best of luck
nat x


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I'm on 810. Sorry I should have explained. I've already had my 'limit' of food for today but I had a really passy-out dizzy spell and had some cottage cheese then thought, sod it and had a stick of celery and some more dressing.

I suppose I am just very very very very scared that the weight loss I have experienced on CD (12st 1lbs down to 10st 9lbs) is temporary. I couldn't cope to see 11st on the scales again.


a bit different everyday
ok i understand now, so did you not lose the 85 lb on cd?
dont get too caught up with putting back on, at the moment you are still losing, or in ketosis, you will not unfortunately be losing that fast, but then the situation isnt as desperate as it was is it
I know the desire to be at goal is so huge, but please just give it some time, dont panic and switch to something else just like that
if you feel the need of a bit more aam or 810 type foods then go for it, you are not gonna gain , can you speak to your cdc about this, maybe another step up could help as sometimes putting more fuel in helps the fire burn better if you see what i mean
all the best
nat x


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I went from 16st 8.5lbs to 10st 10lbs with Slimming World. I then put on and maintaned. I then decided that I wanted a jump start and started Cambridge at 12st 1lbs to get me down to target so I could maintain at my final weight instead of my heavier one.

However, now I am scared that I have broken myself i.e. my metabolism or something.


a bit different everyday
ahh yes I have that fear too, somehow that my metabolism has been messed up by all this up and downing... well way i see it if we can lose weight then our metabolic systems are working which is a good sign


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emma you need to be talking this all through with someone. Sorry you are going through this.

From what I understand this can be a common worry but the long and short of it is that we need to reestablish a relationship with food - we cannot continue on packs for ever. It is scary but what other choice is there?

Ok, you are on 810. You felt hungry. Some people, unfortunately, do get kicked out of ketosis on 810 - that is why it is now 810 rather than 790 as this is the point at which it is no longer called a vlcd and the point at which the body will not only eat fat for its energy requirements (thereby operating according to NICE (and the other thing) guidelines). You could try having your food allowance in two small portions throughout the day as this is less likely to knock you out of ketosis and therefore you are less likely to feel any hunger.

one question, was it definitely hunger and not something that was triggered by eating?

Anyway, hope that helps on the hunger front.

Re the worry about "cheating" - TERRIBLE word to use. You simply made a choice to deal with a situation and you chose wisely by having more of the food type that is recommended to you at this point. You didn't go off the rails. You made a sensible CHOICE. You DID NOT cheat.

Try to look at things from a more positive point of view - this route is not a good one for the head space to get into.

You worry you have messed up your metabolism. Educate yourself about how it works with a vlcd. Take a look at the official Cambridge Diet website - they comment on this. Also, do a search on the forum for metabolism and have a read of some of the discussions that have been had in the past. There are hopefully some reassuring posts here somewhere (I remember reading some but couldn't for the life of me find them right now - meant to beavering away at work but stopped to write to YOU). There will possibly be a time lag where your body doesn't know what hit it with the addition of food to your life. This may result in a bigger than recent loss or it may be a STS (v. unlikely to be an increase - even if you have extra c. cheese and celery - you need 3,500 cals to gain a pound - even if you have just been on SS). What you see on the scales will be a reflection of water changes/the body temporarily holding onto fat. NOT due to fat being added. Our bodies do their own thing. I can't promise you there will be no metabolism mess-up as I'm not an expert on that but I choose to trust what I have read and to see the experiences of many many others who have successfully moved up through the plans, some continuing to lose weight, some fluctuating with weight loss/STS/weight gain as the body fat lost vs the water/glycogen restocked balance is reached.

Remember to keep your water intake up while on 810. Try having smaller portions of your food allowance a twice a day instead of all at once to minimise hunger. If you get hungry, drink more water and if necessary make sensible food choices.

Hope something here helps you babe.
Thank you so much. I am feeling so desperate lately and this has really helped put things into perspective.

I am tired and feeling really vulnreble and I think I am projecting this onto the 'diet'. I am impatient to get back to this 'normal life' I had a year ago yet terrifed at the same time.

I wish I had someone to talk to but I am so scared of telling people in the real world about this 'diet' that I have effectively alienated my support network.

I am going to split my meals into two seperate ones... I am going to think more positively in general and I am going to be grateful to you more than you could ever comprehend.

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