Throwing a tantrum...


biker babe!
im not sure why, but at this very moment i would like to throw a HUGE tantrum. i feel stressed, and flailing around on the floor like an injured seal ( or sea manate in my case) might just make me feel better....or though im sure it would not go down too well in the office....
im tired, grumpy, worried (only abit about going to turkey on 8th Sept) skint (BOY am i skint!) and well, just generally displeased.


Thankyou, and that will be all......
hey Tash86!
I would love to have a long hot soak....but ive gotta go out for a meal for my sisters 21st and my wedding anniversary...dads treating us.
oh well, maybe tomorrow night i can get some peace and quiet...for a change!
and..ive just had two cups of tea...if i drink too many ill be running to the loo every 5 minutes.... the girls in the office will start to worry! cant beat a good cuppa!
Just because of those stupid bombs. Im not TOO worried, but it will be there in the back of my mind all the time....and ill be more wary of going to Icmeler market or popping into Marmaris for the day.... ill have too see how i feel when im there.

i just cant understand some people, they just have to ruin everything. Turkey is such a beautiful friendly country...GRRR makes me MAD!!!
Try not to worry, hun - one of my clients came back from Turkey yesterday and came to see me last night, telling me that she heard the bombs. She was very relaxed about it - kind of the theory that you're ok if the 'bullet hasn't got your name on it'!!

I think that you can't let fear of what might happen have an adverse effect on your daily life - that's how the terrorists win!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday, darling - you deserve it!!!