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Through the wonders of Facebook, I've learned sad news.

Blonde Logic

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I just found out that two friends of mine from high school, brothers, are both dead. :(

THe elder drank himself to death....and the younger who I was closer too committed suicide 8 years ago. Put a gun in his mouth. That is two people I have lost to that particular form of suicide. :cry:

The family is broken, and not recovered.

Its been 30 years since I have seen Thomas. But you never forget your childhood mates. I can see him as clearly now as the day we celebrated graduation. And that is the memory that will last.

Feeling a bit blue thinkin about them.

It is always the gentle souls, that this world is too hard for.

Be thankful for what we have. Life is short. :(

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sukie sue

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oh im so sorry for you , i too found out about the death of a dear school friend on facebook , and weirdly enough my own , yes you read it right one girl was telling another that i had died years ago , very nasty shock to read that , quite surreal , makes you wonder if these things are a totally good thing to have .
loss is never easy (trite i know) but reading about it on a random internet site makes it that bit worse i think .
again im sorry for youre horrible news x


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thats really sad BL
daisy x
So sorry hun

Sometimes I wonder whether all this technology is quite right for human kind.
It's a very impersonal way to learn of something so sad and sensitive. No wonder you feel blue. HUGS XXXX:cry:

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks guys. I will only remmeber him as the quiet, kind kid he was in school. Same with his brother. Those will be good memories. We obviously lost touch over the years as you do, so those are the only memories I have.

Looking back, it makes me wonder what was going on in his silence all those years ago...if it was just a matter of time. Thomas was kind, gentle, but very introspective.....who knows.

Life is short, and it really drives home perspective of things we moan about. I just wish it didn;t take events like this to make me realise it, but it always does.

I shared this because maybe it will help all of us too, when we are feeling sorry for ourselves because we cannot eat or drink at an event, or that we have to miss something tasty, etc. Our problems, and I use the term very loosely, or insignificant and temporary. Others are deep and final. We are the lucky ones.

Between my sis's troubles, and hearing news like this, makes me realise, I have it pretty damn good, and my troubles are really very insignificant.

Cheers all.


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That is sad news and you will always have your memories of them and they will live on in the hearts of those you love them.

Sending you hugs with fairy dust to make you less blue x


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Hugs BL.

We all need to put our lives in perspective sometimes, but its usually a sad or traumatic event that triggers our understanding of what we have. xx


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Awwww, so sorry to hear your sad news.

Louale x