Tipperary beats 2022


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S: 88.7kg C: 86.1kg G: 68kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2.6kg(2.97%)
The hula hoop arrived and I've given it a go. There is a bit of a knack to it and once you get it can keep going but it can take a few attempts to do it. It does feel like a bit of a workout and I was sweating after a 10 minute session. Will wait and see if it helps
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Hi tipp,
Good to see you back posting.
I've just come back from a few days in London. It was hot and lots of walking. Went to Kew Gardens. Not as good as I thought it would be.
I did have a weighted hula hoop but it gave me bruises around the middle. I'm sure you will get the hang of it soon.
I've changed my day around re:food. I have found I am better suited to having breakfast, cooked lunch then a couple slice of toast around 5pm.


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S: 88.7kg C: 86.1kg G: 68kg BMI: 37.8 Loss: 2.6kg(2.97%)
Hi all....I'm back....again. Lots of changes here and just haven't had time to post.

So I did go to London with my daughter. We were there the weekend of the extreme heat, over 40 degrees in any city is not comfortable. Did get to Covent Garden and got to the Gudrun's Joden shop which was one of the main reasons for the visit. Big sale on and I got three outfits.
Since then I have also been on a trip with husband. Hip got better but then I tore a calf muscle so we had to rent a car to get around, even to get to the beach.
More changes and disruption at work, new manager in, new manager out. I applied for 2 internal promotions and didn't get them and I'm really fed up in the role I'm in. I'm the lowest grade but have to pick up the work of those above me when not there...or train them when they are new...but they won't give me the job as on paper I'm not good enough. Anyway, I'm sick of it...so...I've gone back to college. Just part time but getting a new qualification in an upcoming area of health admin so giving me lots of options when I finish.

Anyway, that's a quick catch up but what's happening with my weight.
Well I was getting nowhere at all, just kidding myself that I was making an effort and bouncing the same 500g up and down. While I was on holidays I did a very short intro course on metabolic health with Patricia Daly and Dr Wafaa. Patricia is a nutritionist living here in Ireland, co author of the great book The Ketogenic Kitchen. She talks a lot about metabolic disease and recovery and prevention. So that has spurred me on.
I bought a glucose and keto monitor and have been monitoring my glucose over each day. I haven't started measuring ketones yet. The numbers are interesting, my glucose is high in the morning, higher again after swimming and drop steadily through the day. The meals I am having are not causing them to go up which is the plan.

So I'm following a keto diet and eating only twice a day, lunch and dinner. I'm back swimming and go each weekday, either before work or at lunchtime. Do between 12 and 20 lengths, that's all time allows for and I feel refreshed and ready for work after that. Food is good and nutritious and I'm not hungry, my appetite has certainly shrank. More focus needed to stay away from wine but I'm working on that.
Having the glucose readings is good focus. I had to go to my GP for my yearly regular blood tests last week and I just know he is going to mention it but at least now I have a pattern to show him and that it's exercise causing the spike not food.

Anyway, that's a very quick run down. I will be back later with the facts and figures but in 3 weeks I am down 3 kgs so very happy with that. People at work have noticed but to be honest I think it's just some puffiness gone from my face...but glad a change can be seen.

Off to catch up and will be back later.