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I got to 3oclock today and have fell of this sw wagon
No idea why i had a good lunch and i had a fridge full of healthy stuff so why did i stuf it up
5biscuits toast with real lurpack crisps you name it ive had it
I have my first weigh in tomorow and i will prob make history by being the only person to gain in first wk
I am so down now even tho i did it to myself
Why am i so stupid :wave_cry:
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I Will & I Can!!
u mite be suprised, on mothersday i ate ALOT and i had weigh in the next day and i lost 3lb was quite amazed. so u never kno, how has ur week been x


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I think you just need to move on and try to put it behind you and get back on track.

Ive done stuff like that and didnt know why once youve had the dreaded biscuits you just think well I may as well have what else I fancy.

Its done now be good from now on if you can.:D


I Will & I Can!!
i think u will be fine, our bodies r all diff but theres been weeks where i have pigged out and to my amazement ive lost! but if u have been good all week then i doubt that lil session wud of made u gained lol

dont worry and let me no how u get on at weigh in xxx
Firstly, I doubt you will be the first person to gain on your first WI!! Secondly you are ABSOLUTELY NOT stupid. Thirdly - in order to gain weight I reckon you would need to have eaten about 50 syns at least.

My gift to you is
A big fat line
Draw one, carry on as before and do not worry about it anymore. you cannot change it - focus on what you can change
Good luck at WI tomorrow xx


I Will & I Can!!
and dont be embarred or ashamed if u have gained, we r all human and s h i t happens lol. i find that if i lose ill stay at the group and feel rele proud lol but if i stay the same or gain ill leave promptly lol.

good luck xx


I Will & I Can!!
i meant to say embarassed'
I so nearly didn't go last week. The weekend before I'd been away and in situations where food choices were dire. I was way over budget synwise and so convinced I'd blown it I didn't want to think about weighing.

I was persuaded to go and I lost 3lb. :D

But even if I hadn't lost a thing it was right to go and make sure whatever damage had been done was put behind me and not allowed to escalate. xx
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I Will & I Can!!

i bet u didnt expect that aye!! TOLD YA!

well done bet ur sooo proud. thats like nearly half a stone lol... ive never lost that much in 1 week i wish.


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