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Three months to loss two stone?!?

Three months to loss two stone, is that even possible?

Hi I'm nixy I got to target back in April and now I'm back to square one....annoyed is an understatement!!

Now in that time I have started and failed at slimming world twice, once even going to class for one week and not bothering to return!! Oh the shame (at that point I only had a stone to lose, now I have doubled my problem) I even started a blog on here twice... Oh dear

So here I am newly engaged (one reason I have put so much recently, everyone wants to celebrate) and a holiday in Costa Rica in just three months time!

When I got to target in April I purchased a load of new clothes which now don't fit... But as most of these where summer clothes and the im is to wear these again on holiday!

So I joined a newly opened class on Saturday which at the moment is fairly small, which I like! Class I went to before was huge and it took forever to go round everyone. Everyone seemed really nice which is great and the consultant a lot different to the old one. Also new consultant is nearer my age which I hope means we will get on better and have more in common!

I would like o use my diary to write everything (good and bad) down every day I can. I have quite an active social life which can cause problems!

So here goes, this time to losing the weight is not an option!

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Hi Nixy

I've set the same target as you as I am off on hols. I Joined SW after a 5-6yr break. Good luck with your weight loss journey x


Better to Drink your Syns
Hi Nixy and Missy B,
Nice to meet the both of you!
Good luck to the both of you on your aim to slim for your hols, I will look forward to following your journeys x
Hi Nixy

I'm a green girl as I don't eat meat and only occasionally eat fish, so I'll HEX them.
I made some syn free ice cream today and it was scrummy. Just off to make my tea of pasta quorn toms and loads of veggies and to get my pack up organised for work tomorrow.
Do u fancy being slimming buddies as we have a similar amount to loose?
Hi ya

Yes that would be great, I need all the help I can get!! My dinner is roast chicken, with roast veg.. Using one of my healthy b's for new potatos and the other for olive oil.

This is me so far, on a red day


Apple and nectarine


2 boiled eggs and two rawness of bacon done in fry light and all fat trimmed off.


4 x crab sticks


Roast chicken
Roasted courgette, carrot, mushroom, aubergine, peppers and 198g of new potato in fry light and balsamic vinegar.
Used 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for the chicken.


Activia snack pot (rasperry)

Semi skimmed milk for HEA for tea

Walked quite a way today up a big hill for some body magic, not sure how long I walk but was quite warm after.

aw gl both on your journeys :) and i hope you get slim for the time you have set im looking to lose 2 stone by christmas so ill be watching your journeys xxxx gl xx
Hey ladies,

I'm trying to do this too, it's roughly 2lbs a week so very do-able! Saying that I lost 3lbs this week but have stuffed my face and totally come of plan this weekend :( It's just having the will power to SAY NO! haha

Good luck, let's see how we get on!
aw elly wd you for losing the weight and remember 1 slip up is not the end just get bak on it tomoz dont beat yourself up about it and keep trying remember it too along time for the weight to go on so will take just as much time for it to come off xx gl on your journey hun and keep at it ! :) xx
im sure we will get there ilovecabbage reading all the stories and posts makes me feel alot better knowing im not alone in this journey, gives us all a nudge in the right direction hey. i only do the green days as im a vegetarian but i eat more now than before i was dieting lol im finding im just cooking differently and preaparing meals are making all the difference. any time u are feeling a lil off course give me a shoout and ill steer you clear of the syns lol x gl xx
Woo if we all stick together we will do it, I need to I can't imagine how uncomfortable I would be still at this weight in 3 months time ( if not more) sitting on the beach with my friends (who are slim) wishing I had tried harder... One day at a time I think!!

So today will be a good day!! Just had two boiled eggs and my packed lunch is left over roast chicken and roasted veg!!! Although I won't be eating the skin a tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin) was used so to be on the safe side that will be one of my HEB's

So today will be a red day, unsure at this point what to have for dinner, maybe something I can have left overs for lunch tomorrow. Then I'm going for a jog later, only 30 mins as building up slowly

Have a great day

Keep that holiday in mind Nixy!! I go away in a month and my summer shorts are all too tight!! Im not giving myself the option to fail, I will get to 10 stone by then even if I have to live off super speed soup the week before I go!!!

You can do it, keep getting your summer clothes out to remind you why youre doing this. Also keep up the exercise to drop inches.
I made myself sound much better at jogging than I actually am. I have an app on the iPhone that breaks the 30 min, warm up at a walk for five mins then alternate between walking and jogging with a 5 min cool down. The aim is to get to 10k.

So today has been good, red day again,


2 x boiled eggs


1 apple and a nectarine


Left over roast chicken and roast veg, I used a tablespoon of olive oil so thought I better count it today so that is one of my HEBs


Went into morrisons and the had a snack pot size (100g ish) of seafood for 79p bargain!

Dinner ( I was quite impressed, even the boyf had seconds)

Moussaka made with extra lean mince ( I hope this is free, it's not on syns online)
Onion and garlic in fry light and chopped tomatoes, grilled aubergine with the sause made of natural fat free yogurt and egg.
Sprinkled 56g of parmesan onto so 26g was my one of my HEAs, boyf had 2 portions and the rest is mine for lunch tomorrow so I recon about 3 syns to add tomorrow.

Made stewed apple (198g is speed food) with cinnamon, boyf also liked this and ate the leftovers, I'm on a roll today!!

Finally just having a caramel options at 2syns...it's a bit sweet. Only used 2 syns but will be back to full 10 tomorrow!!

How's everyone's days been?
Hi Nixy

So how's it been going today? I've been really busy at work as it means that I don't have time to think about food :) and have a really good week.

I made myself a large saucepan of syn free veggie soup so I have been having that for lunch. Breakfast is usually porridge or all bran using soya light milk as I get 500ml for an HEX a choice. I'm using up some quorn cottage pies purchased pre slimming world so that's 4.5syns gone.

Well done on your run, I went to the gym at work for an hour then had a wet bike ride home.

I'm going for stewed apples tonight, it's my weigh day tomorrow so fingers crossed.

Where are you off to for you hols? I'm going to Mexico, my avatar is a picture of the resort that I'll be going to, I'm keeping it there as an incentive.

Keep up the good work
I'm going to Costa Rica, when is your holiday? Mine is 27th December so have just ove 3 months to lose the 2 stone...fingers crossed

I went to zumba on my lunch break at work, I was a bit rubbish but work provide free classes so thought I'd try.

Then I went to a class after work called kettle bell cardio which was a killer, I'm planning to blast the fat off!!

So another red day for me


2 x boiled eggs


Apple, nectarine and 4 crab sticks


Left over moussaka ( one HEA)




Chicken wrapped in bacon ( fat removed) 198g new potatoe (HEB) carrots and broccoli

Options sachet 2.5 syns I think

Haven't been eating my syns really which I know is bad!! But can't see the point of eating them for the sake of it.

Tomorrow I have an all day work exhibition in London with lunch provided, sure it won't be sw friendly so have boiled potatoes and taking fruit for a green day. I have a feeling I may have a few syns tomorrow

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