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to be honest or not to be

as i have lost loads of weight it is quite obvious to everyone and the first and most question i get is wow how the hell did u do it then i pause first i was honest and explained my diet but now i just say gym 5/6 times a week with a personal trainer that does my diet too. Reason is when i am honest people look down on the diet and can not do enough to tell me my fat is coming back and this time wih a vengence and one person even said ah see u in 2 months and u will be back to ure fat self to this i just looked at them and told them not faster than i can slap u into 2months LOL i was and am prepared about these comments during the diet as people do not see u eating but now i am am wating healthly i am a bit taken aback so now do avoid this i lie anyone else have advice or comments
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Some people are just 5hits!!! I was bracing myself for no support and nasty comments from friends and family but luckily they have all been great and are even telling others about how much i lost in 1 week. I have recruited two people already lol.

I was honest and lucked out, if you can deal with the barrage of questions and occasional disbeliever then i would just tell them the truth, so what if they think it doesnt work. You are PROOF it does!!
lol i would just slap em anyway, i used to get that all the time saying how un healthy it is and that a proper diet and excersise will help but i want it off now! we will show all of them that say its not good that it does work and it is good! keep up the good work x
ive had bad comments too but i do think its comes from jelousy ( cant spell that i too wish i hadent told a woman what i was doing as she now telling every one even though i told her dont tell the world oh well sod them !


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These people are helping you, cos the more they say you'll put it all back on, the more it incourages you to not put any weight back on! I would HATE if people got to say to me i told you so!!!! It will never happen!!!

rainbow brite

I agree with LizzieB - turn all of the negative comments around and use them to keep yourself motivated and encouraged towards keeping the weight off - then they can eat their words! (And prolly everything else in the fridge hehe) x


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I get this off my friend/fb/gf. She tells me everyday that this will not work, I will put weight back on plus more, it's bad for my health, my skin will be all saggy and i'm putting strain on my heart.
Then the next minute she gets me some nice workshirts and tells me I look great.!!!!!

Very difficult with the criticism, bugger em I say tell em whatever you want and if they dont like they can feck off, time will tell and you look & feel amazing and thats what counts.

Well done on your loss XXX
I've had lots of different opinions most are really happy for me and say I've done really well and want to try it themselves. One said " oh I did that lost 2 stone and put it back on and more besides" which to be honest really scared me cos i definately don't want to do that. I pick and choose who I tell the truth to but to be honest apart from family I wish I'd just lied to every1 2. All I seem to be gettin now is come on enough's enough you need to eat ur gettin too thin - You just can't win!! Do as you want to do and I agree sod every1 else XX


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When people have been asking me, i just tell them....ive stopped eating junk, which in truth i have lol



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did have negative comments to begin with but now the encouraging words are spurring me on, some friends have been sceptical but sod them i say
I just tell them it was like a slimfast/cd diet, and judging their reaction normally tells me if I can converse and explain better or just walk away and if they dont like it Tuff! xxxxxx


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i dont bother telling anyone any more!:D

i told my aunty last week that i was coming back on LT as soon as the dr said its ok to and she did just about eveything to try and get me to change my mind about it!
at first my best mate said it wont work and il put it all back on or i wont be able to stick to it,but shes now behind me loads after her mum decided to go on it! ha ha

my boyfriend is behind me 110% he couldnt be any better,when im having a crappy day he will just say hes nipping to the shop and will eat sothing while hes out so i dont have to make him anything or smell the food being made.
you should be proud of what your doing dont let anyone put you down x
I so agree I think that folk are just jealous, rude and spiteful. Why can't others just rejoice in other folks achievements? Some people are so negative all the while. You only have to read some of the threads to see that there are loads of people who have lost weight on various diets and HAVE maintained the weight loss for years afterwards.
Many people who have not been on a diet gain weight anyway for many different reasons so why should it be different for 'us'?

My answer varies from 'if I tell you I will have to kill/eat you'!! To telling them the truth with a silent 'up yours' if they scoff!

Well done to anyone who has lost weight!!!

Aislinn x
I have lost and gained so many times that I have only told a selected few what diet I'm on. Others know I'm on a diet but I just say it is one recommended by my doc (which LT was) and I have cut out all the crap I used to eat (which I have). So far the only 2 negative comments have been from a friend who said to be careful as a mutual acquaintance of ours lost and gained on it and I didn't want to end up like her and another comment from someone I don't know so well who doesn't know I'm on LT who said, after I had turned down fish and chips, that if I deny myself any food then it'll make me binge more!!! My reply was that I was under the doc and ate what she told me to!

I don't lie to people I just don't tell them everything. I want to concentrate on losing the weight and not have to waste my time defending my diet choice when it is none of their business anyway!

I can be a bit bolshie and stubborn when I want!!!

Time will tell if I keep the weight off this time but I sure as hell gonna give it my best shot!


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