Tipperary wobbles into 2024

I've not watched the Blue Zone.
Morning all, I've been gone from here for 5 months and hopefully back now. Writing lots of short messages, reason for which you will see.
Pain in hip got much worse and reduced my mobility hugely. I couldn't really walk more than 100m comfortably. It took up so much of my focus that I couldn't concentrate on other things and was tired all th time. I drove to work and home each day and lay on the couch.
I stopped walking
I stopped swimming
I stopped paying attention to my diet and general health
I had a family wedding in Spain mid May and another family event end of May. My weight increased to a whopping 86kg. I bought a dress for both events, the dress itself was lovely but I was just too bloated and big to do it any justice. I got through both events, they were enjoyable. I knew I had hip surgery planned for mid June and kept going knowing I would get sorted and a new Tipperary would emerge. A planned recovery time of 6 weeks would have me pain free, mobile, exercising and well on the way to losing proper weight and getting healthy.
Not sure if I had mentioned but I was terrified of general anaesthetic, not the surgery, not been sliced open, not the pain afterwards but the anaesthetic.
Long story short I had the surgery at 0830, woke up 1030 all looked good. 24 hours later I'm in an ambulance being rushed to another hospital for two CTs and an MRI and it was confirmed I had a stroke
Yep, 3 weeks ago following elective surgery I had a stroke.
I'm home, I'm safe but have suffered loss of feeling on my right side, my face, my leg but mainly my hand and arm
This is the reason for short messages, it takes a lot of concentration to get my hand to work properly. But I have to keep using it to build the motor memory back
I've been doing physio for my hip and go back to the hip doctor next Monday. I hope he allows my back into the pool cos I really need to see what full body movement I have and that's the easiest way. It has been hard to assess any stroke damage to my leg due to the hip operation, keeping it immobile and pain relief.
I was given an OT assessment in the hospital and have definite loss of fine motor skills in right hand. Given lots of exercises to do, I couldn't control my hand to write 3 Weeks ago but can do so slowly now. Can't manage typing yet, using touchpad on the tablet. And not allowed drive yet
Have been visited at home by an OT whom I've to contact again after I see stroke team in mid August,to see about a referral to the community neurological team re getting used back in my arm and also for a driving assessment
As you can imagine, I'm in shock, I'm very emotional and completely exhausted. All day seems to be spent exercising and trying to figure out what tablets I've to take next, I seem to be on lots and I'm not sure if all of them are actually good for me. But will discuss that with stroke team when I meet them.
6 week planned leave has been extended to 9 but not sure what the long term prognosis is yet.
The OT who called had a very holistic attitude, see said don't hurry anything and sit in your garden and heal.
So I need to get mobile, I need to remember how to use my hand. But as usual I need to loose weight and get healthier
Day of surgery I was 86kg, in just over 3 weeks I've dropped almost 5kg. This has slowed down as expected but also some of the meds I'm on may cause weight gain so I have to try very hard. I can hobble around the house but still need crutches outside. With these I am managing to do a daily 1.5km walk daily, which to be honest is more exercise than I have probably been getting since Christmas
Will be back with stats etc but not setting formal goals until I see doctor on Monday and know what movement I'm allowed.
Talk later, take care
O @tipperary I’m so, so sorry to hear about this and can’t imagine how you are feeling.

Thinking of you ❤️
Thanks @Halley . I'm OK, I'm lucky compared to some. But this came out of the blue for me, not something I ever anticipated. Even though you are always told it's a risk with general anaesthetic you don't imagine it will happen
I'm eating healthy and exercising as I can but have to rest a lot. And my days seem to revolve around what meds are before food and what meds are after it? What physio I have to do for my hip but what limitations does my stroke put on that?
I'm on blood thinners 2 lots (body is black and blue as bruise at the slightest touch), blood pressure tablets, statins- a huge dose and I really disagree with statins so doing my research so I can put my case to the consultant, and still some pain relief. Just paracetamol as can't take anti inflammatories with blood thinners. And also on stomach tablets to prevent issues with all these meds. I hate taking medication anyway but the idea of taking something to counteract the side effects of something else really annoys me
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I've been monitoring my blood sugars and the are getting higher and I'm guessing it's the meds as I'm eating barely any carbs at all and fasting at least 20 hours a day. Again I'm blaming the statins
Weight is going down though and a NSV is a ring I have always worn on my left hand now fits on my right hand. I wonder is it all the OT I'm doing?
Morning, a good day yesterday and just getting ready for a short walk now. I can manage a 2km walk on crutches. I just use them for balance really and not for weight baring. Without them I tend to lean on my good hip too much and have an awkward gait.
Morning all, here today to make a plan.
Day of surgery and stroke is now new day one and I was 86kg. When being measured at the clinic I discovered I am 1cm taller than I thought I was. 😂 I'm 152cm tall instead of the 151cm I always thought I was. I'm still under 5 feet tall but that 1cm helps with my BMI calculations 🤣🤣🤣
Goal for sons wedding in October is a very ambitious 70kg which is about a kilo a week. I'm aiming high this time as now my health is under serious threat. Also the reason for the surgery was to get full mobility back and be able to be more active.
I'm at home so have time to concentrate on myself and to properly plan meals.At the moment I'm having a good low carb meal about 2pm and a smaller meal about 6pm fasting between 18 and 20 hours daily.