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tips for drinking water please

Hi everyone..

For those of you that read my other post, I'm feeling a bit better today :)

However, I am having real trouble drinking my water today. I am not a water drinker, to be honest I cant stand the stuff, makes me shiver when I swallow it. Any way, I have been managing to drink at least 2 ltrs (5pints) aday so far on LT (I'm on day 7 now).

But today I have only drank just over 1ltr and I cant bare another mouthfull... The taste of the water is vile today. It doesnt help having a horrible taste in my mouth to start with and it seems when I drink the water, all I'm doing is tasting the digusting taste in my mouth!!

I'm really starting to struggle now.. i just want to have a chicken curry right now, with poppudoms.......... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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Hard isn't it? I must admit I have always struggled with this and probably only manage 3 litres a day, which includes my tea and coffee. The only way I could drink it is by having it at room temperature. I fill a 2L bottle as soon as I get to work in the morning and keep a glass on my desk which I top up all day. I make sure I drink the whole 2L before going home.

I don't think you're allowed the flavourings yet, but to be honest if you're struggling to get the water down I really think that would be a safer option than resorting to squash or fruit juice, etc. Have a word with your counsellor.
yip I'mstrugglin with water too -beatin the black tea into me tho and have developed and liking for sparkling too. Also I think it makes me feel hungrier!! Tho I'll have to get over that cus it really does flush the fat out - good luck and just keep trying -if you can survive even 7 days on lipotrim you can do anything!
Missing Thread!!!

I thought I posted a thread about my partners weight loss -but now I cant find it can anone help?...that is if i don;t lose this one too.

Wouldn't mind losing thread if they weighed a few pound each lol ;)
Im thinking chicken curry now curly haha....be strong be strong
Tracy xxx
I'm actually really lucky that i like water and drink it most of the time anyway. The thought of another pint each time though is a bit annoying. Fresh orange would be nice but nevermind Lt chocolate wil do


Seeking thinner peace
Warm to hot water goes down a treat. Keep it by your side. Tesco has some cheap clip-it type two litre water/juice jugs (£1.50) that travel well. I fill it 1/3 cold water and 2/3 hot water. Obviously it cools with time but even at room temp, it beats ice cold water.

I have this little ritual of following each trip to the loo with a glassful of water. An idea for you perhaps??

Green tea if you like. Drink it by the bucket. If all else fails then start on the water flavouring from week 3.

Get glugging .

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