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Morning all, just joined MiniMins and posted about myself in Introductions.
Anyway, I am 49 and would love to be a respectable weight before I am 50.
I find I hard to follow specific weight plans or clubs so found that the WeMitt forum is the "best fit" for me here at MiniMins. I hope to just eat sensibly and get more exercise. My plan is to walk about 15k a week and swim about 100 lengths.

I have said hello to a few other newbies in introductions and will have a wander around here.
I love the support you can get from online forums but do find I can spend too long trying to keep up with everyone and lose a lot of time to it.
I am 49 with a BMI of 35.3, my first goal is to lose 10.5 kilos which will give me a weight of 70kilos and a BMI of about 30.5....to get to be overweight rather than obese.

So, is there anyone here with a similar age and weight loss target that would like to buddy up with me
Hi Tipperary! I just wanted to say hello, as almost six years ago, in August 2011, I was in a similar position- 49 years old, and needing to get control of my weight. I was actually more than 10 stone overweight (21.5 stone), with a BMI over 40, and had yo-yo dieted for 30 years. I started calorie counting using MFP, and in September 2011 I joined Minimins I honestly believe that was the thing that made the difference this time, this site and the people I "met" on it, kept me going and motivated me hugely. I'm now maintaining at 9 stone, and still use this place to help keep me on the straight and narrow! So I can definitely recommend Minis as a great way to stay inspired and meet people in a similar situation, and you can definitely get to where you want to be! All the best. :) xx
Wow Tracy, that's an amazing achievement and really great encouragement. Knowing it can be done at this age is good to know, things like this are easier when you are younger but glad to know you had great success.
Just back in from a walk and was thinking about gaols for this year. So I have 50th birthday early next year but also have 3oth wedding anniversary in Sept, sisters 20th wedding anniversary also in Sept and parents 5oth anniversary next week. Cant do much by next week but will see about the others.
Wow Tracy, that's an amazing achievement and really great encouragement. Knowing it can be done at this age is good to know, things like this are easier when you are younger but glad to know you had great success.

You can definitely do this! I almost convinced myself that I was destined to remain middle aged and fat, but I'm very glad I didn't, and I really did get a lot of help from being on here and making good "virtual" friends. :) xx
Only day one but had a good start.

My strategies are to walk and swim as much as I can.
To eat sensibly and not nibble or snack too much on junk or wasted calories.
To reduce my wine intake, maybe 4 glasses of wine a week.
To reduce sugar and simple carbs
To diary everything I eat and drink including gum and mints

I will not log everything here normally but will for today as it was a good day and I want to write it down to see it and use it for a comparison.

7am: Green tea with a slice of lemon, a few cups (made with the one teabag and topped up)
Smoothie with an apple, a benecol yogurt drink, spinach and some vitamins/supplements and topped up with water

9.30am: Two slices of sourdough bread with half a mashed avocado and a poached egg (it was supposed to be brown soda bread but someone took it to work)
Peppermint tea, about two cups

12noon: a 3.5km walk in wellies through fields
2 sugar free polo mints

2pm: Homemade chunky veg broth with onions, peppers, carrots, leeks, celery, courgette, baby potatoes and chorizo, I had two bowls with 6 small wheat crackers each with a scraping of cottage cheese

6pm: Swim 20 lengths (20 metre pool)
Half a Nakd Cheeky berry bar

7.30: Stir fry made with half a chicken breast, stir fry veg, Konjac noodles and soy sauce. I used as full pack of noodles and shared with darling husband so we had about 100g of the Konjac noodles each
Peppermint tea and the rest of the berry bar.

I don't plan on having a walk and a swim every day but the opportunity arose today and I took it.
Hi Tipperary and welcome, sounds like you're off to a great start!

I love the konjac noodles too, use them a lot, they are so filling :).
I love the konjac noodles too, use them a lot, they are so filling :).

Yep,I only heard about them last week and our local Holland and Barrett had them on a special BOGOF. I have tried the noodles and the rice. I used the rice for egg fried rice for breakfast on Friday and have half the pack left for dinner this evening. I have made a stir fry now two nights in a row with stir fry veg, the noodles and chicken breast and it has fed two of us.
I have bulk ordered a mixed pack (12) with the pasta too and plan on making some meals with quorn mince, some chillis and Bolognese type things...high protein, low fat and low carb...has to be a winner.
Just had my apple and spinach smoothie and off the clean the kitchen and then have proper breakfast. Again I am planning on brown soda toast with half an avocado and a poached egg, I have decided on a duck egg this morning but am just waiting on Quackity the Duck to lay it for me.

I am a daily weigh in person. Reading through the forum I know some people rather do it weekly or monthly and be happy to see a bigger loss but for me I find daily better. My official weight is every Friday and the only one recorded but I need to see each days figures to keep me motivated. For example if my daily weight is up I look at what I did and what I ate and see if I can identify the reason and it makes me more determined the next day. So Friday is official day but I know only monthly figures are true ones.

So today is darling husbands birthday and I am having the family for lunch and will make him a cake, a Victoria sponge with cream and some wine poached plums I made last summer. We will be having some salads and nibbles to start and the mash and baby potatoes with garlic, courgettes and tomatoes and for them lamb chops and me chicken. It all sounds fine if I don't have gravy or butter and limit the cake. Keeping away from the wine will be harder. It is also Mothers day, Happy Mothers day to you all, darling son will get me flowers and daughter one always buys me bulbs or flower seeds, daughter two sent me some pure wool socks....so I will be safe from boxes of chocolates.
Hi! Happy Mother's Day to you!
Sounds like you're off to a great start, lots of motivation and yummy food choices xx
Well I did great with the food and had two half slices of cake through the day. I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge so made an egg sponge instead of a Victoria Sandwich so no added fat to it. I didn't do great with the wine at all, my quota for the week is gone now. I didn't get a walk or a swim, I was in the kitchen form 9 to 1.30 and hen say with the family for about 4 hours. Then I fell asleep watching TV and didn't wake up till 9pm. So no walk but also I had no evening meal. Having my smoothie now and than out for a walk as my head is feeling a bit muggy. The clocks have changed so the extra hour in the evening can be used for walking, swimming or gardening instead of vegging out in front of the TV.
I want to move my Ticker...roll on Friday and hopefully I can
Yes it's lovely having the evenings lighter now. Helps the motivation to get out and about!
Morning again, well I got a swim and a walk yesterday. Walk in the morning and I managed to get darling husband out for a swim in the evening which was great. Just over a year ago he was involved in a minor car crash which has damaged the soft tissue in his back, he has simply decided he will have back ache forever and won't make any effort to help himself. So getting him to the pool hopefully is just the first or a few trip each week for him.
Still another small drop in weight for me and I am really looking forward to being able to move my ticker on Friday.
Well done for getting the excercise in. Lovely that your husband will join you for a swim, a bit of company makes all the difference
This morning I have increased (gulp!!!:eek:) my desired weight loss between now an September, I have set it to bring my BMI below 30 and no longer be obese, a happy and achievable target I hope.

Though it gives me an extra 2 kilos to lose.....I wonder how many extra lengths of the pool that means
Well, I did change the ticker, do I have to upload the code each time I change it?
Morning. Walking coming along and so is swimming. I was tired yesterday but went out for a short walk yesterday evening but didn't get a swim in. Today I have been called to help out in my neighbours bakery, this means 5 hours standing and physical work. Great for my arms but deadly for my back (rolling out about 120 apple tarts). I know when I come back I will only be able to lie down for an hour or s and won't be able to swim.

I have continued with my smoothie every day, a handful of spinach, an apple and a cholesterol lowering yogurt drink topped up with some water and some vitamins and minerals added (magnesium, B complex, milk thistle and acidophilus). This morning I also added some spirulana powder. I normally drink peppermint tea or green tea but now have some match green tea with ginseng, it tastes great and hopefully adds to my energy which is still very low. Three full days gone without a glass of wine, though I did have my new weekly quota of four glasses on Sunday.
The smoothies sound fab. I haven't had spirulina powder for years, remember it as being a bit gritty? But I'm sure it has improved since then :D.

Good luck at the bakery - I used to work in one at school and it was hard work - a long hot bath for you when you're finished!