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Thursday's Menus

Morning all, lovely and sunny in London today!! :cool:

B: Skinny sf vanilla latte HE A, watermelon, porridge HE B

MM: fruit salad, mullerlight

L: Ham and egg salad, lf dressing 2 syns
MA: apple

D: Out tonight in London with hubby, so probably something noodly from Wagamama (will stay with the veggie option)

S: alpen light 1/2 HE B, banana, carrots
E: rest day today
W: 2-3 litres

Have a good day!!
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Stacey's Menu

B: Oat so simple made with milk (A), blueberries

L: Possibly puy lentil, feta (B) and couscous salad or cold Batchelor's pasta and sauce with rest of milk (A) & cheese (A) with some added veg

D: Eggs, chips & beans

Snacks: usually fruit but I tend to fill up on my main meals so don't snack that much. Will have HiFi bar (B) for dessert if I don't have feta at lunch. Or 3 babybel light (A) if I have lentil/couscous salad. Boy that sounds confusing!

Syns: Meringue next in my fruit salad (2.5), couple of sweets (3) Keeping syns to around 5 today as I went over by 10 last night after weigh in.
Hiya girlies your menu's look delish!
Ive started a fresh today so hopfully its the start of my yet again new journey to slimville!!!

Well done keep up the good work girls

Ruthy xxx


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Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with 3 x ww brown danish toast (hex b), topped with laughing cow extra light (hex a) & marmite

Lunch: apple, banana and shape lasting satisfaction blackberry yogurt

Dinner: (after weigh in tonight) wholemeal pitta with houmous, salad and falafel (don't know how many syns, but its right after weigh in so doesn't matter!)

Supper: mug of cocoa (1 syn) and 1 alpen light (half a hex b)
Red day

Hi guys

B: Oat so simple Hex (b) made with milk Hex (a)

L: Warm Turkey breast salad
Mixed berries & banana fruit salad with
muller light yogurt.

D: 3xww brown danish (400g) Hex (b)
Rest of turkey breast steak

Snacks: fruit/yogurt

Syns: Cadbury Twirl Snack size 9 syns
options drink 2 syns
ww cheese puffs 2.5 syns


Reached Target. woohoo
B: 2 weetabix and milk
L: savoury rice
D: sweetchilli con carne
Supper: 4 ryvita and laughing cow extra lights
Snacks: yogurts and fruit


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Brekkie: 2 Ryvita, 2 laughing cow and a banana

Lunch: Tin of sketti, muller light yog

Dinner: SW chips, egg and mushy peas

Syns : Fudge

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