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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Lelly11, 28 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. Lelly11

    Lelly11 Member

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    Hi, hope everyone is well. Just after some thoughts/opinions really!

    I've been doing sw for 9 weeks now and have lost 11.5lbs and I'm very happy with that. However, in that time I have only been around 80% on plan. I would say that daily I only stick to plan around 80%. Now obviously if I stuck to it 100% I would lose weight faster but I dont think I am in a rush if I am honest. I want to stick to plan but every day I screw up. I can't really explain why but what tends to set me off is that I struggle to eat breakfast as I dont really enjoy any of the b choices and am often in a rush to get my daughter ready and get to work.

    I'm wondering whether to keep going with the 80% and just take longer to get to goal. Or whether to jump ship to calorie counting so that I have more flexibility in how I eat. I just cant seem to stick to plan at the moment however I am still losing so what do I do? The thing is I have had so much going on this year with my nan dying, my wedding in five weeks and my daughter being ill that I w am wondering whether to keep plodding along in the hope that I will commit better once all this is passed!

    Aargh any thoughts?
    H x xx
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  3. Skittles

    Skittles New Member

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    I think you should stick at it it sounds to me you have been doing well and the 80% well theres few who are 100% we are after all only human x
  4. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

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    Slimming World from home
    If you are happy with your losses as they are then stick to what you are doing as you lose weight you will probably have to change things anyway so adjust things then :)
  5. Lonestitcher

    Lonestitcher Silver Member

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    You say that you are happy with what you have lost (and so you should be!!) yet you want to change to calorie counting. So are you really happy with your losses?? I would be (if I had lost that amount, whilst not fully 100% on plan!!!)

    Do you think that CC would REALLY make your losses any greater? Depending on what limit you would be setting yourself, you are probably eating the same number of calories at the moment, whilst on SW!!!

    CC would give you other options for breakfast, but would they be healthier choices?? What would you be choosing for breakfast, if you were CC? Could you not just use your syns on it??

    Always remember, breakfast is the name we give to our first meal, whether it's eaten 3 hours after getting up or within 10 minutes of rolling out of bed. The word breakfast does not tell us what we have to eat... If you don't like any of the hex b choices of cereal don't have cereal. Try thinking outside of the 'usual breakfast choices' box. Don't forget, ANYTHING can be 'breakfast'. Curry, Chinese food, a sandwich, fruit salad etc. (and before anyone pulls their noses up at curry for breakfast - as my mum would say - 'Do you think that everyone in India has a full ENGLISH breakfast or Sugar Puffs for breakfast??!')

    HTH, but I think that you already know what you want to do...
  6. -Tally-

    -Tally- Silver Member

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    I'm not a fan of breakfast really either...it's not that I don't like cereal it's just that I don't like eating when I'm first awake. So I have "brunch" and normally have something like poached eggs on toast. Lonestitcher is right though, you can have anything you like for breakfast, syn it or have it from free foods and use your HEx's for something else.
  7. Lelly11

    Lelly11 Member

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    Hi everyone thanks for replying!

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