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Tired all the time!!

I have been feeling so tired too - am on just green days so have been trying to have more beans and protein generally. Also I have bought some dieters supplement tablets from Boots - only about £2.50 for a months worth. Feel lacking in ooomph so hope they will help!!


resident foodaholic
i find i have more energy with this diet, i think it must be the fresh veg.
Try to avoid 'carb coma' by spacing your three meals to six smaller meals a day.
Vitamin B complex are good. If you're doing all green ensure that you are getting enough Iron. Plant iron is more difficult for the body to process than iron from meat, so make sure you have plenty of vitamin C, and no calcium at the same time.
Alos if you've increased your exercise alot be sure to eat slightly more, you need calories to burn calories.
I suffered with this when I first started SW too. To the point that I was having to lay down as soon as I got home from work, and not doing the things I would have normally. I did think about going to the doctors, but by the time I actually mustered up the courage, cos I kept thinking, ill give it another few days, ill give it another week, etc. then it just cleared up on its own. I put it down to such a drastic change in my diet. Hope you feel better with it soon xx xx

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