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time of the month??

Sorry girls I have to raise this question.

However it has been the week before my time of the month and I propbably have only managed a lb this week however I never lose weight easily the week before my period, ontop of that I just want to eat chocolate, I'm irritable and sluggish and don't want to excercise and get very tired... :(

When it does arrive Im right as rain again, but I nearly always right off the week before, does anyone else get like this???
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i really don't know life
yup! although i'm the week after mine, and i still want chocolate lol!

it's just one of those things really. i find it's just hormonal cravings, so if i do resist i'm grumpy as owt but once it's over if feel really good that i managed to!

if you absolutely neeeed the choccie, put a bar in the freezer and suck on a piece every so often throughout the day - hard i know, when you just want to manically tear the wrapper off and gobble it down. you do really taste it then as well.

as for exercise - forcing it works, although i do have to chill my workout down a bit as i get tired quicker. i like to do yogalates dvds when i'm on, as it's really relaxing and helps me sleep (stops the pains quite a bit, too.

good ol' pmt eh? who'd have it?


wants to get super fit!
God, I am exactly the same! I dread that week every month - it's hell to get through (mine was last week) and it's always the week I lose the least too! I'm ravenous, grumpy and bloated - just worked out it'll be the week before I go away next month..........great!! :sigh:


wants to get super fit!
I always know when I'm due for my period because suddenly my life starts to revolve around chocolate!! Normally it doesn't bother me much at all but before TOTM, oh boy I'd kill. I do get tired more easily as well, that's the other sign I look out for is when I can sleep for 12hrs and still need more! Oh yeah and I suddenly get emotional about stupid stuff that normally is fine.
Ah good old hormones.
I used to be the same. But since I have been on Yasmin contraceptive pill ... I tend to just take the pill back to back to 2 or 3 months ... then have my break and its light and EXTREMELY painful - but I dont want to eat!!! wahooo!


i really don't know life
eek, yasmin!! i was an emotional wreck on that. cried at the bloody velvet loo roll ad - the kid was just so cute! safe to say once i realised what it was i quickly changed pill!
ohhh rhuba!
Poor you!
I was like that on marvelon, a complete wreck. Emotional, ate loads ... al sorts horrid!!!!
lol I was like that on every pill, then the hubby got the snip..

job done :D

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