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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
thanks louise,

I have followed the link and selected my ticker, its now asking me to cut and paste the ticker link,

where and how?????
Hey Kat... :)

If you go through the process again, until it displays the message where it asks you to cut and paste etc... then save that page as a bookmark so you can go back there easily. It should save your PIN for the next time, but if not, obviously make yourself a note of it, so you can re-enter it! Every time you go in to update it, the codes displayed at the foot of the page will be the one you copy and paste into here, to keep your ticker displaying the correct losses! (I think you need to copy and paste it each time you update it, although, it might happen automatically, someone will have to correct me on that as not totally sure!) ;)

Aaanyway, to do this, you need the code which has
in it's text! If you go into the box, highlight it all, right click to copy... and then come in to this forum...

Go into your 'User CP' (Top left of the page, in blue) and then click on 'signiture'...

Then right click to paste the code in... and save... and ta-daaaa! :D

/Think I may have made it sound more complicated than it is... but seriously, it's pretty easy... promise! ;)

Good luck... xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Woohooo!! Look at yooooou with your fancy-schmansy ticker!! Lol... :D

Glad you worked it out hunny... Nice pink shoe by the way... ;)

EDITED TO ADD: I just updated my ticker on the ticker website thingy and then just closed the webpage. I then refreshed this thread, looked at my ticker, and it was updated on here!... So, this confirms you don't need to re-copy and paste the code each time you update it! (No doubt everyone already knew that, but I didn't...) ;)


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