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  1. fatpossum

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    I have an underactive thyroid and take medication daily to compensate. I will have to do so for the rest of my life - mine is the result of an autoimmune disorder and wont recover.

    I am wondering if this could account for the fact that my weight loss seems a little slow compared to other people in my group. I am very disciplined, drink my water and even excercise but evenso other people come off with much greater losses than me :cry:

    I know that I don't need to lose as much as most people but I still think I should be making better progress.

    I have lost 1 stone and 6 pounds in 4 weeks but other people have lost more.

    I find it a bit disheartening particualry if I have really suffered one week. Two pounds hardly seems worth it all.

    I am not giving up so no preaching necessary :rolleyes: but has anyone else experienced this?

    The medics were of the view that the thyroid could be 'corrected' by admininistering medication but more and more this has been found to be untrue and some specialists have written books on the importance of diet for those with thyroid problems.

    I have asked the LLC about it a few weeks ago but she said it would have no bearing at all - but then I don't know that she would necessarily know.
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  3. KD

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    Um. I have Hashimotos Disease (aswell as Menieres Disease:rolleyes: )

    My losses were smaller than most, but I still got there in the end :)

    I felt I had no option. I could lose on Cambridge, what choice was there but to keep going
  4. cheerydino

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    Lighter Life
    Another hypothyriod here..... See my stats below, I've had some good losses. I am in development at the moment after losing four and half stones in Foundation. I also have greater weight losses than anyone else in the Foundation. I didn't realise until my LLC announced it to the group!

    Well, I wouldn't say that my thyriod condition has affected my weight loss. I have had my doubts before my first weigh-in but I must admit though, I drink more water than recommended which seem to have made the difference.

    But...the week that I lost 1lb....I drank only 4 litres, and I followed the diet 100%.
  5. Cerulean

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    I wouldn't say that 20lbs in 4 weeks is slow at all. You're looking good for averaging a stone every 4 weeks for the first 12 weeks which is great and a lot faster than some people with no thyroid problems!

    Also - you say that you have been disciplined - but didn't you have three bars in a day? I'm not saying that it means that you are not disciplined - because you have stuck to LL for a month now, but it seems to me that the greatest losses come when you follow the plan to the letter.
  6. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I also have an underactive thyroid, don't think it's affected my losses though --- thing is we'll never know, we're cant' see what might have been if we didn't have this.

    Stay positive though, you're doing really well - 20lb is a great loss!

  7. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    HI FP, I've lost only just a bit more than that in 4 weeks and I'm one of the top losers in my group. There are a couple struggling to lose more than 1.5 lbs a week and they are being strict.

    Saying that I want more to come off than does (being greedy as usual).
    So I checked my old Weight Watcher cards yesterday and it took me 25 weeks to lose 20.5 lbs. It made me realise that 20/21 lbs in 4 weeks is really good going.
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  8. Goombagirl

    Goombagirl Full Member

    Hi FP, I was interested to see your post. I too drank my water, ate the packs (including 1 bar a day), did plenty of exercise and lost 20 lbs in the first four weeks. The only difference is that I was delighted with my loss! And I'm equally delighted with my foundation loss and where I am now! My group didn't compare losses which with hindsight was probably extremely helpful. I didn't expect to lose more than 3 stone in foundation (but secretly hoped for 3 1/2) so was pleasantly surprised. All you can do is follow the rules of the diet - your body will do what it will do, so relax and focus on the positives. I know it feels hard sometimes but you'll get to your target if you keep going and don't compare yourself with others.
  9. NICKY

    NICKY Full Member

    i too have an underactive thyroid and i thought my losses were slow
    but it seems we are on an even keel babes coz i have lost a stone and 3 pounds in 4 weeks
    just think you could not do that on any other diet i.e weightwatchers
    so be happy
    i am sure we will catch up in the end
  10. lilscottishlady

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    I have an underactive thryroid to was diagnosed just before I went on LL and so far my weight loss has been excellent!!

    Good luck!
  11. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    !Also - you say that you have been disciplined - but didn't you have three bars in a day? I'm not saying that it means that you are not disciplined - because you have stuck to LL for a month now, but it seems to me that the greatest losses come when you follow the plan to the letter.[/quote]

    True I did scoff 3 bars one day but it was that or A & E!!!
  12. Cerulean

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    Why was it that or A&E? Sorry if I'm being too nosey - I know you've posted about your wipeouts - and I have had about a day a month in the last 4 months that left me so dizzy I thought I would have to eat, but that was always to do with dehydration due to pushing myself too hard physically (the worst day was when I moved house from the 3rd floor of one building to the 3rd floor of another and I couldnt get any water down me - I calculated that I burned 4000 calories that day so no wonder I thought I was going to die!), but one of the things LL seeks to deal with is our need to self-medicate with food.

    Also - I think your loss is excellent for someone who only has the standard 3 stone to lose. If you're smaller than a 14 in the first 4 weeks it's a bit difficult to compare yourself to someone who has 20 weeks to go until they're a size 14. You're half way to goal in less than a third of the hundred days. I lost 7 lbs more than you in the first 4 weeks, but I had 3 times as much to lose. As you are lighter you burn less calories in a day that someone who weighs 6 stone more.

    So in summary, you are doing fabulously!
  13. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Looks like you're doing well to me....
  14. Jodie

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    Lighter Life
    Hi there.
    I have an underactive thyroid too and am on medication. I haven't noticed any obvious difference from other people. I would say that it is really really important to drink the water though. Also, if you find you are struggling to keep the motivation going with slightly slower weight loss, maybe increase exercise a bit so that you get more of a buzz from that? Just keep talking to your counsellor if you are worried and make sure you don't keep concerns to yourself. I think you are doing amazingly well though and any weight loss means that you are heading in the right direction. Best of luck, xx
  15. htpink

    htpink CDC

    I was told the other day about Sea Kelp??? a natural product to help the thyroid - anyone tried this?
  16. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    Hi Cerulean

    Hi Cerulean,

    I have had some really dreadful days on LL. Nothing to do with my mind, purely my body!! I have felt so weak, I have had problems getting out of my car and have had to rest at the top of one short flight of stairs!! That is not me at all - I have excellent aerobic fitness and before LL only got out of breath after intensive exercise.

    On my "3-bar day" :eek: - I felt so bad I was afraid to even have a bath for fear of fainting while in the water! Sounds dramatic I know but it's true. So I felt I needed to eat something - I didn't want to eat 'normal' food so I scoffed the bars. I dropped one pack as a result so I had 2 packs and three bars that day. Not ideal I know but I was desperate.

    I've never been as bad since - today wasn't the best as my legs felt like lead. But I got to the end of it.

    I am desperate for a "big" weight loss this week so I have been doing as much activity as possible and drinking lots and lots of water. I soooooooooooooooooooo want to lose 4 or 5 pounds!

    I am very impatient. I want to be below 11 stone by the beginning of June which means I just have to lose that 4 or 5 pounds.

    Fingers crossed!
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