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I hope it makes people laugh. Decided to load up minimins before I go to work today to get motivated for the day ahead - its weigh in day. Hope everyone has a good day and alll day those ounces/pounds will be slipping off us!
ooooh sorry Susan - juts spotted you loss on WW on your signature. That's fantastic! Going straight form CD to WW and still losing weight - brilliant. Not to long and you'll be at goal.
Morning everyone!! I am about to go have my first pack and litre of the day. Just a tiny question, on average how much water do you drink daily?
hi everyone, had a black coffee so far, need to get my a*se in gear! Am dragging my feet setting off to work as I did a 12 hour day yesterday (only paid for 7.5) so am taking some toil this am. But am doing a joint presentation training thing this afternoon, so have to go in soon and catch up with a colleague. I hate public speaking (will be to 20+) people, so not looking forward to it. But as I wasn't at my work base yesterday I had better go in to make sure most of the prep work has been done. Boo hoo, wish me luck, really not wanting to do this today (or any day if it comes to that !)


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morning guys. sylie, i drink between 3 and 4 litres a day if i'm good. am aiming for four a day over the next few days as my weight loss has been stalled forever!!

abz xx
I tend to do 3 to 5. I don't count once I get back 3. I tend to drink loads more when I'm at work as I get at least two glasses of water each time. It also depends if there are any times when I can't go to the toilet (like a meeting this morning) in which case I cut down. I'm worse at drinking water at the weekend as not in the routine.
I drink more when am at home. I can't really drink more than a litre when am at Uni because who wants to run out of lectures or labs in search of the loo? I think in a day I drinkk just over 2 and a half litres, if am at Uni. If am not I tend to drink more but I stop counting once I hit 2 and a half.


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning All, hope everyone is having a good day so far!

3 coffee's, and 1 litre water down, thinking of having my butterscotch shake very soon as tummy is rumbling!!

Good luck for WI Allykat!

Well done on your 1lb loss Susan, that's great!! How are you finding the transition from CD to WW?


im finding ww great, i still drink the water and not had any cakes or that kind of stuff as cd has taken away those cravings, I just enjoy good healthy fresh food.xx


Trying to stay healthy!
Tthat sounds fab Susan! i've just started the 1000 plan and loving it so far feels weird having certain things like carbs...!! the scales didn't protest too much about it though this morning so that's good. what calorie level is WW? do you find yourself opting for lower carb options?
Morning (again, I was on the late night shift too, see above!) Had coffee and T&W porridge. Susan, a 1lb off in your first week is excellent. A lot of people put on a pound when they switch diets. Tired today. Got to do some work!
lelly i would guess ww being around the 1200 mark, yes i tend to watch my carbs and just go for small portions of pasta, rice etc.


Trying to stay healthy!
Afternoon all, hope everyone's day is going well!

I went shopping for kids xmas pj's in my lunchhour and narrowly avoided spending over £40 on really lovely cute stuff but called hubby to get him to talk me out of it and he did, they're just clothes to sleep in go to Primark instead, so i left...phew! £4 Primark jarmies it will be!!
had 2 litres of water so far, need to have my soup now and more coffee! off to boil kettle...

Eeeeekkkkkk, ive arranged a date for tomorrow night !!!
ARRGGGHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! im 55 for goodness sake lol.
Lynne x
oh no! Is that your official weigh in? if not, it will probbly slip off again before wi. your body naturally fluctuates by a few pounds so please don't be disheartened.

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